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Wake Up

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As Gerard awakes, so does the demon...

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The dim light bulb flickered off and on again as the figure pulled the switch, stepping out of the grimy, pokey little room and closing the door. A loose tile fell off the wall and shattered on the floor next to the cracked sink, overflowing with a sickly brown substance one could only beg wasn’t vomit. Though, as the putrid stench soon filled the room, he would soon become quickly aware that it was.
Not that he was awake yet. No... Gerard hadn’t even opened his eyes. He was slumped on a wooden chair, his head bowed so his chin rested on his shoulder. The man’s lips were parted, a dark red drop of blood dripping from them from when he hit the pavement earlier. It’d been a good three hours since then, and Gerard was in no mood to open his eyes any time soon. But as the foul odour made its way over to him, his eyelids began to flutter, and the violent headache aching to get at him surged through his body, causing the man to cry out in pain. He screwed his eyes shut again as the harsh glare of the light bulb was too much, and arched his back, going to get up but feeling that he couldn’t move his hands.
‘Fuck...’ he snarled in a whisper, opening his eyes properly and trying to fight back the raging headache. Gerard gasped as he smelt something like a dead body and tried covering his nose and mouth with his hand, only to feel his hand held tightly fast behind his back. ‘What the fuck...’ He breathed, looking around the room he was in, the dirty cracked tiles covering the walls and floor. Upon some of them were crimson blood splatters, he guessed were his own, some still fresh and running down the wall to the mucky floor where... oh God...
Excrement littered the floor, some of it smeared in a messy formation up the wall near the sink, the vomit still overflowing as the tap continued to run. Gerard groaned and turned away, feeling his own bile brewing in his stomach at the very sight of what he was trapped in. How the fuck did he get here? What the hell even is this place?! As the questions flittered through his mind, Gerard started to panic, only making his headache worse.
‘Has he woken up yet?’
‘Yes, I think so, I heard him talking.’
‘Talking? Interesting.’
What? Who said that? Gerard swore he just heard someone talking... Two people talking... Who were they? They sounded like children. A little boy and a little girl. Yes, definitely children.
‘What? Who... Who are you?’ He asked, looking around him in a blind panic to see anyone there, but he couldn’t, and that only worried him further. At the silence from his question, he asked again. ‘I said who the fuck was that!’ He shouted, hearing a small cough come from what must’ve been a speaker.
‘That was rude.’ The girl said in a stroppy tone, ‘For language like that, I could just leave you here.’ Gerard gasped and looked around again, hearing a small chuckle that just sickened his stomach. ‘But no... we wouldn’t do that... That wouldn’t be any fun.’
‘No, no fun at all.’
‘Mmm...’ she sighed, her tone so dreamy and unreal, Gerard was starting to think he was delusional.
‘What do you want...’ he croaked, hearing a little chuckle again which he winced at. ‘Please... just tell me...’ He waited in silence for a moment, before he heard a little cough, like the clearing of ones throat.
‘Gerard Arthur Way.’ The boy stated clearly, as if reading it off a card.
‘How do you-’
‘Age twenty eight. Born, Summit, New Jersey. Raised, Belleville. First occupation, book proof reader and editor at Dark Horse novels.’
‘Wait how d-’
‘Current occupation. Book proof reader and editor at Dark Horse novels.’
Gerard gasped and backed away in the chair as his whole life was slowly re-revealed to him by the boy, the facts getting slowly more personal until he couldn’t take it anymore.
‘And you first met at-’
‘STOP! Please... Please just stop it and tell me what you want!’ He wailed, bowing his head and shaking it to stop his tears from falling. There was silence again, and the same little chuckle was heard over the intercom in the corner of the room. Gerard looked at it expectantly, hearing another cough.
‘We just want to play...’ the girl said quietly, so innocently you’d never think a bad word of it. ‘Just a little game?’
‘A game?’ Gerard processed the words slowly, spitting them back out. He wasn’t here to play some stupid game with two stupid children. He needed to get home.
‘A game, well done. Let us explain the rules. You’ve been living your life for the past six years in the same routine, going to work each morning, coming home late every evening, sleeping alone, being, alone.’
‘Except you’ve not really been living, have you Gerard. Whilst Lindsay’s been out with every other man in her office, you’ve been dying inside. Your friends have tried everything they can, but none of it’s worked. Nothing’s helped. You’ve been living like a dead man. For six years.’
‘Well, we’re about to change that Gerard. Yes we are. We’re going to make you feel alive. Make you want to be alive again.’ He looked at the intercom, his eyes narrowed.
‘I don’t want to be apart of this sick joke you’ve got running here,’ he spat, his blood running colder as they spoke.
‘Of course, if you don’t want to play... we could just leave... right Mary?’
‘Mmm, right, maybe we could just go...’ Gerard heard a clicking of the intercom as if switching it off and gasped, shouting for them to come back in fear of them turning off the machine and leaving him here to rot. ‘What was that? You want to play?’ The girl asked, and Gerard could see the smile painted on her lips. He whimpered a little and choked out a ‘yes’ quietly, hearing the girl giggle in amusement. ‘Good. The game we’re playing today, is hide and seek. In the house are four of your friends, hiding from you. The question is, will you do anything and everything to find them?’ At the mention of his friends, Gerard gasped. No, this is his game, not theirs, oh GOD no... He yanked at the restraints keeping his wrists in place and broke free with a groan, hearing a beep on his left wrist.
‘Oh, he pulled it? Well Gerard, looks like you have a head start. The timer on your wrist shows three hours, that’s how long you have to find them. If you don’t find all four by the time’s up, then... well, you’ve lost friends in high school before...’ FUCK. He covered his mouth with one hand and stood up, clinging to the chair until his legs started to work properly again. ‘Wise choice Gerard. Get moving.’ With that, the intercom switched off, and Gerard’s blood ran white with blind panic. He rushed to the door across the bloody tiles, clawing at the wood before finding the handle and wrenching it open, bursting out into the corridor.
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