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–“Mom made me eat dirt”, where one of the first few statements Franklin made after being taken out of his house.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama,Humor - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2010/03/21 - Updated: 2010/03/30 - 4230 words


  • Read between the lines

    (#) AlexisSCREAM 2010-03-21 12:50:19 PM

    this is awesome!! i love it!

    update soon


    Author's response

    thank you I hope to be updating soon^^

    X Nuky
  • Read between the lines

    (#) mysilentromance 2010-03-21 01:24:48 PM

    This is interesting so far. The plot sounds original. And you're style of writing seems to be working our very well so far. All in all, this is really good. I hope to read more soon.
  • Read between the lines

    (#) shutyoureyes 2010-03-21 02:36:53 PM

    Update soon!! I really like this.!
  • Read between the lines

    (#) MyFamousLastWords 2010-03-21 02:37:04 PM

    Good so far. Hope it continues. I like it.
  • Read between the lines

    (#) aseret-sperry 2010-03-21 03:21:52 PM

    This is by far one of the most epic story ideas er ever! I'm really excited how you're going to bring frank and gerard together cause that's just a big NO NO, plus they really seem so perfect and yet so wrong for each other, like there are certain boundaries that were put there for a reason but at the same time begging to be crossed. Plus oh oh the irony of Gerard, the goody goody has-to-go-through-hell-of-background-checks-and-taking-orders-is-his-job to fall for the teenage menace of Frank ^^

    and of course, only anouky can pull that off. I can't wait for more of this, do keep up yo strut and give us some good shit to admire:)

    much love, aseret
  • Read between the lines

    (#) xxASUKAxx 2010-03-21 03:48:57 PM

    im in love XD

    keeeep it up pleash update shooon
    i think fee and gee are going to get along juuuust fine hehe

    xoxo Lottie oxox

    Author's response

    hehehe yeah they'll do just finnnne... or maybe not:P

    Thanks for the reply, I'm going to update as soon as I can, promise!

    X Nuky
  • Read between the lines

    (#) Kia701 2010-03-23 01:24:55 AM

    Sounds like an interesting story so far. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter. =)
  • Read between the lines

    (#) Yekith 2010-03-25 02:11:04 PM

    Well, I was surprised to see I already had an account here. WTF, why? Dunno. xD

    For some reason I NEVER know what to say the first time I comment to something, never, must be some kind of trauma I have. If I tried, it would be something very stupid and pointless like "this seems interesting" or "you caught my attention", etc. Which would be true, but no help to you. But since you know I'm against lurkers, of course I wanted to let you know I read it and will be reading!

    Author's response

    OMFG You're on this site too:D that's awsome! Althought I think the whole 'contact message' is all fucked up so I'm thinking to post this fic on TBP if I get a little more drabbled down. but cool, you're here as well you're everywhere:D
  • Read between the lines

    (#) MarieArt 2010-03-31 01:10:05 PM

    I almost forgot that I had an account on here...

    Anyway, my comments are always stupid, but I'm hooked on this story. I can really tell that you paid more attention to Human Services classes than I did.
  • Read between the lines

    (#) MCRmygirl 2011-01-22 01:07:17 PM

    I am NOT a good commentor. I am so sorry. But, to be completely cliche, "This is really good! Update soon!"


    ~Fallen Avenging Angel

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