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Slower cut to feel the pain

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Franks day at school. More like a day in Hell. Shoved in lockers, Being tripped up, Having meat throwen at him. How much worse could your day get?

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Franks P.O.V

He slipped his feet into a pair of boots by the door.
Buckled them up and took out his smokes.

"You smoke?" he asked
"I stole them off my parents"
"Well, you dont need to steal, Just ask"
"thats the only thing I've ever stolen"

"Ok" he handed me a smoke and lighter.

I stopped to light it...
Inhaling the sweet, sweet toxins that I missed so much.

"So whats on the school agenda today?"
"Uh, I have... Home Room, History, English, Gym, Music and then Drama"
"oh so your a drama boy are you?"
"Yeah... I'm pretty good I guess"

We rounded the corner and my school emerged.
"You dont need to take me to the door"
"Oh, so you want to be a big boy?"

"Ok then, Well... Have a good day"
"you too." I said.. This was fearly awkward.

"I'll see you after school?"
"Yeah. I should be home about quater to 4"
"Ok Frankie"

"Good bye Gerard"
"Bye Frankie" I turned to walk away
I prepared myself for the insults and beatings..
It was just part of my day.. I guess you'd say.

I stood at the gates taking in a deep breath.

Come on Frank, You'll be fine, Dont let them get to you down...
But they do get me down.. literally.

I walked across the court waiting for the insults..
No one was out.

I walked up the steps to the school building.

I passed some girls who looked at me then back to each other laughing..
who needs girls.. they have nothing I want.

I walked up another flight of stairs to locate my locker.
I took the key from my pocket.
Opened Gerards bag so I could quickly put my books in there.
At the same time I turned the key...
A piece of paper fell from the top shelf.
I picked it up unfold-ing it.

'Frank Iero.. Hungry hungry Homosexual.. Fucking pansy'

I was use to them... I got one everyday..
I put them in a container with the others.

I took my books from the top shelf putting all of them in Gerards... My bag.

I took my History book and textbooks, Locking my locker and heading for home room.
I got to the door. I heard all the other people in there..
The jocks, Cheerleaders, Nerds, Skaters. and all of the others..

I clutched my bag in one hand.. Books in the other and was ready to walk to the back of the room.. Where my usual seat was.
I looked down at my feet as I walked in the door.

It went dead silent. I walked down a row of desks.
Where two of the boys began snickkering.

"do it, Do it" I heard one wisper.

I had no idea what they were on about. and honestly didnt care.
I felt something under my feet.. I triped up and fell on the floor.. Dropping my books so they scattered over the floor.

A ton of laughter surrounded the room.
My face went red hot.

I gave a little look around.

"Mr Iero, Please get up off the floor"
I picked my books up and sat at the back seat.
The very back seat...

Everyone was still laughing.

"Now, how was everyones weekends, Good I hope"

I sat still looking down to my desk when something else caught my eye.

'Frank Iero. Homo' it was fresh on my desk. must just be today.

I looked up to see the head cheerleader wearing her boyfriends jacket..

Home room bell went and I waited for everyone to leave before I vacated the room.

"Frank.. Mr Iero?"
"Yes Mrs Greened?"
"I'll see you in english"

I walked out. Hoping to be first to history.
Nope I was last.. Once again.

"Mr Iero, so glad you finialy join us.. When your ready we will begin todays lesson"
More people gave out giggles.

I took my seat at the back again.

Thankfully this time I didn't get tripped up..

I was getting ready to pay no attention at all

"Lucky for my class. were having a pop quizz"


The head football player was handing them out.
I feared him getting to my seat.

"here Frank.. Good luck getting a F... For faggot" he said slamming my head into the wall.

The rest of the jocks and everyone else began laughing.
I looked down to the first question.

'what year did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?'
Fuck this!

I sat there thinking about Gerard.
he had such a beautiful name... And face.. and everything.

I began drawing on the corner of the page.
Nothing importaint. just.. doodiling

"Times up!"

Mr Shelly came and began picking up our tests.
He got to mine.

"Honestly Frank?" he wispered.
I looked into his eyes.

"I'm disappointed in you Frank.. I really am"
"too Bad" I shot back...
Shit fuck.. I really need to think before I speek.

"I beg your pardon?"
"I said, too bad" speaking up...

I was waiting to get hit.

"I'll see you after school thanks"
"I don't think you will"
"Frank. You will be in my class after school. OK!!!" He screamed so I jumped
"fine!" I said walking out just on the bell.

I was the first one back in my home room. I took my seat at the back.

"Frank, your early"
"if you want to talk about anything-"
gathering my things and walking out.

"Frank Iero" Mrs Greened said trying to stop me
"What!?" I called through gritted teeth.
"You will come in here after school. and we are going to talk everything through"
"we'll see"
"no, Frank. you will be in here and we are going to have a serious talk"
"Well, You'll have to take a number!" I said walking out the door.

I went back to my locker shoving my first two period books back to my locker.
A piece of paper fell from the top shelf hitting me
I didn't bother reading it.
Just put it in the container with the others.

"Fucking retards!"

I walked out the back, Crossing the road and sitting in the bus stop having a cigarette.
Thankfully Gerard had given me one or four.

I sat there leaning so my back was agianst the glass of the shelter.
I was just relaxing about not having to go home to my stress full house.
Just had to go home to Gerard and his brother.. I didn't feel nervous about meeting him.
Gerard assured me they were excatly the same...

How could I not have met him?
I mean everyone in this schools made fun of me... Everyone.

I heard the bell, Knowing that was my queue to go back to hell...

I walked across the road to see people walking from the building.


I went and sat on the step... My usual seat.
I went into my new bag taking the bag Gerard made for me.

There was a piece of paper... This deffiantly wasnt an insult.
I opened it.

'Have a good day at school, Learn lots' he had drawen a smiley face next to it.
It made me laugh. I felt like I had the only thing on my side i needed.

Something hit me in the back.
I turned around.

It was a wednesday ham sandwhich.
I got it two days early.

The jocks behind me began laughing..

Hahaha yeah laugh now... I'll get you all just you wait and see!

I got up walking past them going to the bathroom.
I pushed the door open.
Pulled off my misfits top, Pulled out a few handy towels wetting them and my shirt in attempt to get the mayo off.
This is a weekly thing.. But normaly it happens on Wednesday.. I normaly have a back up shirt.

I got it off just as the bell rung.. Fuck! I didn't eat.
Its only Gym.. It doesn't matter.

I went to my locker, to put my bag away.

"Hello Frank" A fimiliar voice appeared from behind me.
"Fuck off" I said opening my locker.

"Not the right thing to say"

I turned around and there stood Jaxon, His boss (The head Jock) I didn't know his name and Head jocks Girlfriend.

He shoved me backwards into my locker slamming the door shut.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!! I'VE DONE NOTHING TO YOU" I screamed smashing on the locker doors.
The dark started to fuck with my head.

It reminded me of home.

My phobia of small spaces began to get to me too.
Tears fell from my eyes.

I took the knife from my pocket, rolled my sleeve up and began slicing away.
The pain eased after a while.

Once enough blood formed on my wrist I placed the knife in my mouth, Holding it so I could get it again.
My eyes had ajusted abit to the dark.

I began writting my name on the inside.
The only beams of light comming in were throught the three little slots of my locker at the top

'Frankie' it read dripping all the way down the door, From what I was guessing it was cool.

I heard the bell go signialing to change classes.
The second bell went. Every one would be in class now.

I was so bored i rolled up my other sleeve and carved my right arm.
I didn't do it for any reason except, bordome.

I heard foot steps and began banging on the door.

"Is someone in there?"
"yes!" I called back"
"Do you have your key?"

I was a girl.. Someone was talking to me!!!

"Slide it out and I'll unlock it for you"
"Thank you so much" I said sliding it out.

I waited to hear it click over
"Whats-whats happening, why isn't it opening?"

"Frank, you made that far to easy for us" I heard Jaxon call.

I should have knowen.. nobody here likes me, Why would they let me out of my locker.

"why do you hate me so much, I-I dont even know you" I cried putting my head on the side of my locker
They had left...

"Do you have a hall pass?"
"Where are you going?" I could hear someones talking.

I knew those voices, One was my locker neighbour the other was the hall monitor.

"HELLO!!!" I screamed kicking the door
"Is, There someone in there?"
"Yes, please let me out"
"Ok sunshine just sit tight"

The clicking sound was the best sound I think I've ever heard.
once the door opened I fell out.

"Holy crap, how long have you been in there!?"
"Since the end of break" I said picking myself up of the floor.

"Oh you poor thing, Your bleeding, Come on we'll get you to the nurse"
"Self inflicted stab woundes" I said putting everything from my locker into my bag.
"Would you like to see a counsellor?"
"I'd like to get to class"
"No, I'm sorry you need to see a nurse"
"no I dont-"
"just listen-"

NOW IM GOING HOME AND YOU CANT DO FUCK ABOUT IT... GOT IT!!!" I screamed slamming my locker door shut.
Marching out. down the first flight of stairs. out the front door.

I power walked down the main road leading me back to Gerards house.
Tears drowning my eyes.

I knocked on Gerards front door.
I attempted to hold back the tears.
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