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Once a liar is always a liar right? Nothing in the world could change that, no matter how hard someone tried that person will always be a liar. I keep telling myself that over again I do not won’t to change I should not be thinking about wanting to change. I hate Stephanie all of her worthless words she has been putting in my head is making me this way. I will say it would be nice to see what other world I could be living behind these walls but I cannot because I am never changing. I can feel the angry build up in me I grab my pillow and throw it against the wall it barely reaches the wall. I lead up against the wall on my bed I should not be thinking like this I am a liar, I cannot change.

I look up at the clock to see it was time for group therapy at least today I do not have to see Stephanie or talk for that matter. I got off my bed and head out the door down the hallway. Once I get to the room, I open the doors to see everyone but Gerard here my heart drops a little, something that should have not happen. I am being to think I’m going insane first I start to think I should change and now my heart is sad cause Gerard’s not here, I walk toward the chair I always sit in and sit down I need to stop thinking so much.

“Good morning everyone” The woman said while coming into the room.

After hours of non-taking everyone is free to leave I am the first to leave I head out the doors to the sun deck, the outside air always makes me feel better. I walk up towards the doors to see Gerard sitting in the same table as always, my heart speeds up a little I wish this feeling would just leave me alone. I open the doors I can feel the warm air all around me, I walk towards to the table and sit down.

“Why weren’t you at therapy?” I ask

“I was talking with Stephanie I have to see her now” He replied

“What do you think of her?” I ask wanting to know if I was the only one who hated her.

“ She’s alright not someone I enjoy talking too, I like to keep to myself but she’s pushing me to get better something I do not won’t to do” He said with a half of a smile.

“I understand I do not won’t to get better either. All day I’ve been thinking about changing cause of her, I should not be thinking like that” I replied.

“Changing is a scary thing. If you want to change then you should give it a try, don’t you want to see what world you could be living if you wasn’t here,” He ask

“Not really” I lied.

After I lied that feeling that I crave wasn't there, that high feeling was gone. I felt a little bad for lying to Gerard I must be going crazy there's no way I should have felt bad for lying. I almost wanted to tell the truth.


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