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So much for my happy ending

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Its all over... Everything.. just gone!

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My phone was vibraiting
Yay its gotta be Gee.
Huh its Mikey

`Hey Frank, real sori bt Bob nd G re 2geta I mean 2geta, 2geta. alone at my house. sorry.if u dnt believe me go c 4 ur self'

My phone fell to the floor and I went down not far behind it.
Tears fell constaintly from my eyes and I couldn't see out of them anymore. I had to be sure of it my self. I just had to

I took my car keys and house keys, Got my Misfits jacket and my phone.
I walked out to the car and my knees wouldn't stop wobbling and my eyes just couldnt stop leaking
When I was in my car I put on Gees song and looked at the picture of us on the dash board.

He wouldn't, He loves me and I love him. He wouldn't do this to me
I drove around a while with the tears still falling
I was on main street and I just had two more roads to go before I got to Mikeys a few people in cars looked at me funny, Possiably because I was

My phone got a message but I was too scared to check it

`New Message, Gee`
I quickly pushed the read button hoping it was him asking me where I was

`This is not what I intended
I always swore to you I'd never fall apart
you always thought that I was stronger
I may have failed but I HAVE LOVED YOU FROM THE START

I love you Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Forever and I'm sorry
love G xoxo`

What, What could he possiably mean, I love him too

`Gee, Please dont do what ever your about to,
We can talk please Gee I love you`

He never text back but I was finialy at Mikeys so it didn't matter
I got our of my car and ran into the house, I could faintly hear music but I couldn't be sure on what it was
I looked in the lounge and kitchen for my Gerard but he wasn't there, I walked past the table and something caught my eye
Something in Gerards Hand writting I went closer and picked it up

Mikey told me you hated me and never wanted to see me. I'm respecting your choice but its not right Baby. I can't go on without you in my life.
You are my soul and what I thought was the rest of my life. You still are my whole world Frankie.
I love you Frank for all of my life even when I'm gone. You are my EVERYTHING.
Mom,Dad and Mikey I'm sorry but Frank is my only reason for life. I love him too much.

You'll have my love forever
I'm going to see my Grandma, Please Look after my Frank
I love you Frank Baby and I'm so sorry

Lots Of Love G xoxo`

My heart could not believe the words it had just read. My Gerard thought I didn't love him. Well hes wrong
I ran up the stairs into every room I could to see if Gerard was there.
My heart finialy droped when I heard the song he was playing

I ran for the bathroom and the first thing I saw broke my heart.
In Gerards blood he had drawn a heart with the initals

Then my attention was focused on Gerards body lying in a pool of his own blood


His lips were a purple blue color and his skin was whiter then normal I hoped like fuck I wasn't to late

"PLEASE GEE STAY WITH ME" I screamed at him

I kneeled down next to him and took him in my arms
"Please Gee, please please wake up. It'll all be ok I promise"

My eyes started leaking again this time harder then they had before
"Please please please honey get up" I said as I kissed his precious cheek

He was nearly gone I knew that I just had to accept it. But I couldn't no way
I was screaming my lungs out

"I-I-I love you too Frank" His sexy voice said to me but I could bearly hear him
"don't leave me Gerard, please don't" I was crying and cradiling him in my arms
"Frank, its my g-grandma, grandma I wish you could see how beautiful Frankie is,
Frankie baby I have to go"


The blood coming from his wrist was ridicilous. I love u frank. thats what his wrist said and it was horriable
I put as much pressure on his wrist as I possiable could I Wasn't letting my world get taken from me right before my eyes. Not today anyway

He looked up at me "Don't Cry baby"
then he began to sing

"Give me a reason to believe
So give me all your poison and give me all your pills
and give me all your hopless hearts that made me ill
your running after something that you'll never kill
If this is what you want then fire at will
Frank Kiss me"

I was crying so much holding him but I did what he wanted because I knew this could be the last time I ever kiss him

"Frank its time to go"
"No Gerard please no stay with me"

I could only get out in a wisper
He kissed me one last time and I knew I had to try make that last as long as I possiably could

"We'll meet again when both our cars colide, Frank I love you and I'm so sorry"
"Please Gerard please you cant leave me" I cried over him

I looked into Gerards lifeless eyes and I realized my life long partner wasn't going to be with me anymore
His porcoline skin went cold and his black beautiful hair was drapped over my arm and his delicate face

"Please Gerard please" I was crying with his blood all over my hands
"Gerard please you cant leave me" I wispered into his ear with tears rolling down my cheeks and onto his face

I put him on the ground and layed in his arms.
I took the knife from his hand. It still had my boyfriends blood on it
I gave his lips one last kiss

I love you Gerard Arthur Way your not leaving this world without me

I pushed the knife straight into my heart
God the agony it was unbearable but I knew it wouldn't be to long untill it was over, over for good then I'd be seeing Gerards Beautiful face again
I Began to shiver then memories of Gerard flashed threw my face
I thought about the first time our lips colided and how it made me fly.....

Thats it people... abit sad.. I know.. Hope you all like the story... R&R?? Please?
AnyWay... Love you all. Thanks for reading.
Love, Brit xoxo
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