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Pretty handsome awkward

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Gerard puts Frank into an awkward position... Franks P.O.V

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What the fuck was on my neck?
It felt like... Someone breathing.. It couldn't be.

was that an arm around my waist?

My eyes flew open.. Gerard was just milimeters away from me.
It began to alarm me.. What did we do?

Why was he here, and what made him get in bed with me?
I looked around the room, I was still in the same room I went to sleep in..
I pulled my arm from Gerards waist...... GERARDS WAIST!!! OH GOD...

My breathing got heavier...

Just breath Frank, breath.
My breathing eased..

I tried to move myself from Gerards reach..



"Where are you going?"
"Are you ok?" He asked sitting up.

I couldn't look him in they eyes.

"I think so"
"..You think so?" He said repeating my words.

"we-we didn't do anything last night did we?"
"How can you not remember... We had the best sex"

Oh GOD!!!!

I gasped.
"Oh, God... I'm so so so sorry. I- never-didnt- I have to go to school"
"Frankie" He said taking my arm filled of cuts.

He turned me around so I could look at him.
I had my eyes fixatted on the bed where we... did it...

"Frankie" he said again lifting my head up with his hand.

"Hun, im kidding, we didn't do anything last night"
"oh! we didn't?!.. Thats good, Had me worried"
"Thats good?"


"I mean... Sorry"
"Its ok Frankie, Really its fine"
"If you dont mind me asking, Why are you in here?"

"Well last night you were screaming and I came in to make sure you were ok.. Then you begged me to stay"
"oh... That makes scence then" I said smiling.

"Dont worry, I would never take advantage of you"
"Wh-what do you mean Gerard?"
"I wont fuck you unless you want me too" He said smiling Then getting up.

"I'm making coffee, Do you want some?"
"Uh, Yes please.. Two sugars"
"Ok Frankie" he said finialy walking out.

Was that implying.. he wanted to have sex with me?... Nah...
I think it was Frankie.
I think, You think wrong.
I think, I think right.


"Are you ok Frankie"
"... I said that out loud didn't I?"
"Head battle?"
"You have them too?"
"..No, No I'm normal.. I dont talk to myself"

ouch.. that hurt.
"No, Im kidding, I have 'em all the time... I am not even a smidge close to normal.. Don't worry Frankie"

I smiled at him bearing all my teeth.

"Well your coffees ready anyway.. and I think you should have some morning food before you go"
"Morning food?"

I thought really hard...
"Oh." I giggled when I got what he ment.

"Ok then Gerard".

I followed him to the table.

"Hope you like cocoa pops"
"I've never tried them before"
"You've never tried them before?"
"No, I live off bread"
"Oh fuck. Well try these things. Their my favorite cereal, You should like them"
"Well if there your favorite.. I should like them" I said looking at the chocolate looking things.

I dipped my spoon in and watched them float onto the spoon.
It took in milk as well.

I opened my mouth running the spoon over my bottom lip.
The sensation of this cereal left me to feel like I was walking on the moon.

"Like 'em Frankie?"
"I- I love them"
"You can have more if you want"
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah Frankie, You can have what ever you want here"
"I think I will be full after this anyway"
"Are you sure cause you can?"
"I'll see how it goes"

I sat there eating my cereal drinking my coffee.

"Yes Frankie?"
"Do you have a time telling machine?"
"A clock?"
"I sure do"
"..Whats the time?" i asked nervously.

"Oh the clocks just up there" he said pointing to the wall.
I looked up

"Oh, Thanks" it ment nothing to me.. I couldn't tell the time.

But I didnt want to confess that to Gerard.. He'd think I was stupid.
I cleared my dishes.
then headed up stairs.
Hopefully this works.

"Hey Gerard?" I called out
"Yes Frankie?"
"What was the time again?"
"Five minutes to seven"
"Ok, Thank you"

"Yes Frankie?"
"Would I please be able to have a shower?"
"Yip, you can, The towels are in the press closet"
"Thank you Gerard"
"Its fine"
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