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The train "fun" continues.

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Just me or did that title sound kinda suggestive? It's not btw. lol

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Up-dating for Gee cause I love ya girl! And she writes awesomeness.

Rachel's P.O.V

Gerard came strolling up the carriage a while later. Frank and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.
"Just cause you're not getting any" he grinned.
"I'mgonnagetchanged" she said springing up. She took the back-pack down the back-pack from the over-head shelf. It had a Misfits logo on it, one of Gerard's favourite bands. She opened it, rumaged about for a bit before finding what she was looking for. Making sure to stick her tongue out at us before she left. No doubt she went vampire speed once in the empty carriage. Lilli-anna came back 2 minutes later, she walked so fluidly. Everyone in the carriage watched her as she walked up to us and sat on Gerard's lap again.
"Stop it" Gerard hissed. She giggled and pecked him on the lips before turning back to us.

Today she was wearing a black knee length flaring skirt with pure white tights anf black balett pumps. On top she wore a red shirt with 3 qurter length sleeves and a black tie was tied loosely around her neck. Her hair was perfectly straight with a black scrap of lace, which was tied on her hair in a bow.

Lilli stood up again quickly. Gerard's face flickered from dissapointment to normal but it was so fast I couldn't be sure if my eyes were playing tricks or not. Lilli then hekd her hand out to me.
"Come on" she said.
"What?" I asked. She rolled her eyes were pulling me up and off. Next thing I know I'm being carried over her shoulder to the toilet. I could hear her humming quietly to herself as she carried me. Which sounded alot like @Fall Out Boy - A Little Less Sixteen Candels A Little More "Touch Me"'. She sat me down just outside the toilet door and pushed me in.
"Quite finished?" I huffed to which she smirked.
"For now" an evil smile spread across her lips and I couldn't help but shudder.

I watched as she started pulling out different items of clothing, holding some up to me and just screwing her face up at others. It was amazing how much stuff one back=pack could hold. Eventually she handed me a pair of bright green acid wash skinnies and a black tank top with neon skulls on it. The skinnies were fucking tiny!!!
"Trust me" she said with a grin. I sighed and peeled off my clothes, not caring wither she was looking or not. I saw she shut her eyes tight as I changed my underwear. Occaisionally I'd hear some of the song she was now siging softly under hre breath.
I never said I'd lie and wait forever
If I died, we'd be together
I can't always just forget her
But she could try

She opened her eyes and saw me watching her with fascination.
"Get dressed" she urged. I took a deep breath and slowly slid into the acid wash green skinnies. They were a little bit too tight but they were skinnies. At least I wouldn't need a belt. Next came the tight black tank top covered with neon skulls. She then handed me a studded belt.
"Um...I don't need it" I said kinda stupidly. She laughed and put it on me anyway. Lilli put the belt through the two side belt lops and fastened it so that it hung just below my right hip. Next to be pulled out was a totally cute pair of black ankle boots. Which I put on quickly I'm on love with these! I do wonder wither I'll ever understand this mythical world which I've been sucked into.

Lets see...hmmm...I've: fallen in love with a vampire, Frank, far too quickly. I know that (and I know this is going to sound seriously cliche) there is just something about him that connects with me on such a deep level.

There was a sharp couple of knocks on the door which quickly snapped me out of my thoughts. Lilli stuffed everything back into the back-pack and opened the door to reveal an anxious looking Frank and annoyed looking Gerard.

Kinda short and I know nothing happens. Sorry Gee. But I've felt really bad for like never up-dating. So double up-date tonight and I think th next chapter is short too. Sowie ~pout~

xoxo sam
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