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Chapter 17

Once they got into Oregon, Ryuu stopped them and he said, "Fill me in on what has been going on."

Chiyuki filled him in, and he was impressed. Ryuu then said, "So, you're bringing in a whole household to the fold?"

"If you could call it a household," answered Chiyuki, "There are only 55 left, and they see us as their only chance to survive."

"However, from what you tell me, he still hasn't seen how impractical what seeks is," said Ryuu, "It's too far gone to stop, but it could be reshaped abetter way."

"How so?"

"We would still be underground, but the humans allied with us could help us to stay hidden, and have a whole better world within which to dwell. It would be far more peace."

"Are you saying there is hope in this to some extent?"

"It's what was put forth."

"I still don't understand."

"Those kids will restore how it should have been before Teresa got involved."

"In over a thousand years, you never told me the full story of this."

"Then perhaps it is time. Once you have it down, we can share this with Jean-Claude and the others, and maybe we can keep this from causing what he wishes to prevent."

It was then he began his story: "By the grace of God I was allowed to survive the flood. I joked with Jean-Claude once that I had clung to the outside of the ark, but in reality, I knew what was going on. Even though all my ancestors laughed at Noah, I knew the power of God, and the warnings that Noah had given. It did not take me long to put two and two together. I slipped into the ark and hid for the whole time. Even though it was animal blood, there was plenty on board to keep me going without killing anything and raising Noah's suspicions. When it was all done, I had to do that for a while until mankind repopulated things enough for me to feed. Of the three sons of Noah, Ifound a home in the sons of Ham-that Hamites. Even though still charged to roam the earth as a vagabond, I found one woman who would take me, and it was ahuman woman. She wanted to be with me so much, she let me turn her. We went about for a time this way, but she then wanted a child. I told her what it would require, but she was willing for it, and she had to feed more than normal to use her blood. She did this in order to keep her reproductive organs alive long enough to have a child. She gave birth to the first pure blood, and she was the first member of the 12 pure blood households that we all know: Aramash. That was her name, originally. We knew that she would awaken as avampire one day, considering that she was born, and would not show those traits until later. When she did, we were surprised, in that, she was like Karin had been."

"Are you saying that she was the first Fount of Psyche?"

"Precisely! When she came of age, she started to make the blood, and she needed somewhere to release it. We understood this when she looked like she had the urge to feed, and then had a nosebleed when she could not bite. The next time it happened, my wife let her bite. She instantly became as we know pure bloods. Because of that, we had 13 other children-all sons. They were to be the houses of vampires, as we would know the families today. They were to turn the worthy women to wed, and have Aramash fertilize them. We were to live in our own world. We were to still be vagabonds, though we would be able to settle from place to place for a time, and we were to remain hidden. Our world was to grow beside theirs, but without humans. That's when Teresa came into the picture.

"She was the one that corrupted me when I murdered my brother. Because God had given me grace and mercy, I tried to redeem myself. The path I was taking was not exactly the right one, but at least it provided me something more than the life I would have led. However, Teresa was not pleased how I was trying to change, and so she took her revenge. She set about corrupting my sons, telling them that they should not remain hidden, and that they should take whatever they wanted. She even told them that they would be like gods, being able to create vampires, and then later, through them, rule the world. What she was really trying to do was soil the bloodline of Seth, my younger brother, and tried to stop the coming of the Redeemer, as Lucifer tried by having fallen angels give up their first estate and mate with human women to create the abominations. Being that she was the Devil's concubine, which does not surprise me now that she took that kind of action. However, two would not turn to her ways: Aramash, and the son that would later spawn the Marker house. In fact, it was Aramash that first saw through her treachery, and warned her brother. Because of this, Teresa put a curse on the two of them, and decreed that there would come a time that their children could no longer reproduce, and that the only way that this could change was that Aramash would be reborn as another Fount of Psyche and fertilize whoever drank her blood, or received it. However, it would greatly shorten her life as a vampire, so it was limited. She knew the wars that it would create between their descendants, and she hoped it would destroy them eventually. However, things were not said and done as of yet.

"Because the two of them were able to contain, the Lord intervened and decreed unto them that, because of their ability to resist the temptation, whereas Ihad not, they had, somewhat, redeemed my family name. As a result of Aramash's wise thinking with Teresa, He renamed her Wisdom. It was initially the Hebrew word: Hokmah. However, after 500 years had past, and Greek dominated the land, she became Sophia. He also told her that, when the curse tried to strike, it would be a child made between the families of Aramash, and the one that would later be known as Marker, into which the spirit of Sophia would enter. This is why she was called Sophia Pistis for so long. Yet, a thousand years had past since that time, and it was from the twelve remaining children that the houses of the undead arose. The houses of the pure bloods came from those two. They separated themselves at Teresa's behest because of something else the Lord had decreed. He told them that there would be a day where their wandering would stop because of their willingness not to succumb to the temptations of the Devil and his whore. There would be redemption and reconciliation with the sons of Seth to a certain extent. The fount would always be female, and always attractive to the male eye, as well as close to human. The reason for it was simple: if she were ever to have offspring with a human, their child would become the Golconda. That child would have the ability to rule the true vampire, bring an end to the abominations-the undead of the undead-and allow for enough human/vampire alliances and symbiosis to allow our kind to live in peace forever. It would break the cycles of infertility, and if there were any undead that wanted to come over, the Golconda could correct this. The Golconda would be marked by a third eye on his or her forehead when his or her power was used. This was something that Teresa wanted to avoid at all cost, and so she separated her creations from ours, and isolated them to the extent that they forgot we existed...somewhat."

"Wait, the kids don't have a third eye!"

"Ah, but they do; they just must not have grown enough for them to come forth. Yet, if you looked at them closely, you would see that they are now developing. Anyway, A thousand years had passed, and sadly, the prophecy had been lost and forgotten, for all intents and purposes. Indeed, the troubles did arise as Teresa had hoped, but not enough to destroy the true vampire. Yet, Sophia lived up to her new name again, and left the information on an ancient scroll, and it was thought lost. However, there were some undead that had discovered it, and they began to believe for such a thing so greatly, they began separate and form their own house-the Selibri. They all lived in hopes of the coming Golconda, but somehow, the scroll was lost again. In time, they began to believe that they could achieve this state themselves by doing all they could to retain their humanity, do as much good as they could, and sought for wisdom-Sophia-as much as they could. Some came close, and many even developed that third eye. Yet, when the other houses caught wind of this, they sought them wherever they could find them and destroyed them. They thus went even deeper underground, and it is rumored that they still roam to this day. Maybe, one day, we can find them and bring them into the fold. Anyway, many founts came and went, and no one would allow the fount contact with humans, and that was only because the mistrust of humans, and because of the greed with which many grasped onto her.

"By this time, many pure blood families had formed, but some went by the wayside because they could not get to the fount before others dried her up. Somehow, Aramash always survived. In the midst of this came the odd notion that the bloodline of the fount had to be preserved, and so she was practically raped for all intents and purposes, and forced to have a child which was reintroduced to the rest of the pure bloods. They had no idea of the truth. They also kept her away from humans because of something else-the dhampir. Because they were a genetic dead end, it was thought that the human and vampire worlds were not supposed to exist, and so they were killed as soon as they were created. Yet, sometimes one or two would survive as pawns for the families, or were found by gypsies who always used them to detect and hunt vampires and undead. Blade was just the latest example of that. However, whenever mainstream society discovered one, the witch hunts began. This was why it was strictly forbidden for the mixing of the two worlds. This was also another reason why turning had become forbidden: there was always the risk of discovery. It was the constant turning that the undead households were doing that was causing the myths that we now know, and causing exposure which would cause some vampires to be hunted and killed. A greater state of confusion and fear within the vampire world could not have been created. Then along came Karin, Kenta, and Jean-Claude."

"But nothing was prophesied about him!" stated Chiyuki, "How does this play in."

"You act like the Almighty doesn't still have an active hand in things," said Ryuu surprised, "Listen, and I shall explain."

"A dhampir is a living example that the two worlds can mesh, even though they cannot reproduce. Yet, the wrong things would always happen around them, but no one was ever born like Jean-Claude. Because his father was a godly man who turned a vampire over to Him, He put special care on this one. There was achance that he could be a catalyst for things. However, Karin and Kenta already did what had been prophesied, yet Jean-Claude's emergence into the situation complicated things. It was odd that two founts would be born at that time, but one was the active, and one was the dormant in case the other could not get the job done. It seems to me that the Lord saw what had happened with Jean-Claude, and wanted to be sure that there was a chance for things to happen. Still, Karin dried before she could reproduce, and that was when Ientered the picture, as you already know. Because I still possessed all the ancient knowledge, I was able to spare her, and bring things about with Innocent. That complicated matters."

"Is that why things went in fours?"

"Well, maybe five, depending on certain things that I am not able to reveal as yet. The Lord told me to seal things up, because he wanted to see if the others would remember or figure things out on their own. James Marker did figure it out with the previous fount, but he could not rescue her before everything went south in the Great Purge of 1809. Yet, because he had this knowledge, he knew that he could still make things happen if he were able to make a marriage with Aramash. He could not, but his son, Henry, was able to do this. Because of Karin, two dhampir were able to reproduce that could not, and that spilled some of the Golconda into them. It was in her already because she had been the previous fount, and of course, the child they aptly named Sophia was the final piece of the puzzle."

Chiyuki then said, "Are you saying that Keelin might be..."

"I am saying that I do not know," said Ryuu, "and it is something He is not revealing to me. You'll have to watch for it."

"I still don't see how Jean-Claude plays in outside of his kids."

"Ah, that is the fun part."

"Jean-Claude was brought up in a spiritual household, which means he was in tight contact with the Almighty anyway. Because of that, the Lord had to have thought He now had the engine through which He could exact judgment against all that had gone wrong. All those centuries, all they in the wrong had chances to set things right, and they did not take that mercy He gave. There comes a time when mercy runs out, and all that remains is judgment. Jean-Claude is the hand of judgment. You may ask why his parents had to die like they did. Well, sometimes certain things and people have to be removed so that something greater can come out of it. You may think that cruel, but understand: because they were both redeemed, what awaited them was far greater than what they had at that point, so their deaths, though traumatic, were but a momentary pang, and they had peace thereafter. Jean-Claude was allowed to live to become the mighty guardian and warrior that he is, and it seems that it was so that the things that were set in motion would not be disrupted. He never knew fully the reasons for his actions, but because his visions matched what was supposed to happen, it was easy for Him to guide Jean-Claude to meet the right people, and end up in the right places for things to happen the way they should. I never would have foreseen what had happened to Teresa because of him, but it was what I call poetic justice that a child of both worlds that was wanted by neither, who still wanted to see peace between them, (and a union Teresa never wanted,)would be the one to defeat her. She never figured that, when it came time to cash in the chips, the vampire-man would be her banker. With her out of the way, nothing could stop things from happening. The eradication of the Inquisition was indeed a bonus. The eradication of the undead houses seems to be jackpot. However, by what you told me, Jean-Claude is aiming beyond what was meant to be, and indeed, that is dangerous. We do have to do something."

Chiyuki was letting all this sink in, for it was a lot of information, yet, much made sense now. Then, to take the weight off the moment, Chiyuki then said, "You need to be careful when we get back; Ai..."

He smiled and laughed, saying, "I know, I know!"

Back in New York, another drama was being played out. A now frantic Fumio was quickly making her way across Manhattan towards Clan Tower. She only had one thing on her mind: find Kenta and have him make it right. Yet, what it would be was her feeding on him, and maybe even turning him, because her mother instinct would stop her from killing him outright. After everyone was dead, they could explain to her how to finish the job in turning him, and bring them in. They would both be excellent moving trophies that would forever stand as amonument against all that had thought to resist their rule. Soon they were at Clan Tower, but they were now facing the same confusion that they always had when they tried to approach. It was then that the one servant, Anthony, came up and said, "How can you get in there?"

"There's a ward that the vampires create," she said, as if she was not one of them, "Just take my hand and form a chain-we can all get in that way."

However, Anjou was watching through her bats, and she gave a strong warning to everyone that trouble was on the way. Because of that, Blade, Moon Knight, and Jean-Claude all returned. Karin was in the restaurant with an M-16A4 assault rifle filled with silver rounds, Yuriya was behind the coffee bistro with her P90, and Anjou hid in the dark with her katana. Before they approached, they closed the restaurant early, and just let the remaining guests finish their meals and leave on their own so as not to cause panic. If they were planning atrap, they would be planning a counter trap. Kenta wanted to be downstairs with his wife, but Blade told him who was coming. "If it's my mother, then that's great news," he said, "She's been found!"

Blade looked at him sternly and said, "You're a disciplined fighter, so what Iam going to tell you, you should be able to take."

Kenta was not sure he liked where this was going, but he said, "Okay, go ahead."

"What is coming is your mother, and not your mother," said Blade.

Kenta went as pale as a sheet, and he did not need to be told what had happened. Blade then said, "More than likely, you're her target. You can't let her seduce you into thinking she is okay, because she is most definitely NOT!"

"Then, what do we do!"

"Leave that to me," said Blade, "Now just stay in your apartment. We have some butt whoopin' to do!"

Blade met Jean-Claude in the hallway. He handed Blade back his machine pistols, saying, "Tony had them well cleaned and lubed with Shin's help, and you're locked and loaded."

Blade looked at what Jean-Claude was carrying, and he said, "A Sturmgewher44-you're going back in time a bit!"

"It's a modern version," said Jean-Claude, "Most would now call it an MP-44, but it's still a great weapon. It has 7.92mm rounds with great knockdown power, a steady shot in full auto, but not so much cartridge behind it that causes problems at distance like the M-14 and the FN-FAL had. However, the FAL is a great rifle in semi-auto, which is why it is one of my favorites. But if I need to spray and pray, this is my 'club of choice.' It quickly kills whatever it hits."

Blade just shook his head and said, "Somehow, I think you enjoy this kind of thing more than me."

"I was trained to fight and protect," answered Jean-Claude, "I have to know these kinds of things. It's not the life I chose, but it is the life I must live if the Dream is to ever come true."

"Or, come true to some extent," retorted Blade.

Jean-Claude grew a touch angry, but he let it go, because there was no time for that. Fumio had to be rescued, and none of these vampires could be allowed to leave alive if it could be helped. Perhaps they could get a prisoner. If that was the case, they could then get the kids to use their abilities to extract the remaining Amayah strongholds, and the main nest as well.

There were about 25 of their best, (the remaining left to protect headquarters,) along with Charlotte's two rather intimidating Samoan servants, and they found it eerie that the place was empty. Immediately, Charlotte's two toadies had the hackles rise on the back of their necks, but Anthony said,"Where would Kenta be?" knowing that the rest had to be housed above. They could then systematically go from apartment to apartment and kill them all. The two stayed to the back and near the door, just in case. She then tried to say, "The elevators are..." but before she could finish her sentence, the doors opened, and out stepped death on four legs. Crystal came out of the shadows and pushed Fumio to the floor, attempting to restrain her as the trap was sprung. Out of all corners came Die Kaiserenhand, spraying silver into their surprised foe. About 15 went up in ash as the others were scattered in confusion. Anjou then sprung and started to slice up more as they were turning to ash. Karin was putting all her training to good use as she was able to mix well in the fray, now no longer the timid and shy girl that she had been. However in the confusion, two things happened that would make things even worse.

Jean-Claude had spied the two juggernauts standing to the back, and saw them trying to slip out. The two saw how things were going, but they knew that Fumio was a time bomb, and all they had to do was go out and await things happening. Once they had what they wanted, they would then have the key to return in force and far better prepared to face them again. Jean-Claude was not going to let them leave at all if he could help it, or without a bloody nose at the very least. He thus slipped out and followed them. The other servant took off to a safe location to observe, but Anthony was cut off and confronted by Jean-Claude. "Going somewhere?" asked Jean-Claude, aiming the rifle at him.

"Oh, you must be the big, bad Daywalker I've heard about," mocked Anthony, "You can't be all that, having to hide behind a gun like that."

"This was only to save you a lot of pain," answered Jean-Claude, "But I need you alive anyway," and he slung it across his back. Anthony bore his fangs and said, "Let's find out how good you really are."

With that, the two started to clash.

While that was going on, Fumio, who was slipping in and out of a feral state, became enraged enough to throw Crystal off her back and bolt for the elevator. Blade saw this, but could not get there before the doors closed. He quickly rang for the other one that was there, getting antsy waiting for the thing to come. Fumio went straight for the apartment where she knew Kenta was staying. Fortunately, the kids were watching the events and Kannon went down to confront her grandmother, or at least keep her father from falling prey to her. She slipped in and hid while she awaited her grandmother. Not but 30 seconds later came Fumio, who was now calling out for Kenta. "Kenta!" she called, "Kenta, help me! I am in so much pain!"

Kenta was sitting in the living room, and he wanted to stand up and go to her, but he had to resist. "Kenta, please," she begged, "Your mother needs you!"

Kenta did not want to hurt her, but he had a silver steel alloy blade with him just in case. It would be the most painful thing he would ever have to do, but he also knew that what happened to her she never would have wanted, and would not have minded if Kenta put her at peace. He had to fight back the tears and have the courage to do what he may have to do. Fumio entered the living room and her face brightened. "Kenta, my sweet Kenta," she said, but the smile she had also bore fangs. "Mother," he said, "You are not well, and you are not yourself."

He stayed stern and tense. However, she looked askance at this, and she said,"Baby, what's wrong? I know I am not well, and you can help me."

She started to approach, but Kenta held up the blade. She stopped and looked at him all confused. "Kenta, why are you acting like this?" she asked, "You wouldn't hurt your mother, would you?"

"You wouldn't hurt me if you were in your right mind right now," Kenta responded, but with tears streaming down his eyes.

"Oh Kenta," she said, now smiling more like a caring mother over her child,"You can help me with that, and I can bring you into a whole new world. I need you. You can Karin can be together forever!"

"We can now," he said, "It doesn't have to be this way."

She started to move towards him, saying, "Kenta, don't make this harder," but then Kannon stepped in between them, and Kenta said, "Kannon, what are you doing?"

"Grandmother, don't do this," she said, "Let us help you upstairs."

She now began to look like she was becoming enraged, and she said, "Little girls should know their place! It has to be Kenta!"

"Don't make me do what I have to," she said, "I love you, but I love daddy, and I can't let you hurt him."

Now Fumio was yelling, saying, "Hurt him, you foolish child, I want to rescue him!"

Yet, just before she could pounce, Blade came from behind and restrained her. She struggled and snarled as she screamed, but he said, "No, Fumio, there is abetter way!"

With that, he pulled out his syringe gun with the serum attached to it, and he stuck it into her neck, injecting the whole bottle. She suddenly started to calm, and then he pulled it out and attached another bottle to it. He then injected that into her arm and emptied that as well. She then went slack as he laid her on the couch. She was not unconscious, but Kenta and Kannon began to comfort her. She kept muttering, "What happened? Why did I try to do that to you?"

She was crying, and Blade became more enraged at the scene with every passing moment. This had to stop. Kenta then asked, "Where's Jean-Claude?"

"Yeah, where is..." responded Blade, but he stopped himself as he remembered what he had seen, and he went, "He isn't going after both of them, is he?"

He rushed out as fast as he could, hoping to stop him from getting hurt, or worse.
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