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Gerards loving heart

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They finially confess their feelings.

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Gerard kissed my head.

"You should get some sleep Sweetie"
"Oh. Yeah. If you get some too. Its like 4 in the morning or something like that"
"4:15 Honey"
"see, so close"
"Yeah.. Get some sleep Babe"
"Ok Gee"

I lifted my head up to his and breifly touched his lips on mine.
his tounge begging for entry to my lips.
I happily granted him and slipped my tounge into his lips too

I forced his head against mine by pushing my hand at the back of his head.
My tounge feeling every part of his mouth.. Every of his teeth.
Then I ran my tounge under his top lip.

"Fuck...Frankie" He mumbled against my lips.

I began sucking his neck...
Harder.. and harder and harder.

"ooohhh.. f-f-fuck... Fr-rrr-frankkkieee!" He moaned as I sucked harder, swirling my tounge on his neck.
I stradled his hips still sucking his neck.. Just thinking about it being his dick.

He pushed his hands against my ass it felt so so so good.

"God Baby, You make this feel so amazing" he said leaving one hand on my ass and one on the inside of my shirt.

I kissed his chin getting closer and closer to his lips.

"Baby... Baby you have to stop"
"no, I want to keep going"
"Are you gonna fuck me?"
"...Not here no"
"Then you need to stop!"
"What... Wh-" He took my hand and left it on his crotch.

"oh. god... again.. I'm so sorry Gerard"
"Its ok Hun.. Just stop being so sexy"
"Ok- I'm sorry"
"I'm kidding dont ever change. Just don't turn me on in a hospital ever again"
"ok." I said laying down on his arms again.

He wrapped his arms around my waist so his hands rested on my hips.

"Good night Beautiful"
"Night Gee" I said flicking off the lamp on the wall.

I layed there ontop of Gerard listenting to his heart pumping his blood all over his body
God it was sexy.

"Gee?" I asked super tiredly
"Yeah my Baby?"
"I love you too" i said closing my eyes not hearing his reply.

he mumbled something and kissed my head.

I just pulled the blankets up to my ears.
It was so warm. Especialy with Gerard here with me.

Having his arms wrapped around me ment everything to me.
Knowing he was here with me.. Not out with some girl or anything but he was here with me.. Me Frankie Anthony Thomas Iero.
and!!! he loved me.. he told me himself...
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