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I wanna be his... I need your aproval

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Gerard finialy asks Frank... But first he has to ask Mikey.. Gees P.O.V

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I walked to the lounge to find my phone flashing.

New Message, Mikey.

'Hey big bro, I'm staying at Jaxons for lunch. I'll see you both later'
"ok, but Mikes while I've got ya can i ask ya something?'

i layed my phone back on the bench walking to the fridge getting a drink

My phone buzzed against the bench.. he was ringing me.

"Hey Mikester"
"Hey Gee.. Whats up?"
"uhh nothing" I said opening my water bottle.
"What did you have to ask me?"

"Oh! yeah"
"Well come on.. Spit it out Gee, this isn't costing you money.. its costing me money"
"Ok.. I'm finding the words to say it" I said looking up the hall to make sure Frankie wasn't around.
"Gerard just tell me.. we all ways tell each other everything so just hurry up"
"ok, dont freak out.." I paused knowing he wasn't going to answer.

"well me and Frankie just had..." I said not sure if I should tell him.
"You fucked Frankie?" he wispered.

"oh.. so... uh, This is awkward. hmm well w-what is it you wanna tell me. Ask me what ever"
"Mikey, Frankie means everything to me.. But so do you. I wana be Frankies boyfriend but I need to know you'll accept us both or I dont think I'll manage"

Mikey didnt respond. But I knew he was smiling.

"Of course Gerard, I'll always accept you" I could just hear the smile in his voice.

"Hey Gee Bear! that was amazing.." Frankie called bouncing down the stairs.
he was wearing my jeans and one of my favorite Green Day tees.
He looked fucking gorgeous.

"Oh! shit sorry" he smiled noticing I was on the phone.

"Its ok Baby, its Mikey"
"Hi Mikey!" he called in my direction
"Hey Frankie"

"He says hi back"

Frankie just smiled taking a sip of my water.

"Well Gee. I think you should just.. this is gonna sound stupid. but follow your fucking heart I have to go but I'll be over to see you and maybe Mr Iero-Way later on"

I-Iero-Way? god that sounded so normal.

"Gee, stop thinking about you and Frankies wedding"
"Ho-how did you know?"
"your my Big brother and best friend. I know excatly what you think before you even know"
"what ever"

"I'm going Love you my big brother"
"Love you too" I said as I hung up my phone.

I turned around to see Frankie beaming.

"Nothing.. just sounded cute"
"Not as cute as you screaming my name" I said wrapping my arms around him.

he blushed a little.

"Yeah Gee Bear?"
"Your the fucking best" I wispered in his ear.

I ment it too..I had never had that much fun in sex before.


I kissed the side of his mouth

"you dont regret it Frankie?"
"Not one little bit" he said sitting on the couch.
He looked to the celing smiling to himself.

"I certainly don't" I said as I kissed his forehead.

"Thank you Gerard"
"What for Baby?" I said as I took his hands and sat beside him.
"Giving me what I want"
"Its what I wanted too" I said so hoping he wouldn't regret it, or feel like I was pushing him into anything.
"Yeah, I know but you were considerate, Thanks"
"Your welcome Honey" I said as I kissed his lips softly.

"What are we?"

I think he ment to say that in his head.

"you didnt want me to hear that?"
"Not really"
"Well, I've been saying that to myself for a while so it doesn't seem that bad of a question"
"But its something I'm detirmind to get to the bottom of"

I took his hands and pulled him on my knees where I wraped my arms around his waist.
His hands pressed on mine.

"Frankie Baby..."
"Yeah Gerard?"
"Ok.. Well" I was trying to find the right thing to say.

I don't think I could find them. Even if I looked through the whole fucking world. I wouldn't be able to find what I wanted to say.

"Gerard.. what are you trying to say?" he asked with his head rested on my shoulder.

"fuck... Frank damnit! be my boyfriend?" I shot.. I didn't feel him move.. I didn't hear him breath a word.
He just sat there.

I shut my eyes...
I've fucked things up for sure.

Something was pressing against my lips.. some one... Frankie was that someone.

he pulled his lips of mine.
I was getting very confused now.

"w-was that a yes?" I asked as I looked into his beautiful chocolate eyes
"It was a fuck yes" he smiled as he did it again. His tounge entered my mouth
exploring it as it were a new experience.

"I really wanted to wait untill after we were together to fuck you. but I guess I can't have it all right?" I said as Frankie sat there looking into my eyes
"Gerard... Baby. I couldn't have cared if we were together or not, in my eyes you were allways my boyfriend. I told everyone I met you were. so really it doesn't bother me"

.....After he called me Baby, I heard nothing.

"Oh Frankie!" I said tackling him so he was on his back looking up at me.
our lips moved in time.
Frankie parted his lips as soon as I touched his bottom lip with my tounge.

He gave out a moan as he pushed his hands tightly against my ass

"God. Frankie... stop, I'm gonna get hard again"
"I can deal with that" he smiled into the kiss
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