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You make me feel like I'm not going through this alone

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Franks telling Gerard how he cherishs him... Mikey breaks the matureness...

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As I glanced over my shoulder I saw Frankie look like he was having a battle in his head.

" cute" I wispered.
"Beg your pardon?"


"my boyfriend" I said pointing towards him.
"Oh, sorry love"
"Its fine, really it is, well I should get back to him"
"Hes an attractive young man"

young man... oh god.. she was right.
He was young...
he was so young.
a year younger than my little brother.

Oh I'm such a pedophile.

"Yeah" I sighed. walking towards Frankie.

"Gee Bear, whats wrong?" he said looking up to me and taking my hand.
I cupped my free hand on his.

"Whats the matter Gerard? are you ok? is Mikey ok? Whats wrong?!"
"Nothing.. nothings wrong sweetheart"
"Oh. gosh, you alarmed me for a second" he smiled

I looked into his immuture little eyes. I couldn't fuck him. he was so young. I'm 20. and he's 16.
Well Gerard, in your defence he is legal
no hes not! 18 is legal. 16 is kindy kid.. oh this is so bad.
Gerard. this is gonna sound corny, follow your heart do as it says.
yeah, your right that does sound corny
But I'm right and you know it

"uh, pancakes, muffins and hot chocolate?"
"Yeah" I said taking my hand of Frankies.
"thank you" Me and Frankie both said.

"Wow Gee Bear, This looks really good"
"Yeah, its gonna taste better" I smiled to him.

He cut into it dipping his pancakes in maple syrip

I couldn't help but smile at his gorgeousness.

"What?" He asked noticed I was smiling.
"Your smile is the size of the galaxy, I like it"
"Just watching you Baby, it makes me realize alot"
"Oh yeah? like what?"
"How lucky I am to know you"
"Yeah, I feel like that too" He said as I sipped on the hot chocolate.

I nibbled away at my pancakes.

"Its 11:30" I smiled at Frankie
"Yeah, not long now Gee Bear"
"Not long at all." I said hoping not to let him down... I told him I would wait for him no matter what
so I hoped he would wait for me. well really im not making him wait for me. I'm waiting for him. I just dont think he's gonna see it like that.

"well that was good Gee Bear, Thank you"
"Your welcome my Honey" I said taking his hand and walking out the door.

Our hands entwined together.

"Gee Bear?"
"Yeah Honey?"
"I like being with you, It makes me feel like...."
god hes so adoriable

"you make it feel like im not going through this alone"
I squeezed his hands holding back the tears
"Baby, you'll never go through this alone. I promise you my life"
"Thank you Gerard, I know that."
"Your welcome" I said kissing his forehead

We sat on Frankies bed talking about nothing... not talking at all.

"Frankie baby?"
"Yeah Gee Bear?"
"Before when we were in the cafe?"
"Yeah Gerard?"

"I told a lady that you were my boyfriend.. The thing is Baby, it felt so natural. I look at you and I think I want you to be mine"
"W-w-what are you saying Gerard?"
"I-I love you so much.. I want you so much, you mean so much to me, to have you in my life is just so.... perfect" I said looking into his eyes.

"Oh god Gee, do you have to be so mature about things" I heard my brothers voice from the other side of the door.

Mikey emerged from behind the door.

"Mikey, were you listening?"
"Of course, its what little brothers do" He smiled at me.

He sat in the arm chair pulled up to Frankies bed.

"Gerard... Frankie.. you like each other right?"
"Well of course Mikey, you all ready know this"
"And Frankie, you like my big brother right?"
"More than anything" he smiled in my direction.

"Mr Iero" His doctor bellowed
"Frankie please"
"Oh, sorry Frankie you need to sign these discharge papers and your free to go"

I saw a smile streach across his face and had never seen him move so fast.

"Where do I sign?"
"uh just here" he said pointing towards the paper with a pen.

"Excellent, Well take care and your free to go"
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