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I love him Mikey

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Gee makes sure Mikey knows he loves Frank

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I ran to the kitchen taking some vegetable soup from the pantry.
I put the jug on to boil..
Finialy. Frankies mine... all mine

How would Mom and Dad react? how would Mikey react.
Would he run along and tell Jaxon?
Nah, he'd made up with Frankie.
The jug had boiled as I tipped the sachet into the two cups
I stired them as I tipped the water in.

There! its complete.

"ready Baby?" I called up the stairs
"...Yip" Frankie called back.

Something didn't sound right.. He didn't sound right.
I walked up the stairs and into my room to see Frankie looking down into his hands.

"You ok?"

He didn't answer me.
I put the cups down on my art desk and walked to Frankie running my hands down his arms.

"I-its so beautiful Babe.. why- h-how?" he stamered to say.
i had no idea what he was on about.

I looked over his shoulder.

"No.. no Gerard... Its-its so..."
"Stupid" I inturupted.
"Its fucking gorgeous" he smiled with tears falling down his face.

He found my drawing.

"You got Pansy and Bella, so well"
"I'd only seen Bella once" I said wrapping my arms around his shoulders.
"Gerard... This is so fucking amazing"
"I wasn't gonna show you yet. But I guess thats all too late right?"
"a little bit yeah" he smiled into my shoulder once he'd turned around.

"Yeah Baby?"
"I- I love you so fucking much"

Hearing those words pass his lips was incrediable.. it felt like walking on the moon.

He pressed his lips against mine.
His tounge sweeped along my bottom lip.. begging to be let in...
I granted his wish..

He moaned in my mouth as he smiled into the kiss.
With the picture still in Frankies hands he wrapped his right hand up in my hair and his other hand pulled on my hips. taking him closer to me.
God.. I-hes-FUCK!

His tounge pulled out of my mouth.

"I love you too" I smiled as I sat on the bed.

"GERARD!!!, Gee... Are you home Gee?" Mikey screamed walking in the door.
"Yeah... I'm in my room"

Frankie moved from my reach to sit on my bed.. his signature smile spread across his face.
God did he have to be so beautiful?!

"Oh! hey guys, I know I'm early and I hope thats ok... but I was thinking maybe we could go to the- am I inturupting something?" Mikey finialy asked looking at Frankies smile.

"Oh.. nah not at all. Frankie just found something I'd drawen him"
"Oh. well thats good, you looked abit awkward and Frankie looks far to happy" Mikey smiled.

Frankie obviously wasn't listening one little bit.

"Yeah well... ya know?"
"God Gee, I thought you'd asked him out allready or something" He said immitating to wipe sweat from his forehead.

I just smiled.

"Anyway, I was thinking we go to the arcade? you know all of us together?"
"Uhh yeah Mikes that'll be cool as"

"Yeah.. sorry Gerard" he smiled at me.

"Mikey wants to know if-"
"Hey Mikey!"
"Hey Frankie" Mikey laughed at him.
"well I'm glad thats sorted. But Mikey wants to know if you wanna go to the arcade?"
"That place we went the other day?"
"Yeah" I answered him as his smile streched higher.

He prounced up grabbing mine and Mikeys hands and pulled us downstairs.

"LETS GO!!!" he jumped up and down.
"Hold on... I gotta get my shoes" he said looking down to his feet.
"Ok Frankie"

And with that we watched as he ran up the stairs into my room.

"...Yeah Mikey"
"When are you gonna ask him?"
"Ask him what?"
"Ask him out"

"How are you gonna feel when I do so?"
"I'm gonna support you Gerard, your my big brother."
"Thanks Mikes" I said pulling him into a hug.

"You really like him so its not my place to judge"
"Come on get it out.. You sound like a broken record. 'I-I-I'"
"I love him Mikey"

"Oh..." his face fell.
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