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Is it too soon to say perfect?

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The last 8 years I've done nothing with my life.
I haven't lived my dream. I haven't moved on. I haven't done anything.
8 Years ago I lost the one person I cared about. I lost my best friend. I lost my boyfriend
The last 2188 days I've gone to mine and Gerards favorite place, The park
The last 2188 days I've done nothing but remember Gerard.
I wonder if he remembers me?

Who am I kidding of course he doesn't.
But yet here I am another of the 2188 days I'm sitting in the park. Sitting on the swings where we first met.
He told me he liked my Batman bag. I told him I liked his Batman cape. We hit it off straight away

I'd written so many songs about Gerard.
I had a band called Pencey Prep. We broke up though, They didnt like the fact I wanted to write every song about Gerard.
That was my way of hopefully getting him back.
We toured all over America I prayed every night Gerard would hear my name, Come to a show then meet me after the show.
It never happened.

Maybe all those days ago that was it.. Maybe it was over for the rest of our lifes.
I bet he moved on to be a comic book artist like he always wanted.
Maybe he was engaged? Or even married to a nice girl. They might have a kid. Or a few.
I just hope where ever the fuck Gerard Arthur Way is.. I hope hes happy.

I closed my eyes breathed in and out then got up.
to me it didn't matter. I was 23 nothing mattered anymore.

I pulled my headphones over my ears and began to walk back down the street.
Listening to... You bet Queen.
Gerard could sing so well.
He sung Queen so well.
God I loved..Love that boy.

I got home after listening to
Dont Stop Me Now.
Killer Queen.
Under Pressure.
and Seven Seas Of Rhye.

"Hi love"
"Hi Mom"
"any luck?"
I shook my head.

Mom wanted me to find him. She knew how un happy I was without him around..

"Dont worry love. You'll find him one day. He promised"

She was right.. I knew he would come back one day.

"I know Mom" I said before turning to the stairs.

Mom seemed overly happy for some reason.. Maybe she just got laied.. Ew thats yuck!

I sat on my bed and picked up my guitar.

"Why are you so far away?
Even when you're standing next to me
Your eyes give you away
Telling secrets when your mouth don't feel like talking

And I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler
With a boombox out in the street
And I'll be there if you need someone
Even if he isn't me

Lying in your bed
As lights dance across the ceiling
I listen to you breathe
Toss and turn in your sleep
And I wish that you'd believe

That I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler
With a boombox out in the street
And I'll be there if you need someone
Even if he isn't me

There's a Norman Rockwell painting
Two kids sitting on a bench
It reminds me of all the stupid things
I'd like for us to share
But I don't care"

The things I would do to have Gerard Way back in my life..

"Yeah Mom?"
"Could you come help me with dinner?"
"Sure.. If I can listen to Queen while doing so" I smiled

Mom had her thinking face on.

"Oh. Alright then"
"Yay!" I yelled.

I stood at the counter singing Killer Queen and peeling Potatoes
Ma stood next to me peeling Carrots

"How was your day Ma?"
"Good. How was yours?"
"I didnt find Gerard"
"Love, like I said. Gerard will come back"
"I know Ma. I just wish he'd come back now you know?"

A knock at the door made me jump and cut my hand.

"Owwwww fuck it!"
"Frank! language"

I muttered a sorry before sucking the blood from my hand.

"Yes sir can I help you?" I heard Mom talking
"Yeah Im looking for a man named Frank Iero.. Does he live here?"

I knew that voice... I fucking knew that voice.
.... "Gerard" I wispered.

"Sure love hold on.... FRANK! Frank get in here love" Ma called.

No matter what she told me I couldnt move.
Gerard was back.. He came back!

"Sorry love, I didnt get your name"
"My names Gerard... Gerard Way"
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