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Twin Dragons part 3

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Will hinaka defeat the monster or will she fail and becomes it's lunch lol find out now :)

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“Ok think hinaka think!” I mentally yelled at myself.

The monster swung for me again but this time I was ready (well sort of). I jumped on its tail and tried my best to avoid the spicks and was aiming to reach for the head to kill it. I dodged its futile attempts to knock me off and finally reached its ugly twisted face. I lifted my kunai up but before I could strike the beast’s claw came into view and slashed me in the arm and I went flying into the dark green water. I tried to come up for air but it was no use the monster’s massive body was sending waves of water that pushed me further down.

People say you’re supposed to see a white light but all I saw was how much I’ve failed and now because of me hinata will die without the flower. I could feel myself slipping into the darkness when someone or something grabbed my uninjured arm and I felt myself rising upwards.


“Sasuke?” sakura looked at the survivor with worry for his health and concern for hinaka. She attempted to make conversation before but as usual he either ignored her or he made a noise to signify he was listening but really didn’t care too much for conversation. But sakura was determined to use this chance she as alone with him to good use.

Sasuke looked over to sakura with a cold look but this time she thought she saw a hint of pain mixed in but she thought she had just imagined it.

“Do you think she has reached the swamps safely?”

“Who knows” sasuke replied in a thinking like tone.

Sakura stared up at the beaming sun and said a silent prayer for hinaka, sasuke and hinata’s safety.


“Sir I have info on the hinaka girl” grim said with a grin.

“What is it grim?” kabuto asked with a slight stressed tone.

“There has been some reports from the swamp lookouts that hinaka was pulled from the water by a man wearing a cloak”

“I see” kabuto said, started to pace deep in thought when he suddenly started talking to himself and he then turned to grim.

“What did the man look like? Did the lookouts see his face?”

“No sir but they did say his cloak had weird symbols on it” grim replied.

“Tell them to watch him carefully and report back to me” kabuto motioned for grim to leave and he headed to Orochimaru to report.


I awoke to blinding sunlight and I slowly looked around me.

“You’re awake”

I heard a man’s voice say and I struggled to sit up but my whole back hurt and my breathing was limited. Despite that I was able to breathe again and tried to speak the best I could but my throat was really dry.

“W…what happened? Who are you?” I swallowed hard hoping whatever saliva I had left would ease my dry throat.

“You are safe I have killed the beast” the man said in a tone that made it sound like killing was an everyday thing which made me very nervous.

I finally sat up all the way and I saw a faint outline of a person sitting in a chair against the wall at the end of the bed.

“Are you injured?” I asked, squinting my eyes for a better look at the figure.

There was no answer for a minute I started to think he left when he spoke once again.


His response took me by surprise and I answered with a small stutter.

“I…it’s just th...that you saved me a…and I know healing p…powers so if you’re injured I…I could heal you”

I heard him stand up and his footprints sounded like they were headed to the right side of the bed by the window that shined blinding sunlight on me. “This is my chance if he walks into the sun beam I could see him” I thought to myself.

Just then I smelled blood but all my wounds have healed completely thanks to my powers even if I’m knocked out my body still heals 10 times faster than that of a normal ninja.

“I guess my shoulder could use a bit of patching up” he said emotionlessly.

The man stepped into the light and my heart felt like it took lift of. He is so hansom. I snapped out of my (whatever that was) to see he had a torn shoulder.

“Can you fix it?” he asked.

“Yes It may take a bit though” I replied already getting in a position to heal his shoulder.


“There all done. It will take a couple of days for the soreness to wear off though”

“What’s your name? And why were you at the swamp in the first place?”

“My name is hinaka and my friend was poisoned and the only cure was a flower that grows in the swamps of the rain” I said speaking rather fast out of frustration. When I was done I looked over at the man and then realized I didn’t know his name.

“Um what’s your name?”

He looked down for a second then spoke.

“My name for now is not important” he said walking towards a door.

“So then what do I call you?” I asked stumbling after him.

“You may call me sir”

“Oh ok s…sir”

He opened the door to the outside and I stepped out relieved to smell the fresh air.

“Where are we headed?”

“I am headed to the swamps” he said still walking on ahead.

“Can I come to? I still need to find that flower” I ran after him and slowed down when we were walking side by side.

“Fine but don’t except me to safe you again WHEN you get in trouble”

“What do you mean when?!” I said playfully insulted.

He just kept walking so I decided to drop it for now and I followed in silence.


“Where is pain? Itachi” sasori asked.

“He said he had something to do and we should head back to the hideout” itachi answered with a sigh.

They headed off to the hideout like pain ordered.

“Where the heck have you been?!” hidan yelled as they walked in the cave.

“On a mission” itachi replied glaring at hidan.

“Yeah whatever Where the he** is pain?”

“He said we should wait for him at the hideout”

Hidan walked off and itachi sat down on the couch while sasori went to clean his puppets.



“Yes what is it kabuto?”

“Its hinaka they found out the name of the man who is with her”

Orochimaru just sat in his chair with a snake on his shoulders and waited to see what kabuto had to say.

“Its pain sir” he said like it was hard to swallow.

“WHAT!” Orochimaru rose from his chair in rage and stormed pasted kabuto.

“If the akatsuki get a hold of her then I’ll never be able to get close enough to get her back!”

Kabuto flinched at the sudden rage of Orochimaru.

“Do you want me to go after her sir?”

“No it would be too risky. Just wait till I give you my final orders concerning the girl” he said and walked off into his chamber.


“Are we there yet?” I whined as we walked through the beautiful forest.

The man just kept walking in silence and it was starting to drive me crazy. So I decided to break it but this time I won’t whine I’ll try to start a conversation but if he’s anything like sasuke then starting a conversation would be next to impossible. But it doesn’t hurt to try I guess.

“So why did you help me sir?”

There was a slight pause again before he answered.

“I felt like it” he said in a type of tone that suggests I’m a nuisance. But I decided not to give up just yet.

“So what do you do for a living?” wait maybe that wasn’t the best question to ask.

But before he could answer or I could take it back we arrived at the swamp and there was no sign of any trouble yet.

“Wait over there! I found it!” I ran towards the flower patch near the water and I scooped up the one that looked like the right one. I didn’t celebrate yet cause every time I do something bad happens, so I waited for a second then started to dance in joy. When I finished I saw the guy staring at me but then quickly looked away.

“So I guess this is goodbye” I said walking over to him.

He just stood there looking at the water.

“Wait...why did you come here?”

“It doesn’t matter. I see you got what you came for” he said quickly.

“Um yes I did, I better hurry back. T…thank you again for saving me. Goodbye” I hurried off back the way I came and pushed my legs as far as they could go before times up.


“They’ve only got 2 days left” rin said pacing the room again.

“Calm yourself rin, they’ll make it”

“How can you be so sure lady tsunade?”

“Trust me” lady tsunade said while filling out some paper work.


“We finally made it sasuke” sakura said still keeping sasuke up with his arm on her shoulder, which she secretly was enjoying.

She took him to the clinic and then headed to lady tsunade’s to report.

“Lady Tsunade?”

“Come in”

Sakura opened the door and saw rin pacing and lady tsunade calmly sitting at her desk looking down at her paper work.

“Sakura, What are you doing here? Where’s sasuke and hinaka?” rin asked with alarm rising in her voice.

“Well sasuke in the hospital and hinaka went on ahead to get the flower” sakura said stepping back from the worried rin.

“What do we do now lady tsunade? We can’t send anyone to help her there all on missions”

Lady Tsunade let out a sigh and said…“We wait”.

“But...but…it’s…I…ok whatever you say lady tsunade” rin said slumping in an arm chair with a very worried look on her face.


“Dame how could I let myself get beaten like that” sasuke said gripping the bed sheets hard with anger.

Sakura walked in to see sasuke sitting up in bed and she thought he looked very angry.

“Sasuke I brought you some apples, if you want I can slice them” she said nervously.

He just looked at the end of the bed and released his death grip on the sheets. Sakura walked over and sat down in the white wooden chair next to him and started slicing the apples in the bowl she brought.


“Wow its cold here and it’s starting to rain, well no surprise there” I hurried through the forest and came to a town.

“Hummm should I stop at the creepy looking town to rest or should I keep going?” I asked myself sarcastically.

“I’m goanna keep going” I walked pasted the town and came to a wooden bridge that was hanging over a very far down fall cliff.

“Oh great I hate heights especially if I you add a rickety old bridge in the picture” I took a deep breath and remembered hinata and I took hold of my fear and started across the bridge.

“Ok hinaka you can do this just don’t look down” I gripped the side rope hard and inched along.

I finally made it to the other side in one peace.

“Alright I did it now I just have to hurry and make it back to the leaf by tomorrow night” with that in mind I journeyed on.


“Hinata if you can hear me please don’t give up please keep fighting a little longer, hinaka will be here soon so please hang on” kiba said kneeling over hinata bed side.

Hinata just laid there breathing hard while kiba held her hand and said a silent prayer.


“Leader-sama where have you been we’ve been waiting for you for forever sir” itachi said crossing his arms across his chest.

“Patients itachi I have a plan” pain replied calmly.

“What plan?”

“I know how we can get all the tailed beasts”

“How is that pain sir?”

Pain just chuckled evilly and told itachi he will reveal his plan in good time but until then he’ll just have to wait.



“Yes sir”

“Are you ready for tonight?”

“Yes Orochimaru-sama” kabuto said with an evilly twisted grin.

“I want you to retrieve the women known as Vivian” he said with an evil happiness in his tone.

“You mean the witch that lives in the mountains?”

“Yes, bring her to me by tonight”

“I don’t know what you have planed but as you wish sir” kabuto said and took off to find this Vivian.


“Yes! I made it to the leaf!” I shouted in joy and wasted no time getting to the clinic.

“Hinaka I’m so glad you made it I was so worried about you” rin said while giving me a crushing hug.

“You were worried?” I asked secretly surprised. I’ve never had anyone worry about me before.

“Of course I was! We all were” she replied with a little hostility in her voice.

She finally released me from the hug and we headed into hinata’s room. The nurse grabbed the hand full of flowers from my hand and looked them over.

“These are perfect let’s just pray they work” the nurse said scrambling off to the mixer room to mash up the flowers for hinata to drink.

“You did very well hinaka I’m proud of you” lady tsunade said putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t thank me yet till we know if the flowers work” I replied playfully.

The nurse from before reentered the room with a bowl and a spoon in hand. She sat down by hinata and asked for her fellow nurse to tip up hinata’s head a little to help make the liquid go down easer.

We all held are breath as she swallowed the green liquid and waited to see what would happen next.

“Hinaka? Kiba?” hinata asked her voice as loud as a whisper.

I rushed over to her side and picked up her hand.

“Yes hinata I’m here it’s going to be ok now” I reassured her.

She just made a faint smile and went back to sleep.

“Is she going to be ok now doc?”

“Well according to my tests she’s out of the woods but she does need a lot of rest. She won’t be up for at least 2 weeks” the nurse replied looking at her chart.

“Did you hear that kiba she’s going to live!” I spun around happily and hugged rin tightly.


“Yes Orochimaru what did you need me for?” Vivian asked crossing her legs as she sat in an arm chair.

“I want you to use your transform justu”

“What do u want me to transform into?” she asked suspiciously.

“A little girl about 14” he said chuckling.


“Vivian calm down I have a plan and if you want the power I can offer you, you must first do something for me”

“Fine but what’s this plan of yours anyway?”

“To get hinaka back you must first gain her trust and that’s where you come in”

“I’m listening”

“I want you to become friends with her and when you have her trust I want you to lead her back to me”

“If I do this for you then you will grant me the curse mark, correct?”

“Yes” Orochimaru said petting his diamond back snake.

“Fine” Vivian made a few signs with her hands and transformed into a perfect little 14yer old. She had long black hair, blue piercing eyes and a cute little ninja outfit.

“Perfect now go”

“Yes Orochimaru-sama” she said and vanished into the night.

“Can we really trust her sir?” kabuto asked.

“No but if she betrays me, well you know how I get rid of betrayers” he said and walked off down the dark stone hallway.

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