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pete and ryans mishap

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ryan runs into pete at a bar

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Shayla's P.O.V*
Being married is like babysitting a 9 year old only bigger and more babyish and he's never home. I know he's in a band and everything but come on just alittle alone time matter of fact i haven't seen him in 2 weeks cause he comes home when im sleep and leaves before i wake up.well enough of me whinning {he was skater boy she said see ya later boy} oh its my phone!!!I didn't bother looking at the caller id. ello
hey I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight sweetie? ryro said
sure why not I don't see ya much any ways I said
How bout' 7 o'clock sweetie said ryro
Thats fine bye ryro I said
I need you to be out of the house by 2 o'clock ryro said
fine but why? I said
I got a suprise for you because I know you love them! ryro said
nice bye ily! I said
love ya too bye! ryro said

so ryan had me leave the house so I went and walked around in the park for alittle while.I was waliking and this boy walked up to me "excuse me miss can you get my ball" Sure where is it " its over there in that tree" I'll try and get it im not the tallest person in the world(shes about 5'3")So I reached up in the tree on my tippy toes.Im suprised I actually reached it. here you go sweetie "thank you ma'am" So who are you here with its getting pretty dark and I don't want to leave you alone "I live in that house over there its blue can you walk me across the street?"Sure sweetie he took a hold of my hand and we crossed the street so he wouldn't get hurt.We walk up to the door and knocked a man anwsered the door "kaleb we were looking for you everywhere""I was at the park jason was supposed to tell you he walked me over there" that not an good enough kaleb i'll talk to you later go up to your room his mom had said okay mom kaleb said "so who are you" his mom said im the girl that walked kaleb across the street and made sure he wasn't left alone i said okay thats good you look really familar his mom said ohh you might of seen me in a magazine recently I said kaleb came running down the stair mom he said i was wondering if i could hang out with her sometime he said of course you can if thats okay with your mom I said thats okay with me his mom said So i gave his mom my number and I went home it was about 7:30 uh oh im late lets see how ryan takes this.I get home and open up the door and ryans sitting on the couch "shayla your late he said i know ryan i lost track of time im sorriee I said its okayy baby i still love you but since you were late theres a change in plans i kinda burnt the food so ya he said. i bent over and kissed him on the cheek thats okay theres somethin else that i wanted grabbing the collar of his shirt while straddling his hips pushing him back i began to unbutton his shirt when he slid my my skirt up all of a sudden brendon burst through the door with a whole bunch of other people behind him all of them looking at me in my shirt and pushed p skirt ryan quickly pulled a blanket around me and told me to go upstairs so i did.
Ryans P.O.V.
i cant believe what brendon did he brought all of these people over knowing i had planned a romantic evening with my wife tonight. i had covered her up as fast as i could and sent her up to our room.before putting everyone out i had to have a few choice words with brendon. How could you bring all those people here B you know that she is all ready self concious about her body now your gonna have her all over the internet. How is she ever gonna trust me enough to let you have a key. well ryan i didnt kn.. i cut him off B i told you earlier it was just gonna be me and her tonight and you pull this shit. Ry its gonna be ok. No its not brendon give me your key your gonna have to earn it back now leave. he gave me the key and turned around and left.I was so upset hes so selfish sometimes.I slowly walk up the stairs and tell shayla im leaving ill be back later she waves me out of the room telling me its okay.i walked out of the house get my car and head to the nearest bar i so needed a drink.I arrive at the bar where pete happened to be and he was flirting with some girl that definately was not kendra.I knew I didnt approve of their relationship to begin with. I slowly walk over to where he was tapping on his shoulder.he spins around in his chair with a big ass cheesy smile on his face it made me sick.hey ryan he said acting as if he did nothing wrong.what the fuck man dont act like your my best friend now that i caught you doing something i practically yell looking down at his hand noticing that he didnt have his ring on i am so telling. well ry i didnt expect to see you here you really never leave the house without your women attached to your hip he said with a smirk on his face. Shouldnt ou be at home with your women i bet you dont even know that your girls pregnant i had spat out. Shes what she didnt tell me anything why would she keep that from me i should be the first to know he said half breathing. well you should head home and get your girl straightened out i said him getting up from his seat.I take his seat next to this mystery girl..
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