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chapter 3

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The day of the prom came around to fast; we had to rehearse as a band to make sure we just sounded perfect. And I had trouble finding a tux, Shannon and I had been all over town looking for one but nobody had the time to alter one for a geeky skinny teen like me until we walked into the last shop and the lady that owned it took pity on me. Maybe it was my battered and bruised face, or maybe it was the way I winced every time I moved. But I now had my tux and for once as I looked in the mirror a saw a half decent guy looking back at me. I couldn’t wait for tonight not only was my band playing at the biggest event of high school, but I was going out on a date with the woman of my dreams and my best friend.

Things had changed between me and Jet over the past few days. There now was no point in hiding how we had felt about each other and it made me just love her more, everywhere we went together we held hands and when we where alone we shared a few kisses. The only problem I had now was with my brother, my father was to busy for so many things that Shannon had taken on the role. A role that was going far beyond what I was comfortable with.

“Jared dude look you have to be prepared that is all I am saying, now please put these in your wallet!” God ground open up and swallow me please.

“Look Shannon I don’t know what kind of guy you take me for but I will not need them. For gods sake it our first date give me a break.” He was starting to infuriate me now he even had the fucking nerve to laugh at me.

“I’m sorry Jared I don’t mean to laugh but this is not your first date. You have spent every day together for the last eleven years, and been in love for the last three of them. You only have the next few weeks left together and you think its going to be just kissing and holding hands, If you do then you are more naive then I thought you was. It will happen even if it’s not tonight so please take them bro and be safe.”

“No I wont Shannon Jet is always in and out of my wallet and what would she think if she saw them, she would think I was expecting something from her. I can’t do it bro and just because you are free with your love does not mean I am!” As the day wore on my nerves started to get the better of me, there was just so much going on all at once, so many changes that where happening right now that I had to fight with myself not to just run off to LA now, I couldn’t even turn to my brother who was still on a safe sex drive hours after our conversation.

When it got to the time I was to pick Jet up I was totally relived at least I would have someone to take my mind off what we was about to do.
“Hey Jared Juliet is just upstairs putting the finishing touches to her makeup she wont be long.” Jet’s mom told me as she answered the door. I don’t know what the fuss was Jet always looked pretty to me and she didn’t need to go to any bother to impress me. But that all went clean out of the window as she walked down the stairs. She just looked so beautiful that she took my breath away, Her black hair that was always tied up in a pony tail now hung around her shoulders in soft curls ,also gone where her baggy t-shirts and faded jeans. She wore a bright red dress that clung to all the right curves and was so low cut in the front it couldn’t have been legal. I just couldn’t believe this beautiful woman could be in love with me, how lucky I am.

“Wow Jared you do a great impression of a fish.” Jet’s mom said with a giggle. ’huh’ what did she mean by that…..Oh yeah here I am stood here with my mouth hanging open like a big dork, when I am meant to be telling her daughter how beautiful she looks.

“Wow Jet you look beautiful…Not that you don’t always look beautiful but oh wow!” I was stopped there thank god by a loud giggle from both mother and daughter.

“You’re looking pretty hot yourself there Leto” She told me as she grabbed my arm and dragged me out of her house, God that had been embarrassing. She didn’t stop laughing until we were in my mom’s car where she reached across the seat to give me the most amazing kiss of my life.

“Are you getting nervous?” She asked me when we pulled into the schools parking lot.

“Yeah freaking terrified.”

“I think I can take your mind off it.” Now what did she mean by that. I didn’t have to wonder long as she unbuckled her belt and reached across the car and grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me into a passionate embrace. God if I hadn’t loved this woman before I did now. I was so lost in the kiss that I did not notice her take my hand and put it on her breast. But the second my hand touched that soft mound did all my fears wash away.

“Oh god Jet I love you!” I whispered to her as I started to place gentle kisses down her neck and along her collar bone.

“I love you to Jared, I always have” She told me between her moans. I knew we had to stop before things went too far in the school parking lot. But I just couldn’t tare myself away from her milky white skin and her not so quiet moans were doing nothing to help the situation. But like all good things they have to end sometime.

“Well lookie what we’ve got here guys” I heard from outside the car and instantly did I recognise the voice.

“Just ignore him Jared he is not worth the hassle.”

“That’s right Leto get back to your little slut girlfriend we can sort our business later.”

“What business would be that Adam?” I asked even though I knew what he meant.

“Like the fact that you got me suspended from the team for a week, you’re going to fucking pay for it Leto sooner or later.” He said as he walked away towards the dance.

“Look Jet I think we better get in there to the guys. I bet when Shannon see’s Adam he will worry”

We played the first half of the dance with rhythm being better at playing all the slow songs, well better then us. I was surprised at how much the crowd really got into our music dancing and singing along with us. But what shocked me the most was the amount of people that wanted to talk to me or just shake my hand after we had finished our set. I was now officially in the twilight zone.
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