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Dear Diary 3/16/10

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Sorry I haven't been writing these.

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Dear Diary,
Everything is going just fine, but I was thinking of having sex with my ex temp. boyfriend. I didn't do it cause the cops came! His neighbors call them saying I was some stalker or something outside. I had to wait for him outside, and was walking up and down the street. I was so fucking pissed that they came up to me asking stupid stuff, do I look like I would fucking kill someone. No!! Not unless I'm pissed like mother fucking hell. Cops are bitches I don't care if they do some what protect us, what they do to 14 year old girls is fucked up. I'm kinda back with my ex temp. boyfriend. I don't know if I should tell Matt and Kaleo cause bad things might happen. I'm not really into the guy so I wouldn't say I'm back with him. I'm just hanging with him as a friend. I swear. I would do nothing to hurt Matt and Kaleo, I love them way to much to do that. Well that's all for this week Peace out!!
Sorry I haven't been doing my Diaries. Have a lot on my mind.
Well Trm is st. Patrick's day.
Peace Love Earth and Happiness!!!
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