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It felt right to me, How did it feel to you?

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Are Frank and Gerard together? Or won't Frank go there due to his fear of Mikey.

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I cant believe the argument we had just had.
Not we as in me and Frankie,
We as in Me, Frankie and Mikey... I cant believe Mikey was hurting Frankie.

"Frankie?" I asked sitting at the table
"Yeah Gee?"
"Why dont you just leave school?"
"..Because despite getting fucked over.... I like learning, and I don't want to give them the satisfaction of me leaving"
"ok Frankie..."

he sat on a chair away from me.

"Gerard.. About before-"
"The fight?"
"No the thing that caused it"
"oh.. You cant say that didnt feel right to you. You kissed me back Frankie"
"Thats the thing Gerard, I liked it.. It felt right"

I smiled hearing those words.

"Yes Gerard.. Really"

"Would you care if I did it again?"
He looked into my eyes.

"Not at all" he said

I got up and walked over to him.
He got out of his seat and our eyes met.

I placed my hand on his hips and my other hand on his face.
Frankie put his right hand on mine, to secure it on his hip his other hand taking my hair...

I looked into his eyes one last time before shutting mine.

My lips found his.
His grip on my hair tightened.

His tounge slipped over my bottom lip.
It was so warm and it felt so normal.

I pushed his ass so it was on the table..
His hands wondered so they were on my back... he pushed me closer to him.

I pulled my lips off his.

"Gerard.. What are you doing?"

I kissed him all the way down to his neck.
I was about half way when i began sucking on his neck...

"oh god Gerard" He said so quietly.
He turned his head a little.. and kissed my cheek.

I heard the door open.

But I didnt stop..

"Un fucking believable!" I heard my baby brothers voice.

I felt Frankie push me off him

I grasped onto his hand.

"You know I came back to say sorry for how I re-acted.. But now I've realized that I was stupid even thinking that. So now I'm coming home to get some
clothes and I'll be staying with Alicia or Jaxon" He said pushing past us.

"Gerard.... Maybe I should just go?"
"Don't even think that, Frankie you have everyright to be here"
"Ok... But I don't want to come between you and Mikey"
"You wont Frankie.. you won't"
"ok" he said quietly.

Mikey walked out with some bags

"Mikey, please don't go"
"Gerard.. You have to choose between me. or Frank"
"Frankie" he spoke up
"What ever i dont care" Mikey shot back.

"Mikey, I'm not choosing between you and Frankie.. Frankies my new friend.. And your my baby brother."
"so you'd choose your brother?"
"No. I'd choose neather!"

"Well, please Mikey.. Don't go.. don't feel forced to go.. Mikey I love you.. Please"
"Not enough, You've made out with a guy... TWICE GERARD....TWICE!!"
"Mikey, I know, I don't think I'm sorry for that but.. you'll have to get over it!"
"No Gerard.. You have to get over it"

He turned to Frankie.

"I suggest for your sake, You don't show your face round school tomorrow" He said walking out.
"wow, I guess he really does hate me" Frankie said falling onto the sofa

"No, Frankie he won't... just seems like that right now" I said disappointed

I watched him lay on the couch so he was looking to the roof.
I leaned over the back of the couch looking down at him.

"What do you want for dinner?"
"Anything Gerard... I'm not fussed.. Not at all"
"So.. Meatlover-"
"Like fuck!"

I walked around moving his legs to sit down.

"just kidding, So you want pizza?"
"Cool... Cheeze Pizza?"
"Your a mind reader"

"and just one other thing" I shot in there
"Whats that Gerard?"
"After dinner, I have to leave"
"Why so?"

"I have an art class"
"Oh, ok"
"And I'm usualy up to three hours"
"What time do you go?"
"And you finish at-"
"I'm sure I can handle that" he said through a smile.

"But thats not for a while so we'll be fine"
"And maybe after dinner we could eat ice cream"
"I'll only let you go under one condition"
"What would that be?" I asked drawing on his leg

"You make me a hot chocolate before you go?"
"Ok, I'm sure I can do that"

"so we should go get this pizza thing?"

He stood up going up stairs.

"Your pretty good" He called from the top of the stairs
"What at Frankie?"

I saw him walking down pointing at his neck.
I looked closer seeing a red. Purple rash just in one place.

"Oh yeah, Pretty good if I don't say so myself"
"Yeah, you are"
"I have a scarf you can wear... don't worry"

I went to my room taking my bright pink scarf.

"Here Frankie" I said throwing it at him.
"This is such a cool color!"
"I guessed you like pink?"
"I have a few pink things" He said.
"Yeah.. I noticed"
"What does that mean?" he asked putting his shoes on.

"Well your belt, your shirt.. Pink"
"oh.. ok then"
"Come on, Lets go get some food"
"Ok Gerard" He answered.
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