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Chapter 18

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Frank celebrates his birthday

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Hello angels, sorry for the late post decided to change where I was heading last minute so had to do a quick re-write, hope you don’t mind. Enjoy x

Frank yawned and rolled over, he intended to sleep for longer but the warm breath that suddenly blew against his face making his eyes fly open.
‘Good Morning’ Cheyenne said with a smile. She was propped up on her elbow beside him her long brown hair was loose and cascading over her shoulders, with the morning glow coming through the curtains she looked like an angel
‘Am I dreaming?’ Frank asked his voice groggy from sleep. He reached up to touch her face and was thrilled to feel her soft skin.
‘No’ Cheyenne giggled ‘Happy Birthday’
‘Oh’ Frank smiled as it dawned on him. He sat up and looked over Cheyenne to find Jasmine and Gerard asleep behind her. Jasmine was draped across her father’s chest sleeping soundly as Gerard snored quietly under her. Ever since Jasmine had come along a tradition had started that on Frank’s birthday Cheyenne would bring Jasmine over to see him first thing in the morning, with every year that Jasmine got older the earlier the visits had become. However this was the first year Gerard had come with them and it was the first that Jamia hadn’t been present.
‘What time did you get here?’ Frank whispered as he resumed his earlier position, although he scooted closer to Cheyenne. It thrilled him that she didn’t move away but lay down beside him.
‘About five’ she replied ‘Jasmine made me promise to get her here before sunrise’
‘This is my favourite part of my birthday’ he said smiling ‘thanks for bringing her.’
‘No problem we love it too’ Cheyenne admitted ‘She loves your birthday as much as she loves her own. She thinks it’s cool your birthday falls on Halloween’
‘Who doesn’t?’ He grinned. ‘You look beautiful by the way’ he sighed turning serious suddenly ‘I’ve really missed you the past couple days.’
Cheyenne blushed ‘Frank you can’t say that Gerard’s right there, what if he heard you?’
‘Relax I’ve slept in the same space with Gerard a thousand times before, I think I know when he’s asleep’ Frank replied ‘Plus I’m only telling the truth.’
Cheyenne didn’t respond but Frank could tell he had upset her, she had a slight frown on her lips and he felt bad he didn’t want anything to spoil the moment.
‘So how did you get Daddy to come?’ Frank asked referring to his sleeping band mate. Cheyenne opened her mouth to respond but a small gasp escaped her lips instead.
‘Morning Uncle Frank’ Jasmine said sleepily as she climbed over her mother. She had accidently pulled Cheyenne’s hair making her gasp. She crawled over to him and he took her in his arms and rolled onto his back. He kissed her head gently and pulled the covers over them both.
‘Happy Birthday’ Jasmine muttered
‘Thanks Mini’ Frank said and was surprised to find she was already falling back to sleep.
‘Gerard didn’t want us driving here in the dark so he insisted on coming’ Cheyenne said
‘What?’ Frank said confused about what she was saying, he had already forgotten what he had asked her.
‘You asked how I got Gee to come’ Cheyenne reminded him. ‘He insisted he drive us you know how he worries.’
‘Oh yeah’ Frank said, gently stroking Jasmine’s hair ‘He’s right to’ he agreed tearing his eyes from his sleeping Goddaughter’s face to look at Cheyenne ‘If you two belonged to me, I’d never take my eyes off you, you’re both much too special to lose.’


‘Where are you going?’ Cheyenne said to Gerard as he passed their bedroom door. After breakfast with Frank had ended Cheyenne and Gerard left leaving Jasmine with her Uncle to spend some quality time. Frank told them he had bought Jasmine’s costume and that it was a surprise, he was going to get her dressed and they’d all go trick or treating together.
‘You’re supposed to leave to go trick or treating now’ Cheyenne reminded him.
‘Relax Frank’s not here yet. I’m just going to call Paige’ he told her.
‘Oh ok’ Cheyenne said flashing him a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes ‘be quick’
‘Two minutes’ Gerard said winking at her.
Cheyenne tried to keep her spirits from dropping as she applied her makeup. Gerard had been keeping regular contact with Paige since he met her, he called every few days or so to see how she was, how she was getting on at school and at home. Jasmine sometimes spoke to her too and Cheyenne had to admit their conversations were quite funny but that didn’t stop the jealous feelings that erupted in her whenever either of them spoke to her.

‘All done’ Gerard said coming back into the bedroom a few minutes later ‘She’s so excited Lyn is taking her trick or treating she’s dressed as sleeping beauty’ he giggled ‘Lyn said she’d send us some pictures.’
‘You spoke to Lyn?’ Cheyenne said trying to keep her voice light.
‘Yes’ Gerard said wincing at her controlled tone, he knew her well enough to know that she was unimpressed ‘just briefly’
‘Hmm’ Cheyenne said slamming the lid of her jewellery box shut.
‘Chey, honey’ Gerard said walking over to her. She stood in the mirror checking herself out. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. ‘I only spoke to her for a few minutes we discussed Paige and nothing else.’
‘I don’t care’ Cheyenne said attempting to step away from him but he held tightly to her.
‘Yes you do’ He said ‘but you shouldn’t be upset, it was a quick conversation and I was glad when it was over.
‘Whatever’ Cheyenne said shrugging her shoulders.
Gerard chuckled ‘yeah whatever. You know the best thing about Lyn letting Paige come to visit us is that we don’t have to see Lyn anymore.’ He said seriously.
‘Do you mean that?’ Cheyenne said holding his gaze through the mirror.
‘Of course I do’ he replied turning her around in his arms ‘I have no interest in Lyn, my only interest is Paige and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t even know Lyn now.’
‘I’m sorry’ Cheyenne said ‘I’m being a baby.’
‘You’re my baby’ he said ‘and I think you’re wonderful.’
‘I think you’re pretty great there too Mr...’ Cheyenne said taking step back to survey his costume ‘Mr...Bowman? What exactly are you?’
‘Oh come on you don’t know what I am?’ Gerard said looking offended.
‘No’ Cheyenne said cocking her head to the side and taking in his suit. He had tied a very large bow around his body which settled on his back and an overlarge tag that flopped over his shoulder and rested across his torso. ‘I really don’t what you are’
‘I’m a preset’ Gerard said smiling broadly
Cheyenne stared at him for a second before speaking ‘That is the dumbest costume ever!’
‘No it’s not, read the tag’ he said. Cheyenne reached out and turned the tag the right way round, she read the big black letters and laughed out loud.
‘To all women, from God’ Cheyenne read ‘you’re God’s gift to women’
‘Don’t you think so?’ He grinned
Cheyenne threw her head back and laughter erupted from her body ‘Oh Mr Way you have truly out done yourself this year’ she spluttered ‘God’s gift!’ She walked to the bed still laughing and picked up the big black caldron that she’d be serving the treats out of.
‘What is so funny?’ Gerard said his grin slipping from his lips. ‘I’m a pretty awesome guy’
‘Yeah but God’s gift’ Cheyenne burst out laughing again ‘you are hilarious.’
‘I thought it was pretty fucking clever.’ He stated and then rolled his eyes as she burst into laughter again ‘Keep laughing woman, we’ll see which of us has the last laugh.’ He pouted.


The shrill ring of the bedside phone woke Cheyenne with a start, she groped around in the dark until she found it and answered.
‘Hello’ she said her voice thick with sleep, she looked at the digital beside clock and noted it was three in the morning.
‘Cheyenne it’s Ray’
‘Oh my god’ Cheyenne said sitting up ‘is something wrong with Christa, is the baby ok?’
‘Yeah’ Ray laughed ‘they’re both fine, calm down.’
‘Then what’s up’ Cheyenne said lowering her voice as Gerard stirred beside her
‘Oh man I’m so embarrassed to say this but I’m fucking drunk’ Ray giggled ‘like so out there. I need you to come get us’
‘Us?’ Cheyenne said
‘Yeah me, Frank and John, we’re all too wasted to drive, I mean those two are fucked up, I mean right now Frank’s like sooooooooooo wasted’ he laughed
‘Where are you?’ Cheyenne sighed
‘Do you know the club FYEO?’ he hiccupped
‘Do you mean For Your Eyes Only?’ Cheyenne said working out the abbreviation ‘The strip club?’
‘Yeah’ Ray said and she could hear the embarrassment in his voice. ‘sorry’
‘Don’t apologise’ Cheyenne said ‘I’ll be right there.’
‘Ok we’ll wait for you. Right here’ Ray laughed ‘we won’t move’
‘Good’ Cheyenne said ‘don’t.’

Twenty minutes later Cheyenne was dressed and in the car. She contemplated waking Gerard up and making him go but he’d just be in a bad mood if he had to, she didn’t need that and neither did they. As she drove she thought back to the evening they had had. She thoroughly enjoyed Halloween. She loved seeing the kids in costume at her door asking for candy, their little faces alight and happy. She enjoyed dressing up too (she had decided to be Morticia Adams this year) and she was delighted by her daughter’s costume, Frank had chosen well. The dinner was great fun also as all their get togethers were. Mikey proudly announced that he and Alicia were expecting a baby boy, much to everyone delight except Alicia who was thrilled with the thought of a boy but no so thrilled with being outnumbered at home. Gerard was pleased by the news of a boy to carry on the family name and he nudged Cheyenne knowingly, she didn’t mind though, she knew he was eager for another child and the thought of another child didn’t send her running and screaming in the other direction as it did a few months before. The idea was slowly, very very slowly growing on her. It was Frank who had surprised her the most though he was the same Frank that she had always known charming, happy and funny, there was no hint of the Frank that she had seen a few days ago, he wasn’t mopey or depressed. He seemed fine and once again Cheyenne was trying to figure out which one was real and which one was a put on.
After the dinner Frank announced that he wasn’t ready for the evening to end and told them his plans to visit a strip club. Of course all the ladies rolled their eyes but gave the men there blessing to go. Gerard and Mikey had gone with the guys but had come home after an hour or so, Mikey hated leaving Alicia alone too long and Gerard was tired. Bob according to Gerard had hooked up with some girl and left and Ray and Frank had stayed behind to party and now Cheyenne was left to pick up the pieces of Frank’s birthday.

When she pulled up outside the club the pavement was full of people but it didn’t take long to spot Ray thanks to his height and his wonderful hair. She shut off the engine and got out of the car. She spotted John using the wall to hold himself up but she couldn’t see Frank but that was because a woman with dark hair was clinging to his neck. Cheyenne rolled her eyes as she watched the unknown woman whispering what Cheyenne could only imagine as drunken sweet nothings into Frank’s ear and she swallowed the bile that rushed to her mouth.
‘CHEY’ Ray cried out spotting her ‘thanks so much for coming’
‘I didn’t have a choice did I?’ she replied dryly ‘come on let’s get you all in the car.’
With Ray’s help, which wasn’t much because he seemed to be getting drunker by the minute they got John in the car quickly Frank however was a different story altogether and after ten minutes of struggling with his over excitement they managed to get him in too.
Thankfully the ride home was silent as all three men had passed out, Cheyenne kept her eyes on the three of them waiting for a sign that one of them would be sick, luckily it didn’t happen. She took them all back to Frank’s not knowing what else to do with them. Thankfully Ray had slept off a little bit of his drunkenness by the time they got to Frank’s and he was able to sort of think straight. Between them they dragged John to Frank’s sofa and left him there.
‘Imma go to bed’ Frank slurred as Ray pushed him up the stairs, he had woken up as Ray was half lifting, half dragging him out of the car.
‘Yeah that’s where we’re going’ Cheyenne said leading the way ‘you need to sleep’
Once in his room Frank collapsed on the bed, his eyes closed and his body aching and Ray collapsed too on the day bed by the window.
Cheyenne looked down at Frank and reluctantly smiled, he looked very cute when he was sleeping, he looked peaceful and she gently stroked his face. Frank moaned softly and Cheyenne snatched her hand back, the last thing she wanted to do was wake him, drunken Frank wasn’t that much fun. She carefully took of his Converses and his socks and lifted his legs on to the bed. She climbed onto the bed beside him and then careful so as not to wake him she undid his belt buckle and button she unzipped his jeans and jumped as his hand shot out and stopped her.
‘Rape is a crime you know’ he grinned
‘I wasn’t going to rape you’ Cheyenne said ‘I was trying to make you more comfortable.’
‘That’s a shame’ he laughed ‘I wouldn’t have minded.’
Cheyenne rolled her eyes ‘since you’re awake you can undress yourself’
‘Can we just leave him like this?’ Ray asked from across the room.
‘I don’t know’ Cheyenne said biting her lip quizzically ‘maybe we should leave a sick bowl somewhere just in case.’
‘Good thinking’ Ray yawned. He got up and stretched and walked over to them. ‘I’ll go have a look, see if I can find one for John too.’
‘Hey Ray’ Frank said lazily ‘Did you know I love Cheyenne? Like loads’
Ray laughed at his friends babbling ‘yeah I know we all love her.’
‘No but I really love her’ Frank whined ‘but she doesn’t love me’
‘Yes I do’ Cheyenne laughed as Ray swayed beside the bed grinning at Frank.
‘Did you know this one time at Donna’s Cheyenne kis…’ Cheyenne slammed her hand over Frank’s mouth and killed the sentence, she laughed nervously as she looked at Ray ‘You best go look for that bucket so we can go, Frank needs his rest, he talking all sorts of shit.’
‘Yeah ok’ Ray said nodding and Cheyenne noticed he seemed unsure. Had he understood what Frank was about to say? Cheyenne prayed that he didn’t.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ Cheyenne snapped taking her hand from Frank’s mouth ‘are you trying to get us in trouble?’
Frank didn’t answer but stared at her through unfocused eyes, he lifted her hand and placed it on his crotch ‘I think you should keep undressing me and then I think you should undress yourself and then you can give me the best present of all.’
‘That’s a lovely thought’ Cheyenne said snatching her hand away ‘but no thank you.’
Frank sat up suddenly and then clutched his head ‘Oh that was a mistake’ he winced as the room spun
‘What nearly telling Ray about a kiss that happened a million years ago or sitting up too fast?’Cheyenne hissed ‘Lie back down you idiot’
‘Where’s Ray gone?’ he asked
‘Gone to get you a bucket in case you’re sick’ she said rolling her eyes ‘now lay down’ she insisted gently pushing his chest, he let go of his head and grabbed her shoulders pulling her closer to him. He slammed his lips against hers and he felt as twitch in his cock when she moaned. The kiss had taken her by surprise and butterflies had erupted in her stomach. Frank slowed the kiss down, letting his lips caress hers softly and sweetly he wanted her to know how much he loved her, how much he wanted her and he was surprised to find that she kissed him back just as sweetly. She parted his mouth with her tongue and his eagerly met hers, he leaned into her kissing her deeply and all too soon she gently pushed him away.
‘Marry me Cheyenne’ Frank breathed taking her hands in his.
‘Shhh Frank’ she urged scared that Ray would hear him ‘lie down’
‘I know I’m drunk right now but I do mean it. Marry me because I’m lonely without you here, you’re the only person I want in the whole word. Say yes and I will spend the rest of my life making you happy. Fuck! You should be my wife not Gerard’s’ he said falling back onto the bed his head spinning as he spoke ‘You know it too. Please whatever you do, don’t ever marry him don’t ever marry Gerard not ever.’
‘I found one’ Ray said walking into the room with a black plastic bucket in his hands. Cheyenne looked at Ray and then back at Frank who had passed out again. Cheyenne composed herself and got off the bed taking the bucket out of Ray’s hands, she placed it by the side of the bed with the glass of water that he also brought. She hoped that he didn’t notice how much her hands were shaking. Oh God what did she just do? Why did she do that? Why was the feeling to kiss him so overwhelming?
‘Look at him’ Ray laughed ‘he’s so out of it. Do you think he’ll remember any of this?’
‘I hope not’ Cheyenne said feeling sick as she spoke but she kept her voice light so Ray wouldn’t notice. Deep down she genuinely hoped Frank wouldn’t remember any of it. ‘Come on Ray, I’ll take you home’


It was late afternoon the next day when Cheyenne dropped Alicia and then Christa off at their respective homes. They had been over to see Jamia at her mother’s house since she had not yet returned to the home that she and Frank had shared and Cheyenne had a feeling that she wouldn’t until she found somewhere else to live and needed to pack. The whole situation was all wrong. They had suddenly gone from a happy group of ten to a not so happy group of eight. Amber was the first to go and now Frank had left Jamia. She felt horrible speaking to Jamia after what happened last night with Frank and she prayed that no one would ever find out about anything that had happened between her and Frank especially that he was in love with her. If anyone knew about his fixation with her she wondered how many of the group would be left after that explosion. It was too scary to even think about.

‘Honey I’m home’ Cheyenne yelled as she walked through the door. She listened for the sound of Gerard coming to greet her but heard nothing so she ventured up stairs. As she neared the first step she heard a bang and then unmistakable grunting. Racing up the stairs she passed Jasmine’s room but stopped as another bang and then a loud groan came from the other side.
‘Gerard are you alright?’ She called out as she opened the door.
‘Hi honey’ Gerard said his face was flushed ‘you’re home early’
‘What are you doing to Jasmine’s room?’ She asked surveying the carnage. The bed was in the middle of the room, her little desk was placed by the window and Gerard was in the middle of moving her wardrobe.
‘Ok now honey, don’t freak out’ Gerard said watching his girlfriend face carefully ‘but I was telling Frank about Paige coming to visit...’
‘Hey don’t drag me into this’ Frank jumped in suddenly appearing behind Gerard ‘hey Chey.’
‘Hey’ She said nodding at him.
‘Ok look’ Gerard said ‘I was planning to have this cleaned up and in order by the time you got home.’
‘Why are you moving her stuff around?’ Cheyenne said
‘Well erm because Paige is coming and we need to fit another bed in here’ he said timidly
‘Two beds could’ve fit in here just fine the way it was’ Cheyenne said evenly trying to keep her temper intact.
‘Yeah but this way they have more room to play’ Frank chimed in. Cheyenne shot him a look that wiped the grin from his face.
‘Wow!’ Frank said ‘I’m just gonna go and get out of here. I’ll be downstairs’
He hurried from the room and Gerard came out from hiding behind the wardrobe.
‘Are you mad?’ he asked
‘Yeah I am, you change our daughter’s room around to suit your daughter without consulting me first. This is Jasmine’s room Gerard don’t you think we should have talked to her first to see if she wanted her room changed around.’
‘I thought it would be a nice surprise’ he said his tone changing ‘I didn’t know I had to consult you on every decision I make.’
‘It does when our daughters involved.’
‘Is this really about me changing her room around of is this about Paige coming to stay?’ Gerard asked his voice raising slightly
‘No it’s about you changing Jasmine’s life as it is and now you’re changing her personal space too.’
‘I’m not changing her life, she doesn’t even know what’s happening. This is about you.’ Gerard accused.
‘This is not about me’ Cheyenne snapped ‘it’s about you assuming its ok to change everything around to suit your daughter. Why don’t we just ask Paige what her favourite colour is and we can repaint the bedroom? Hey maybe if she hates the house we can move too’
‘Oh well excuse me for trying to make Paige feel welcome, maybe we shouldn’t get her bed at all, maybe we should just get her a pillow and a blanket and she can sleep on the floor. And for your information I wasn’t changing it just to suit Paige I was doing it for Jasmine too they’re my daughters, I love them both, I want them both to happy and comfortable’
‘So you love the daughter that you just met who was conceived through a seedy affair, as much and the same as you love our daughter who you’ve had since then day she was born. Wow isn’t that something’ Cheyenne retorted
‘That’s not what I mean and you know it’ Gerard fumed ‘I’m not going to apologise for wanting to know my daughter and I’m not going to apologise for loving her.’ He stormed out of the room and Cheyenne winced as she heard their bedroom door slam
‘Fuck’ she uttered shaking her head at herself. She left Jasmine’s room closing the door behind her and headed down stairs.
‘What you said was unfair’ Frank commented as she walked into the kitchen he was sitting at the table sipping a coke.
‘I’d appreciate it if you didn’t eavesdrop on my conversations.’ Cheyenne said hotly ‘and I don’t remember asking for your opinion.’
‘Kinda hard not to listen when you’re yelling at each other’ he said with a shrug ‘what are you so mad about anyway? So he moved a few bits of furniture, what’s the big deal?’
Cheyenne didn’t answer a first ‘it’s just I don’t know’ she shrugged ‘I guess I’m still bent out of shape about the fact that Gee has another daughter.’
‘You have to deal with it’ Frank said ‘there’s nothing you can do to change it.’
‘I know and that’s the thing I can’t change it I’m powerless you know and all I can do is change the things that I can control like my house, my family, myself those are things I can control and there he is changing the house, changing Jasmine’s room without asking me, without asking Jasmine. He has to consider us too.’
‘What you think just because Paige coming along that he’s going to forget about you and Jasmine, you think he’s going to forget how important you both are?’
‘Yeah I guess’ Cheyenne said wiping her eyes
‘That’s just fucking stupid’ Frank said ‘that’ll never happen. I wish it would though because then you’d realise how much I want you, how much you mean to me but it won’t fucking happen’ Frank said bitterly ‘so don’t waste your time worrying about stuff like that.’
‘Now we’re all mad’ Cheyenne said with a small laugh she needed to laugh or she’d just cry.
‘Your fault’ Frank stated ‘but I know how to cheer you up’ He left the kitchen and came back carrying a vase of flowers.
‘I don’t need any more tokens of your affection’ she said accepting the vase none the less.
‘Funny, but it’s not a token of my affection’ Frank said ‘It was a thank you from Ray and I for yesterday. He told me that you picked us up and took care of us etc.’
‘You don’t remember?’ Cheyenne said stopping feeling her spirits lift suddenly.
‘Only some parts, I’m kind of unsure which parts are real and what’s my imagination.’ He said with a shrug ‘why did something happen?’
‘No’ Cheyenne said quickly ‘nothing’
‘Liar’ he said ‘what aren’t you telling me?’
‘Nothing’ Cheyenne said standing up, and placing the vase in the middle of the table. She walked to sink and starting running the water ‘nothing happened.’
‘Except that we kissed. I kissed you and you kissed me back’ Frank said. Cheyenne gasped dropping the glass she was about to wash. ‘I didn’t’ Cheyenne lied blushing.
‘Yes you did’ he said ‘and what’s more is I was drunk, what was your excuse?’
Cheyenne tried to think of something to say but words failed her she was so sure he hadn’t remembered. He tricked her.
‘FRANK GET YOUR ASS UP HERE’ Gerard hollered from the upstairs hallway.
‘COMING’ Frank called back ‘I still don’t hear a valid excuse’ he whispered
‘Fuck you Frank’ Cheyenne snapped
‘That’s probably what’s coming up next’ He laughed ‘hey when you figure out why you kissed me let me know, but just in case you don’t, I’ll help you out. It’s because you’re in love with me.’
‘Bullshit’ Cheyenne said her hands shaking as she scrubbed the knife in her hand much too hard. ‘You don’t know anything.’
‘See I’ve realised that neither of us have ever said it out loud’ Frank said leaning casually against the counter by the sink ‘but you Cheyenne Bryar are in love with me and I know you so well that if it’s not said out loud then you can just pretend that it’s not true, you can keep it hidden in your mind and you can silence the voice that tells you how madly you’re in love with me every time you see me. You’re probably trying to shut it up now. But I’ve said it now honey I’m just waiting for the feeling to become too much for you to ignore like it did yesterday and when you give in to what your heart wants and stop listening to what your mind is telling you is the right thing to do, I’ll be here waiting for you with my arms wide open.’
‘That’s not what I want’ Cheyenne whispered.
‘Hmm there you go listening to your mind again’ Frank laughed ‘shut it up for a while and listen to your heart I think it’ll tell you something different but then again what do I know, I’m just the guy you’re in love with.’

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