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Whats the arcade?

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Gerards taking Frankie to the Arcade for the first time...

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I sat on my bed listening to the shower running.
God I think I like Gerard.. Like I really like him. His kisses are just so...
Well I've never been kissed like that from anyone except my parents when they did awful things to me.
But I don't think any of that matters anymore... I think I see myself being an item with Gerard. But I dunno.
Theres still Mikey, he's lible to kill me. Oh god I've got to face him tomorrow.. Why must life do these things to me?

I've never been naughty, Or lied or stolen.. I've just been me!.
Fuck it, it doesn't matter... not anymore.

I took my Pansy out of her case and started playing a song i'd written.
Its called Yesterday

I was about half way through when I started to smell apples.
I stoped, I didn't want Gerard hearing me.

"no, please keep going"

Fuck! he was back.

"no, it doesn't matter, your back now"
"Thats a nice guitar you got there"
"Yeah, My Grandma got it for me"
"Oh cool. Its very nice"
"Thanks, shes my pride and joy"
"Does she have a name?"

"Pansy... Why Pansy?" He asked sitting down on my bed.
"Because I use to get called Pansy alot so, I wanted something that related to me"
"oh, well I understand now"
"yeah.. I guess you do"
"well shes very beautiful"
"shes the love of my life" I said smiling at her.

As abnormal as it sounded, she really was.. I've never loved someone before so I don't know what it feels like.
I've never been loved eather.

"Gerard, your very lucky"
"Why so?"
"so many people love you"
"well they have to, their my family"
"But, my family never loved me" I said looking down.

"Well then their just fucking stupid"
"Yip.. Really"

"Yeah Gerard?"
"do you wanna go to the Arcade?"
"Whats the Arcade?"
"its... You've never been there?"

I shook my head.

"Well go shower up and I'll show you"
"Ok Gerard" I said jumping up and running to the shower.

It still smelt like Gerard in here.
I turned the shower on, it went hot straight away.
All thanks to Gerard geting in there first.

I quickly washed my every where and then washed out the shampoo.
I stood on the towel and wrapped another one around my body.
I quickly dried every where and wrapped the towel around my head like an Arabian.

Once I was fully clothed I went back into my room to see Gerard drawing something.

"What 'cha drawing?"
"Nothing..." He said quickly shutting his book.
"Show me, come on"
"I'll show you when I'm done" he said turning around.

He gave out a large laugh.

"What. What, What is it?" I asked franticly
"you, you-you look like one of 'em terrorist people" he said clutching his sides.
"Its not really that bad is it?" I asked seriously.

He looked at me once more.. He looked like he'd calmed right down.
Our eyes met and I smiled at him.

He looked back to my head and cracked up laughing again.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Frankie.. But its quiet funny, You look like a bomber person."

I pulled it off and jumped onto my bed.
I put my arms eather side of him and looked into his eyes.

"I'll have you know... I am no bomber person... I'm Frankie!"
"Your hot is what you are" he wispered.

Did he just say what I think he said.
Yes he did, He wants you to kiss him... Kiss him. Kiss him. KISS HIM GOD DAMN IT!!!
Wow, ok keep your dick down.

I pulled myself from thinking land

"Are you still with me Frankie?" He asked ever so cutely.
"Yip... I'm here" I smiled back at him.

I looked at him while he got closer and closer and closer to me.

I pushed my head closer to his, So we met half way.
Our lips met.

It was nothing like in my dream.. It wasn't a good bye kiss.
It was a please be mine kiss.. I think.

he wrapped his arms around my back, pulling me ontop of him properly.
His tounge slipping over mine...

ohhh godddddd it was so beautiful.
I did the same to him... Hoping Mikey wouldnt walk in.. he tended to the past few times.
My hands took both sides of his beautiful little face.
One of his hands twirled up in my mohawk and the other rested on my back.

I pulled my mouth off his,
"Im sorry Gerard, I really want to go to this Arcade place you talk about"
"... you really know how to get me don't you"

I didn't know what he ment.

"What. What do you mean Gerard?"

He slightly pushed me off him so I was laying on my side.

"Give me your hand" He said looking into my eyes
"You'll be fine.. maybe not me though" He said smiling.

Thats when I knew he wasn't going to hurt me.

I passed him my hand.. What did he want it for?
Its madness, Absolute madness... Crazy Gerard.

He put my hand on his crotch... Then moved it down his leg a little more.
His smile started to widen...!

I pulled my hand away laughing in complete hysterics.

"oh Gerard."
"This is not funny Frankie... it hurts... it really really hurts" he nearly sounded serious.

I looked him in his eyes again.
And just laughed again...

"Fine... Be like that!" he said storming out..

Oh... Fuck... Hes gonna beat me up.
Oh well, he can do it when im finished laughing!.

I fell of the bed.. Making a loud thud as I did so..
Rolling around the ground clutching my sides in pain...
Ohh god it hurt so so so damn bad..
But I just couldn't stop laughing.. And believe me I was trying... By god I was fucking trying.

I began breathing, Trying to get my breathing even..
I layed on my stomach with my head on my arms trying to breathe. and not laugh...
haha.. I made Gerard hard..
me.. I did it... no one else... Not a girl.. Not another boy
But me... FRANK IERO!!!!

"ok, I'm officialy sorry Frankie"

I looked up to see him standing in the door way...

"your what?"
"..Im sorry"
"Shouldn't I be the sorry one?"
"..uhhh no.. oh no, maybe you should be"
"I didn't mean to have that happen to you... Honestly.. I-I didn't even know.."
"Frankie, Its fine.. I mean.... it happens.. B-"
"No, No Gerard.. its not my fault what your body does.. right?"

"Well Frankie, I think we should just forget that ordeal. and take you to the Arcade.. where we can have fun"
"ok Gerard" I said smiling.

"here let me help you up" he said through his smile.
"you aren't gonna put my hand in any hard places are you?" I asked smiling back.
"nope.. promise"
"ok" I said giving him my hand

We looked each other in the eyes and had another little laughing fit.

"ok, I think I'm ready" I smiled at Gerard.
"me too"

We walked out to Gerards car... It was potentialy a nice day here in Belleville... For a change.
Well at least untill I got beaten up or something...

"so you've never been to the Arcade before?" Gerard asked driving down the street.
"wow... its just.. EVERYONEs been to the arcade"
"not me" I said again.
"well, I hope to change that"
"Yeah.. It sounds fun"
"oh it is.. Your gonna have so much fun"

"cool.. what is it?"
"I told you Frankie, you'll see when we get there"
"ok then.. I guess I can wait"
"Well we're nearly there, your doing fine"
"cool" I said looking out the window.

I've never been this far out of town before... Its like its not even Belleville.. Its so pretty.
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