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Gerards P.O.V

i can not believe my Frankies here, I didnt expect him here for another-
Shit Gee who cares? Your about to fuck him so just get on with it
Ok sorry

God he has like no hair on his ass
It is pretty

I took hold of his hips as i pushed myself into him
We both let out a few moans and groans

half way threw my head began to wander and thats when i decided that Frank Iero was the person i wanted to spend my entire life with
I know that we've only knowen each other a few days.

and i edknowladge the fact that he is a stripper, But i cant help what i feel. And thats something people will have to live with

I saw Frank throw his head backwards and his fringe was completely stuck to his face due to sweat.

"Ohh God Gee"
I knew i was about to cum and i tried to warn Frank but it happened to fast.

"holy fuck Frank" I got out before i finialy pulled out and layed on my bed with MY Baby in my arms

"I knew its what you were waiting for Honey"

"I Finished work early because i knew you wanted it"
"Well then your a mind reader"

"No i dont think so"
"Why not?"

"I cant read what your thinking right now"
"Im thinking about you, And you Only"

He moved up so he was above me.
His lips breafly touched mine, and my music was still going.

"what was with Mikey?"
"How do you meen?"
"You threw something at him"
"Oh Yeah, Hes been fucking me off today... Alot!!!!"

"Yeah he said that Him and Mr Winks creeped you out"
"Creeped me out? More like make me mentally sick"

Franks giggle spun my head around. Its was a better feeling than being stoned, It really was.

"their sex is just way to loud, My reason for The Misfits being so loud"
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