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Chapter 4 24/7/365 Sitter

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Brroke and Violet's evil minds never cease to amaze me

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Jack Jack tiptoed in the hall with flour sprinkling it hoping to find Violet soon and get her back to Brooke who was giggling and Jack Jack knew that meant trouble.
Jack Jack(Grumbling) I better be getting paid handsomely for this.
Brooke full out belly laughed and Jack Jack heard a smash as he sighed sprinlking more flour hoping Violet would show up.
Jack Jack: Violet I'm the babysitter and I demmand you show yourself right now.
A giggling came from the bathroom and Jack Jack ran that way so fast it would have made Dash look like a turtle and pounded on the door.
Jack Jack(Yelling) Violet Annalise Parr open this door right now young lady.
Water seeped from under the door and Violet cackled unlocking the door and opening it and Dash found a big wave of water rising from the tub.
Violet(Screaming with glee) Ang ten Rother ang ten Ack Ack wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Jack Jack and Violet got soaked but luckily Violet had her Bubbles The Powerpuff Girl bathing suit on and tumbled onto Jack Jack's stomach spitting water at him.
Violet: Ipeout ike otally ajor ipeout hey Rother, but at east our ittle ister had fun aking a ubby and you got two ames in one other urfing and Ide And Eek.
Jack Jack(Picking Violet up) I'll give you a wipeout you shrimp, and a tubby sounds nice, in fact you and Brooke will be taking one together and then you'll be in bed by 7:00 thank God.
Violet pouted at Jack Jack as he smirked grabbing two towels and her placing Violet in the tub and walking off to get Brooke as Violet giggled becoming invisible and running off.
Jack Jack(Entering Violet's room) Brooke Lillian Parr you better not have broken anythng young lady.
Jack Jack saw Violet's old room in shambles and heard a giggling coming from the blankets that he knew was Brooke.
Jack Jack(Picking Brooke up) All right you disaster waiting to happen tubby time then it's bedtime.
Brooke: Rother me no ant ubby, me want ice ream ith hot udge, aramel, nuts, herries, M&M's, and hipped ream.
Jack Jack: The only thing you're getting is a bath and then it's bedtime giving me a break.
Jack Jack walked into the bathroom to find no Violet as Brooke giggled stretching herself out in Jack Jack's hands until she reached the shower pole and slung herself across it.
Brooke(Sticking her tongue out) Nah, nah, nah,nah, nah, nahhhhhhhh, no ubby for me rother now go get me my ice ream ith verything I sked for.
Jack Jack(Pulling Brooke) Off the shower pole Brooke, like it or not you're taking a tubby.
Brooke giggled shaking her head no as her black hair waved with her and Jack Jack angrily tried pulling her again.
Brooke(Stretching) Mama's owers are ool rother, ime for me to how you hat else mama's owers can do.
Brooke slung herself around Jack Jack and giggled licking his nose and barking like a puppy.
Brooke: Bark Bark me a ute ittle uppy Ack Ack, and you are oing to be atching us all the ime hanks to Iolet and I sking for you by ame.
Jack Jack: This is the last time I'm watching you.
Brooke giggled shaking her head no as Violet tired of palying Hide And Go Invisible slung herself like Brooke did over the shower pole.
Violet: Taduhhhhhhhhhhhhh now for my ext rick I'm oing to ake rother our abysitter orever.
Violet giggled as Helen and Bob's car pulled into the driveway and Brooke and Violet quickly undressed getting into the bath both of them sticking their tongues out at Jack Jack with smug smiles on their faces.
Brooke: Iolet and me are ust reaking you in rother, omorrow will be uch orse.
Jack Jack gulped as Brooke and Violet cackled handing him soap and a washcloth and they giggled raising their arms up to be washed and Jack Jack grumbled knowing his mom and dad would be proud of him.
Helen(From the bottom of the stairs) Hang on Bob I just want to check on my two angels before we get a hotel for the night.
Brooke and Violet sneered giggling as Helen walked up the stairs to find her daughters in the tub without complaint.
Helen(Amazed) Nice- Job- Jack- Jack-, how did you get them to get in the bath wihtout a fight?
Jack Jack: This is an act they were terrors all night, and they said they were going to make me watch them forever.
Helen(Rubbing Brooke and Violet's hair) Well however you did it I'm impressed to ne end, so Jack Jack congrats you just inherited $50.00 a night and two, cute, pretty, happy, two year olds.
Brooke and Violet hugged Jack Jack cackling as Helen grinned pulling out her cell phone.
Helen: Yes is this the Radison?, perfect I'd like a room for the night with my husband Bob, put the name under Helen and I'll be there in thirty minutes.
Jack Jack(Clinging to Helen) Noooooooooooooooooooo you can't leave me here with them their little monsters.
Violet and Brooke growled like monsters giggling snuggling with Jack Jack.
Helen: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW they love their big brother and now he's going to be seeing a lot more of them seeing I took you out of school to take Violet and Brooke on full time.
Jack Jack gulped as Brooke and Violet cackled getting bubble bath all over him.
Helen: Now you're never going to be rid of them as long as you live, girl's you and brother are going to have so much fun now.
Brooke and Violet sneered as Helen grabbed her purse and walked down the stairs leaving.
Brooke and Violet(Waving out the window) Bye mama and dada ave a fun ime onight we ure ill.
Jack Jack: Now you two after the bath is bedtime do we understand each other?
Brooke and Violet sneered shaking their heads no and turning invisible running off so Jack Jack couldn't find them.
Jack Jack: You two are in so much trouble when I find you, there's no adult stopping me from spanking you.
Brooke and Violet giggled at the word spanking and slammed their bedroom door locking it.
Jack Jack(Running up to the door) Young ladies unlock this door and open it right now so we can finish your tubby and get you two to bed.
Violet(Giggling) You an't atch us rother ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Brooke: Olly Olly Oxunfree rother ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Jack Jack(Shaking the door) Open this door right now young ladies.
The girl's giggled becoming like Ginormica together and opening the door and Jack Jack stared in fear at his sisters.
Violet: Taduhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now we Tikenormica's other and we ave ome emmands of our own.
Brooke nodded as Violet cackled booming as Brooke tossed Jack Jack like a shot putt into the tub and Violet slapped Brooke five as they giggled running up to him.
Violet: Other you eed a akeover and irst you eed to mell etter han you do and hat's here Rooke and Iolet Akeover Tists For Ire omes in.
Jack Jack moaned as water was poured on his hair and Brooke poured shampoo into his hair glad to be helping.
Violet: Eyes losed Other you eed to eep eyes losed so you on't get it in our eyes ecause it eally tings.
Brooke lathered the shampoo in Jack Jack's hair as he closed his eyes and Violet rinsed it out giggling at the suds it made.
Brooke: Me ext I ant to akeover other too, now let's see hat you eed ext other.
Brooke grabbed nail polish as Violet giggled seeing all the colors and Violet grabbed a nail file and Brooke grabbed a blue nail polish with glitter and spread it on Jack Jack's toenails.
Brooke: Taduhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I ove akeup and this is my pecialty ail olishes.
Jack Jack(Fuming) Get- this- gunk- and- glittery- junk- off- of- me- right- NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Violet(Screaming) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, how do you ike it rother?
Jack Jack's eardrums throbbed as Brooke giggled being impervious to her sister's screaming.
Violet(Fixing her hair) Ook hat you ade me do rother, now I ave to ake my air ook retty all over gain.
Brooke: Inished now sissy's urn to do omething to you other.
Violet grabbed a brush and roughly brushed it through Jack Jack's hair with him wincing.
Violet beamed as she saw Jack Jack angrily stout and Brooke giggled handing Violet a blowdrier and hairspray.
Violet(Plugging the blowdrier in) Hank you oyal sisstant, now let's get our air ooking as ood as ine if not etter han ine.
Violet blowdried Jack Jack's hair and then put the hairsrpay in as Brooke grabbed a towel getting Jack Jack out oif the tub.
Violet: Ell I hink we did a eally ood job sissy, now rother let's go atach artoons and eat unk ood till we usts our ummys.
Jack Jack: Nuh uh, no, no, no, absoltely not, it's past your bedtime devil munchkins now get jammies out and I'll help you get them on.
Brooke and Violet sneered becoming small again and handing Jack Jack nightgowns and diapers.
Violet: Mama lways eads to us efore bed other, and we get to ick the tory she eads.
Brooke pulled out The Three Bears and put on a puppy dog pout as Violet joined her and Jack Jack grabbed the book and laid them down.
Jack Jack(Putting the girl's diapers on) Fine one story and then it's lights out and brother's relaxing time.
Violet handed Jack Jack her nightgown as he put it on her and covered her up and did the same to Brooke and then opened the book.
Jack Jack(Droning) Once upon a time there were three bears a mama bear a daddy bear, and a baby bear.
Violet: Rother ore nergy, ome on his is us our eading to not two omplete trangers.
Jack Jack: Look either I read it my way or not at all get it, got it, good.
Violet zapped Jack Jack with lightning as his hair went crazy and she giggled seeing it.
Violet(Yawning) Tart over Other and ive us ome eeling or we'll ever go to bed til you ead it the ight way.
Brooke(Smiling) Yea hat she aid.
Jack Jack(Smiling) Once Upon a time there were three bears a mama bear, a daddy bear, and a baby bear.
Violet(Smirking) Uch etter eep oing rother his tory is our avorite.
Jack Jack: In another part of the forest lived a young girl named Goldilocks, Goldilocks was very curious and very adventerous.
Violet: See now his is how the tory ould be ead.
Jack Jack: One day mama bear had made porridge and this she knew was a bears favorite food.
Violet: I ike rother eading his tory etter, it's etting to the oices and I hink he can do hem etter han ommy can.
Jack Jack: Mama bear served the porridge to her family and they had complaints, this porridge is too hot said daddy bear so mama decided that it was a great day for a hike.
Violet: We see Oldilocks ext she's oing to ind the hree ears ouse and xplore ike she lways oes ike Rooke and I do.
Jack Jack: At the other edge of the woods Goldilocks was seen skipping up to a log cabin with the door cracked open.
Violet: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy his is my avorite art.
Brooke(Smiling) Ine too ommy oes his art erfect, et's see how rother oes it.
Jack Jack: Goldilocks saw the three porridge bowls and her being hungry decided to try all three, first she tried daddy bears porridge and fanned her mouth, this one's too hot she said and decided to try mama bears porridge next, This one's too cold she said as she saw baby bears bowl and decided to eat his next, this one's just right Goldilocks said.
Violet: He oes it so uch etter han mama Rooke, he has a queaky oice and hat ives him a etter irl's oice.
Jack Jack: After breakfast Goldilocks saw three rocking chairs and needing a sit sat down on papa bears first, this one's too lumpy Goldilocks said as she saw mama bears and tried hers next, this one's too soft Goldilocks said as she saw baby bears chair and skipped up trying his last, this one's just right Goldilocks said breaking baby bears chair.
Violet(Yawning) I ove his tory etter ith rother eading it Rooke, he ounds so xcited as he ells the tory.
Brooke(Yawning) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa mommy has ever been his xcited uring his tory.
Jack Jack: Goldilocks was sleepy and she saw three beds in the bedroom and bounced onto papa bears bed first, this one's too big Goldilocks said as she tried mama's next, this one's too small Goldilocks said as she saw baby bears bed next, this one's just right Goldilocks said yawning and drifting off.
Violet: Uh oh the ears are oing to ome home and see Oldilocks leeping in aby ears bed.
Jack Jack: A little while later the bears came home from there hike to find the door opened and their porridges touched, someone's been eating my porridge said papa bear, someone's been eating my porridge too said mama bear, someone's been eating my porridge and they ate it all up baby bear said.
Violet: he he rother oes aby ear so uch etter han mama can do.
Jack Jack: Next mama, papa, and baby bear went into the living room to find their chairs sat in, someone's been sitting in my chair growled papa bear, someone's been sitting in my chair chimed mama bear, soneone's been sitting in my chair too and they broke it baby bear said.
Violet(Bouncing up and down) OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOY his is here the hree ears ind Oldilocks leeping in heir ouse.
Jack Jack; The Bears walked into the bedroom to find their beds a mess, someone's been sleeping in my bed papa bear boomed, someone's been sleeping in my bed mama bear sang sweetly, someone's been sleeping in my bed and their still here baby bear said as the bears frightened Goldilocks awake and she ran off the end.
Violet(Yawning) One ore tory rother lease, lease, lease, retty lease, ith ugar on top and a herry in the iddle?
Jack Jack(Sneering) Nope the rule was one story and that's what you get one story, now goodnight devil munchkins and I'll see you in the morning.
Violet: But me not leepy and either is Rooke, one ore tory leaseeeeeeeeee?
Jack Jack: Nope now get to bed before I read you a story about two super girl's grounded for not listening.
Violet(Sticking her tongue out at Jack Jack) Ine but we not oing to leep and either are you.
Brooke(Sneering) Yea hat she aid.
Jack Jack(Shutting their door) Hope your not afraid of the dark and try me, I'll be downstairs watching scary movies.
The dor closed before the girl's could respond and Violet and Brooke whimpered seeing the tree branches shadows reach for them and hearing them screech their windows.
Jack Jack(Skipping off) I hope you tell mommy I'm a bad babysitter.
Violet and Brooke whimpered and started screaming and crying as Jack Jack ignored it.
Jack Jack(Smiling) Scream all you want it's my time now.
Violet and Brooke grew Bob's muscles and broke out of their cribs, then they used Ginormica's powers and opened the door.
Violet: Let's go get ven ith rother for caring us to no end.
Brooke sneered clapping her hands as she followed Violet to the living room where The Collector was starting and Brooke giggled sneaking behind Jack Jack.
Jack Jack(Angry) GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR why aren't the both of you in your cribs?
Violet(Shivering) It's cary up here rother, ands eaching for us and reeching oises ike CRRRREEEEEEEEECCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHH Rooke and I cared rother.
Jack Jack(Angrily pointing upstairs) To bed and I swear if I have to tell you two again I'm going to be an evil babysitter.
Brooke and Violet whimpered walking back to their room and Jack Jack smiled finaly rid of his little sisters for the time being.
Jack Jack(Pushing play) Stupid babies what could possibly get at them?
Back in the bedroom Violet and Brooke's teeth are chattering as the shadows reached for them again and the tree branches made noises on their window.
Violet: ust our magination, ust our magination, ust our magination, ust our magination ight Rooke?
Brooke nodded as a bolt of lighting flashed across the sky and the girl's screamed in terror.
Violet: I ate our magination Rooke it cares me, hat bout you?
Brooke nodded covering her head with her blanket as Violet did the same thing whimpering as Brooke did the same.
Brooke: Vie can I sleep ith you in our rib?, it's cary out here all lone.
Brooke opened her crib and climbed in with Violet and they snuggled together shivering and their teeth chattering.
Violet: Rother is oing to be one orry uper omorrow I now hat uch, he's tuck ith us and omorrow we'll how him why eing tuck ith us is not ood.
Brooke and Violet sneered falling asleep dreaming of the things Jack jack would have to endure tomorrow.
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