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Franks P.O.V

"Frank" i said introducing my self
That pretty boy looked up and his Jaw fell to the ground

"Uh-Uh-uh Gerard"
I giggled at how hard it was for him to say his own name

"your-Your-Your really good up there" He said with a point to the stage
"thanks, Years and Years of pratice"
"I could tell with the way you slid around on that pole"

I gave him a smile

"Sorry was that insulting or personal or something?"
"no not at all. This is how i am and im proud of it"
"Well that good you should be, Its nothing to be ashamed of"

"well Gerard. Ive noticed you comming here a few days any paticular reason or is that personal?"
"Itsforyou" He spat out.

My neck snaped and my head shot up

"excuse me"
"I saw you a couple of days ago and thought you were beautiful"

i took a pen and paper from the bar and wrote my number down for him

"here" i said as i gave him a smile and a kiss on his cheek
"Im single" i added in there and the end of his lips lifted up
"I am too" he wispered
i just walked to my car and drove home spasticly waiting for a phone call
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