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Franks P.O.V

Frank he just gave you a blow job, Of course he likes you.
Well i really like him so..
Did you not just hear him, He'll see if you guys go out Frank hes so into you
Maybe he is

"Oh is that ok, vegeterian?"
"Yeah, Yeah perfect"
"So you have work tomorrow right?"
"Yeah Gerard, I do"

He looked down like he didnt want me to go or leave him

"Im sorry Gee" i said pushing his hair away from his face

"What for hun?"
"for what i am"
"No, Baby dont be sorry, I knew what you were the second i layed my eyes upon you. I knew it all and it dosnt bother me
Its just what you do its ok"


He kissed my lips.

"Are you going home tomorrow?"
"I think i should go home today"

"Oh" He sounded dissapointed again

"Its ok Gee, We do have phones. And i could come over after work tomorrow. or you could come over"
"Yeah sorry Honey i just forgot. I've gotten so attached to you being around"

"Yeah Frankie?"
"Moving On is easier when im around you"

"you really mean that?"
"I really do"

He kissed me once again then the smell of pizza snuck threw Gerards bedroom door
He took his lips off mine just in time

Bert rushed in the door with the pizza.

"Here you guys go"
"Thanks Bert"
"Yeah thanks" i said not wanting to say his name just incase i call him Mr Winks
"No problem Frank" He said and he winked at me again.

I knew i wouldnt miss that when i go home
Look at Gerard, He likes you so much
I know he does but im not asking him, If he wants us to go out then hes gotta do the asking
Oh Your such a fag Frank
Yes i am
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