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And So It Begins

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Kichi returns...once again and Mikey writes a letter.

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Thanks to the two people who actually reviewed. Much appreciated.

Also Gee I love your idea and I know I kinda stole a tiny lil bit of 'Blood Princess'(which you guys should totally read!!!). But it's like tinnie tiny bit and you've not posted that bit yet. XD I'll change it if it annoys you btw.

Mikey sighed once again and re-read the letter he'd re-written a hundred times before. He still wasn't quite happy with it. Not that it mattered anyway because he was never sending it.

Dear Kichi,
Why must you keep leaving? I love you so fucking much and it just about kills me everytime you leave. I wish you'd make-up your mind about wither you're staying or not. I feel as though your actually rejecting me when you leave. That maybe you don't actually love me but I don't want to think about that.

You're beautiful, smart, funny, sweet and kind. Yet you seem to have such a shitty opinion of yourself. Why? Why can't you see we all love you? Especially me and in a different way from everyone else. But love is love Chi-chi. We do love you so much. Accept it, embrace it. I'm waiting Kichi, come find me when your ready baby. I love you, alot.

Yours trying to be patient, Michael James Way xx

He pulled a face, almost scrunching it up before noticing she wasn't as far away as she was 5 minutes ago. Quite close in-fact.
Mikey? she asked in a small timid voice.
KICHI!!! Mikey jumped up and ran down the stairs, jumping the last couple. Frank had saw her out the window and ran along side him to the door.
"What the fuck is going on???" Gerard yelled as both Mikey and Frank almost knocked Ray and him over.

Frank reached the door first and yanked it open. Kichi stared at them, her skin was paler than usual and her eyes were very dark and scared looking. Frank pounced on her and hugged her very tight. Kichi giggled and hugged him back, carrying him into the house. Gerard stood watching them with his arm's folded across his chest. His face softened and broke into a smile when he saw who it was.
"This belongs to you I believe" she said quietly. Gerard giggled and scooped Frank off her. Mikey came to stand next to her a few seconds later with her tiny suitcase in his left hand.
"Am I still allowed to stay?" she asked not looking at any of them.
Something's happened. You're telling me later
Why aren't you mad at me? Kichi was confused by what she felt. Rather than anger at changing her mind once again, she got mixed feelings of relief, love, happiness and the desire for skittles and coffee which she knew was coming from Frank.
"So I can stay?" she said, finally looking up at them.
"Mikey's already ran to Frank's well your room with that midget suitcase. Where's the rest of your stuff?" Gerard asked as he sat Frank down just next to him, being sure to keep his arm around him.
"I, um, don't have anymore stuff" she said. Everyone knew something was wrong with Kichi, even for the short time she had known them.
"Oh" was all he couls say.
"You know what we should do?"
"You're not having skittles Frankie" sighed Ray from the door way behind them.
"Why not?" he whinned.
"Because" came Mikey's voice from the top of the stairs. "We have to tell Kichi everything. She has to know"
"Know what?" she asked, her eyes narrowing slightly as for once Mikey blocked her.
You don't wanna find out that way he said, careful to shield his thoughts except what he wanted to say from her.
"This could take a while" sighed Frank before running, jumping over the couch and fell straight onto the floor. Everyone waited to see if he was okay after dissapearing straight from view.
"I'm okay" he said popping straight back up. She heard Gerard's small breath of relief from just next to her.

Kichi's brain reeled with a thousand different questions and thoughts as she waited patiently for everyone to begin.

Audtions in next chapter darlings. Do check it out!!!

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