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I don't know what feels right anymore

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Gerard's seeing Frank as a very beautiful guy whos been given a life he doesn't deserve.

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I buckeled myself in the car while Gerard put a c.d on.

"Oh My God!! Are you serious!!!"
"You dont like them?"
"No, I fucking love Black Flag"
"...I thought I was the only one" He said through a drop dead beautiful smile.

If looks could kill.... I'd be in trouble right now.

We both sang all the words to Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie.

Gerard changed the song to Life Of Pain.
"uh Gerard?"
"Would you mind changing the song please?"
"Uh, Yeah sure"

He changed it again to White Minority.

We pulled in a park outside the noodle canteen.
Gerard went to get out.

"Oh Yeah" I said laughing.

I stood in the middle of the place looking around taking in the smell of noodles, Meat, and vegetables.

"What do you want?"
"You can get something, What do you want?"
"uhhh Vegeterian Please"
"Ok. Frankie, I told you nothings gonna hurt you when I'm around, stop stressing"
"Ok, Sorry Gerard"

I sat on the spinny chair spinning around constiantly.
Going faster and faster everytime.
Everything was just one big giant blur.

"Having fun there Frankie?"
Gerards face looked very messed up.
"So much fun"
"Your like a little kid Frankie"
"I never really got the chance to be a kid" I said slowing down.

The confusion on his face said it all.
I knew what the next question was gonna be and there was nothing I could do to prevent it.

"Wh-What do you mean Frankie?"
And there it was, The only person who gave a fuck about me was a complete stranger.

"it, Doesn't matter Gerard, Just a figure of speach"
"Oh, Ok then Frankie"

I forced out a smile, Hoping he would drop it.

"Well, I'm sure we can get to know eachother better, Right?"
"Oh, I'm not staying with you long"
"Dont be stupid, It'll be good having someone there other than my brother"
"We'll just see how it goes?"
"Ok Frankie"

I was getting nervous about his brother.
I'd never met him. What if he didn't want me staying with them.

"Gerard?" I asked nervously
"Yeah Frankie?"
"Wha-What if your brother doesnt want me there?"
"...Well he's going to have build a bridge and get over it. Your my friend, Not his"
"Fr-Fr-friend?" I said through a smile.

"Yeah, We're friends aren't we?"
"I. I- I've never had one of those before" I said tears forming in my eyes.
"So you've been an introverted little boy then?" He said trying to work me out.
"Very introverted, I was only aloud out to go to school"

Pain struck his face.

"Wow, what were you... In prison" He said laughing.
"It felt like it" I said getting up and walking to the counter

Where Gerard took the bag of noodles and a bottle of Mountain Dew
I followed him out to the car with my head down. Just incase my parents came looking for me..
I knew they wouldnt though.

We sat in Gerards warm car. I didnt realize him looking at me.
I looked up and his gaze caught mine.

"I'm still having problems Frankie"
"What with?"
"Figuring you out"
"Figuring me out?" I repeated worried.

"Well yeah, you seem, well hurt. I would really like to know if you'd tell me sometime?"
"sometime, Just not now"
"Ok Frankie" He said driving away.
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