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Shattered Dreams

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Several years later [current age:15]

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Present day
Current age:15

As the years passed Ive learned to put behind my disease,though I still have it.Ive kept it a secret my whole life,Ive never tolden no one about this.I always think if I tell someone about this they might laugh and tease me about it,or..they might think Im weird.I got up my bed and went to my dresser to get fresh new clothes to wear for the day,I changed into a green summer dress that went up to my knees I put on some makeup,fixed my hair,and sprayed on some perfume.I tried to look my best today,checking several times in the mirror how I looked,if I looked descent enough to go out.Today I was going to go meet up with Jason{my boyfriend},just to hang out.I grabbed my black coat and ran out the door,just to find Jason leaning against his car and throwing a cheesy smile at me.I smiled back and walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the lips and gave him a hug.
"I've missed you Kari" He said as he opened the door to his car and let me in.He got inside and turned on the engine.
"I've missed you too Jason" I replied.We drove in silence,we said nothing but looked straight at the road.Things between us have changed alot,he used to be caring and lovable,now he just....well.. he's very cruel and demanding.Though sometimes he goes back to himself...well the way he used to be,but that's rarely he's usually always mad and quite critical.I was suprised to see him in a good mood today,he must want something...
He parked the car in an islolated area around the park,he grabbed my hand softly and looked at me.I turned to face him.
"we need to talk"He said in a harsh tone.
[*A/n:Hey guys sorry I havent updated in a while,I've been busy lately.Anyways I hope to update soon.Tell me what you think of the new chapter,oh btw yes I know I went to fast with the plot,I just thought it would be a good idea xD.
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