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They came back for more

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Jaxons heard about Mikeys crush on Bert

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Frankie sat there looking into my eyes. It was a moment when it felt nothing needed to be said... Nothing at all but still we knew excatly what eachother was

"Frankie I-"
"GERARD!!!" I heard Mikey scream.

Me and Frank jumped up and ran downstairs to find Jaxon and Leighton cornering Bert.

"What the fuck are you going here?"
"Well it seems we interupted your brother and his Boyfriend here"
"Its not his boyfriend!" Frankie said sticking up for them both.

"Frankie.." I warned.. I didn't want a repeat of this afternoon.

"Leave him alone!" Mikey said walking closer to Jaxon who wore an evil smile

"Or what?"
Mikey pulled his fist back and hit Jaxon right between the eyes... Wow my brother can really fight.

Jaxon hit the deck straight away.. He was out like a light.

"DONT EVER THREATEN ONE OF MY FUCKING FRIENDS!!!" He yelled at Jaxons uncontious form on the floor.

"What... You wanna be next?" Mikey said to Leighton who stood there looking at Jaxon

"I could call the cops on you, you could get done for assult"
"And YOU could get done for home invasion" Frankie spat in his direction

"Well did Mikey or Bert invite you in here? I think not. Me and Gee certianly didn't so yeah... as much as I'm concerned thats home invasion right?"
"....Jaxon come on get up" He cried to Jaxon.

I stood there thinking about how clever Frankie is.
It made me smile watching him stick up for Mikey.

Leighton took Jaxons arms and dragged him out of our house

"Are you okay Bert?" Mikey said in his hurry over towards him
"Yeah, I don't know what their problem is with me, its not like I do anything to them" Bert said looking up to Mikeys eyes.

"Dont worry about it Bert. It happens to me all the time"
"Yeah... so I see" he said standing up.

"Mikey?" Bert asked Mikey as confused as a teenager would if she was told she was infact a old woman
"y-yeah Bert?"
"why are you not friends with Jaxon?"
"B-because he was threatning Frankie and you so I didn't wanna be friends with him"
"Fair enough"

"Me and Frankie are going back to my room, scream if you need something"
"ok, Thanks for cmming down guys"
"No problem Mikes" Gerard smiled at Mikey and Bert
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