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Just Me And You, We're Here Alone - Three

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...can shove his triangle theorem where the sun don’t shine...

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“Music prospectus ‘98-9” Mikey looked shocked at the sheer age of the faded book he had in his hands.
“Amy Lee, piano composition, May 1997” Alexa held up a dusty tape “I win”
“Nada!” I dived behind various broken instruments, taking out my earlier find. “Christmas drama production, Joseph TD Piano music” I held up the book, grinning.
“And?” Mikey looked at me blankly.
“Last preformed, December 1995” I grinned.
“No way, cheater” Alexa play hit me, I expertly caught her fist. “Damn you Frankie!” she whined, looking gorgeous.
“Back to work you three!” Mr Jackson, the music teacher, said, looking up from marking.
I resumed piling up the books that were to be thrown away. Me, Alexa and Mikey had found some shocking books. Student work books from nearly twenty years ago. Speaking of Alexa.

I turned round and caught a glimpse of her. My heart started beating furiously. She was so flawlessly beautiful, everything about her was perfect. I’d been head over heels for her since the very first day we’d met. The first day at this school, sat in that fateful seating plan. I’d decided ages ago to ask her out. I never found the right time, or the confidence. However, I had a plan.

Ray had organized a surprise birthday party for Alexa in three weeks’ time. We were sending her shopping with her parents and while they were out, we were going to decorate the Toro’s house and have a mass sleepover. We were also setting up her birthday present, her very own drum kit. I had decided, in a moment of madness, to get her alone at some point. That was when I was going to admit my feelings to her. If things went to plan. Sadly, my life never goes to plan much.
“Boo!” Alexa shouted, giving me a heart attack.


“Boo!” I jumped onto Franks back, he screamed. Which made me and Mikey burst into hysterics.
“Jesus” he coughed.
As I straightened up I noticed something on Frank.
“Frank, I don’t want to alarm you. But you have a massive spider on your arm”
“No I don…” Frank screamed as he saw the spider. Sending me and Mikey into fresh hysterics while he flapped about, trying to throw it off.
“What on earth?” The teacher came over, looking at his wristwatch. “Okay, as you only have ten minutes left, you three can go home and calm down”
“Really?” Mikey asked, disbelieving
“Yeah, Miss Thorn wont find out, but no more practises this week as punishment”
“What?” Frank said automatically, before realising it was only fair punishment.

Within five minutes we had begun walking back to mine. My house was nearest and Gerard had told Mikey he’d swing by and pick him up after art. Gerard was on a teenage art program in the next city over. He had won a scholarship last year, and had spent two hours there almost every Monday and Wednesday after school since. Frank was waiting till six, after his mom finished work, before being picked up.

We arrived at my house around 4.30 ish. No one was home, my parents were at work and Ray was probably hanging at Bobs. So it was just the three of us. Mikey and Frank went to watch TV while I made nachos. I opened some Doritos and poured loads of cheese over them before sticking them in the oven. I was gonna join the boys when something an envelope caught my eye. I curiously removed the letter. I glanced over it, not really reading. It was some boring letter about my low attainment in maths. Sigh. I’m a drummer, not Py-bloody-thagoras who can shove his triangle theorem where the sun don’t shine.

The oven beeped and I removed the nachos, adding salsa, guacamole and sour cream before taking them to the guys. Grabbing three cokes on my way out.
“Nacho time” I grinned at the boys.
“Hell yeah!” Mikey diverted his eyes from the film he was watching and took a fistful of nachos. Resuming his zombie trance to the film.
“Uh, how can you guys stand watching these films?” I squealed as the first victim met a very sticky end.
“Its fun!” Frank retorted.
“Matter of opinion” I said, turning guacamole green.
“Fine!” Mikey stopped the DVD and looked at me. “We could always plan your birthday”
“Why?” I whined.
“Gerard needs evidence of my non-existent planning rather than detention. And he’s here in ten minutes. And he’s bound to ask” Mikey said semi desperate, semi smug.
“Fine. Just make shit up. Im a girl, say I wanna go hit the shops” I lied. I didn’t mind shopping. But it had to be on my terms.

Ten minutes later Gerard was knocking on my door, just as Mikey had predicted.
“He been good?” Gerard asked as Mikey searched for his Iron Maiden hoodie.
“Ish, he ate all my nachos. As per bloody usual” I poked him as he left.
“Moi?” Mikey smiled. “Sees ya later, Twink” he bear hugged me.
“See you tomorrow” I waved as the brothers went and sat in Gerards car, before driving away.
I walked back into the living room, where Frank was watching some Pop video on the music channel.
“And then there were two” Frank said in a creepy voice.
“Stop it” I shoved him playfully. “Ugh! You cant actually like this?” I gestured to the television.
“No. But I like this” Frank dived on me, blowing a raspberry on my neck.
“Iero! Get off me!!” I screamed.
“No” He smiled and wrapped his arms round me, pulling me tighter.
For one second I was scared he might kiss me.

That put me off guard. I was shocked at the image, realising I may actually like it.
“What?” Frank asked , feeling me stiffen.
“I erm, had an image.” I was scared to say, in case he thought me mad.
“Tell” he looked into my eyes. I wondered.
“I thought you er, erm, maybe”
“Spit it out. I’ve got all day” Frank stretched out on my faded blue sofa to prove his point.
“I thought for a second, maybe, possibly. You were gonna, uh, kiss me.” I blushed.
I saw shock, surprise and understanding flick over his face.
“Oh and?” he asked, keeping his emotions in check. Wearing the exact same poker face he had worn earlier.
“I think I liked it” I avoided all eye contact.
“Really?” the excitement made me look up.
I nodded.

In a flash he was in front of me. I hesitated, unsure of whether this is what I wanted. Internally I shrugged, biting my imaginary bullet. Not hearing the front door unlock, I leaned in to kiss him.

Just as Ray walked in the room.

Ooooh cliffhanger! So does Ray eat Frank?? And how long till there are no distractions? (If I knew, Id tell you. Honest =])
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