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The Caffeinated Diaries

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The Multicoloured Diaries.

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26th February 2010.
TL, 09:18

So. I'm back to writing a diary thing. Funny thing is, I'm not using a notebook or anything, just my laptop. I'm far to paranoid to write them down.
I ripped all of the other pages out of my old multicoloured diary.

So today, I'm starting a new diary and I've got a few reasons;
1. I'm super paranoid.
2. Sick of the past.
3. Because I want to.

Tonight, I was supposed to go out and get drink, but my friend couldn't get me anything because she didn't know. So my friend and I went into town, it's 3 degrees celsius which is 37.4 fahrenheit if I'm correct.

My dad and I were just talking about the woman who dug her way out of jail, with a spoon. Yes, a spoon. My dad said she should of dug her way out, waved infront of the cameras then went through the tunnel and back into bed and deny it all or just went out every night and bought stuff. I laughed so much.
In school today, I felt like shit. I actually said "I want to die." I know, right? EMOx34983958439090. But I promised myself I wouldn't feel like that or talk like that ever again. But tonight was amazing. I just realised how awesome my friends are. I love them more than anything. They're just simply amazing. I feel normal. None of that dying shit. Tomorrow though, we're getting drink! Yee-haw! A few friends should be there too. I hope it's not all wet. I'm craving a smoke right now but argh.
Maybe I'll write later. I'm away to be normal now.
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