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Chapter 2

by Alorkin 22 Reviews

After he dies, Harry finds himself in another place and finds he has a decision to make.

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    (#) twistedmic 2010-04-02 02:02:31 PM

    I like the way you brought in the Star Wars aspect by using the old original (true) trilogy Yoda rather than the prequel Trilogy Yoda, and the fact that you used a character from the movie era rather than someone from the Old Republic games era. I'm also interested in finding out what color and style of lightsaber Harry will have (it'd be awesome for him to bust out a double-bladed lightsaber Darth Maul style) and what force powers he'll use.

    Author's response

    Heya Twistedmic,

    I must admit the second three were disappointing...but DAYAMM! The lightsaber duels were just freakin' AWSOME! I've always loved swordplay, but my training with the blade, was fiorst, the foil, then the Epee, and last, the Rapier. The Katana-style fighting was the fastest and most brutal, and yet, the most beautifully elegant I've ever seen...and that includes many well done movies by Kurosawa.

    I've never played the played the 'New Republic' games. In fact, the last videogames I recall playing were Pong, Breakout, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. (I'm definitely showing my age, here!) Unfortunately, I spent most of the 80's either in combat in the middle east,or on the flightdeck of various aircraft carriers.

    IMNSHO, Yoda didn't change all that much between movies. In ESB AND RotJ, he was a little more subdued, but he realizes that his life is ending. "Twilight is upon me, and soon, night must fall..."

    While I like the double bladed lightsaber, for it's 'coolness' factor, it's too much for a novice to handle. Harry has the knowledge, courtesy of Yoda, but not the skill. Maul had years of constant practice with his staff, and more before that, with the standard lightsaber.

    Harry's lightsaber will be very much like the one Luke had in RotJ. because it is easier to make and use. There's another reason, but I'm not going to let that out just yet.

    Until next time...


    (#) Cateagle 2010-04-02 03:52:58 PM

    Yeah, I've noticed that Albus doesn't like to do the hard work himself; but doing things by proxy always runs the risk of things happening that you don't expect or want to have happen (sentient "tools" simply don't necessarily react as you want). I consider ANH, ESB, and RoTJ to be the true SW movies firmly in the "space opera" genre as Lucas stated when the first movie was originally announced at the 1976 World SF Convention in Kansas City (yes, I was there in the front row, though my attendence at that Worldcon was very much for other reasons) while the "first three" strike me as Lucas' attempt at "serious sf" and somewhat off because of that.

    In any case, I'm looking forward to the next chapter with Harry's return and a most "interesting" confrontation with Dumbles and, likely, at least some of the Order. Methinks the results are going to give a lot of folk to think about a lot of things.

    Author's response

    Our thoughts with regard to Lord 'Manipulatus' run in parallel lines.

    Again, I agree. Episodes 4-6 were a good ol' fashioned, shoot-em-up romp. The bad guy is killed and the good guy would have got the girl if Lucas hadn't sprung that little last minute snag.

    I fondly remember my first SF convention, back at Popejoy Hall near Albuquerque. I was a die hard Star Trek, & Lost in Space fan.

    My primary disagreement with 'Episodes 1,2&3, is in that he had to go and turn it into a half-assed romance. Natalie Portman was an exceptional actor until those three movies(I make no distinction between sexes. If you're an actor, you're an actor. If you're a naval aviator, you're a naval aviator. If you're Tom Cruise, you're neither one.) , and then she turned into a wooden puppet. le sigh!

    Harry's return will spark some changes, and Dumbledore is only one of those who will have quite a shock coming...eventually.


    (#) Cateagle 2010-04-02 07:02:16 PM

    "Triangle Co. factory"? Was this any relation to the Triang company which produced the fondly remembered "Frog" line of plastic model kits? As one who enjoyed those kits, I'd really rather not find out they were produced by that kind of labor but I'd prefer to know the truth.

    As a side note, I enjoy Timothy Zahn's work too, though mostly his original work as he comes up with some very original concepts. Mind you, even writing within other authors' universes, he manages to make very original contributions; forex., his "With One Stone" in "The Service of the Sword" was some excellent work in David Weber's "Honor Harrington" universe and tied in some backstory with some very original concepts.

    Author's response

    No. The Triangle Factory In New York City was a sweatshop, that 'employed' mostly women and girls. Many of those girls were either destitute or orphans, and forced to work for long hours for what was even then, far below prevailing wage. On March 25, 1911, a fire broke out. Unfortunately for the girls there, the emergency exits had been chained shut, to keep them from taking breaks. 141 women and girls and five men died, either because of the fire itself, or through suicide. Most of them stepped out of a ninth floor window, preferring to die that way rather than to burn to death.

    The owners, Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, never paid for their crimes. They escaped to the roof and were rescued.

    They were tried but their attorney Max Steuer, managed to destroy the credibility of one of the survivors, Kate Alterman, by bagering her to repeat herself over and over. He convinced the jury that her unwavering testemony was proof that she has practiced her beforehand.

    He also managed to convince them that neither Blank or Issac, knew the doors were locked.

    A civil suit in 1913, was settled in the victims favor, for the sum of $75.oo per victim, but Blank still managed to rip off the insurance company for far more than he had to pay.

    Blank was arrested later for locking the doors on another building. He was fined $20.oo.

    The fortunate result was three-fold. Laws were enacted, as to decent working conditions, Child labor and safety. The American society of Safety Engineers was founded October of that year.

    OK, that aside, I've read many of Zhan's books and he is literally a genius at writing. On the other hand, Weber, while being brilliant as well, tends toward pedantic, ass seen specifically in his Honor series. You have to start at the beginning to get the full story.

    On the other hand, I really liked 'Empire from the Ashes' (except for the last chapter) 'Ashes of Victory', 'In Fury Born', and 'Stars at War'(both).


    (#) siledubhghlase 2010-04-03 02:29:22 AM

    Wow! I'm not a big fan of crossovers, but you've got me on this one, Alorkin. I love Star Wars, but I've never read any of the books. Harry's recitation of the Jedi Code to Master Yoda was a stroke of genius. Harry was able to make strong arguments for his conditions and cite differences between himself and Palatine and ultimately, Vader.

    Go Ginny! She was the first to open the floor against Dumbledore's manipulation of an already corrupt system. Messing with Harry and people who trusted the old man only made it worse.

    The appearance of the people he loved in life and their stories turned Harry's head big time. He could have stayed angry and refused to return, but the love in his heart wouldn't allow it, especially when he found out how Hermione died. His noble nature screamed for him to go back and make it all right, but he knew he'd need some help to do it--hence, the conditions, which are more than justified.

    Thanks for another great chapter in what's shaping up to be a great story. WELL DONE!

    Author's response

    I tend to agree. Most crossovers are carelessly written. In the case of Star Wars, they fall into three general categories. 1)Harry goes to the other universe, usually after knocking off Voldemort, and making a life there. 2)Harry goes for a period of time, and comes back to save the world from the depredations of Lord Voldemort and sometimes the antics of 'Lord Manipulatus'. 3)He remains on Earth throughout his training.

    I've seen one, called 'The Chronicles of the Chosen One', by the most excellent Padawan Lynn, where this occurs.

    This is actually the basis for both my HP/SW crossovers.

    Yoda needed some convincing, and what better than facts? I'll admit comparing Voldemort to Palpatine was underhanded, but it did the trick.

    Ginny: I've never felt Ginny was a good choice for Harry, mostly because Rowling never bothered to develop her character, and instead, gave us: 'SUPER-GINNY!' Defended of the meek and helpless. Smarter than Hermione! Prettier than Cho! Loyal-er than Ron and a better seeker than Harry! It's SUPER-GINNY!' (Action figures sold at toy stores everywhere!)

    On the other hand, I can write her as being stronger-willed and less inclined to manipulations than in canon. She won't be coming into play for a few chapters, though.

    The appearance of his loved ones: Right on the head. That's exactly why I did that. He needed a solid reason to return, and his friends, and especially the girl he loved, gave it to him.

    Thanks again.


    (#) flyte28 2010-04-05 03:54:17 PM

    Love the story seems like a gd plot and cant wait for more

    Author's response

    Thanks, I thought it was too and more is coming.


    (#) twistyguru 2010-04-30 02:40:57 AM

    Kudos for recognizing what Tom's life in the orphanage could easily have been like (and probably was, based on the person he became); also for Harry's point out the problems with Yoda's Code to him. I'm not that familiar with the Code (prefer Trek to Wars, sorry, but still...) but I've always felt that the Jedi Council in may ways got what they deserved from Palpatine in the third movie. Palpatine played them like a pipe organ, and they were too focused on their own issues (or blinded by hubris) to realize it.
    I'm loving this story more and more...oh, and I like your 'conditions' for Harry's return.

    Author's response

    History has always been a fascination of mine, and Dickens' tales, are frighteningly accurate. It, in fact, was his books, specifically 'Oliver Twist' that sparked the social outrage, and provided the political incentive to begin to work on the first of the child-labor laws. Watching 'Oliver' (the musical version of the early 1960's) I could never understand the words 'GOD IS LOVE" painted on the wall, when the orphans were treated so horribly, and the governors feasted behind that glass wall.

    In Riddle's time, the time, orphanages were little better than workhouses, or sweatshops.

    I am also one of those few who are Star Trek fans. I believe a small percentage of us are fans of both sagas.

    In the case of the Jedi Council, I believe they allowed their own hubris to get in the way. They had blinded themselves to reality for so long, they couldn't see anything beside their own vision. (Sound like somebody we know?)

    Doesn't the word 'balance', after all, mean 'equal'?

    Conditions: Well I couldn't just have him go back the way he was, could I? Where's the fun in that?


    (#) darksidhe 2010-05-27 10:41:43 PM

    I understand things have to be set up. This chapter wasn't the best, though. How did Harry know he could demand things? And how did he know what was possible? Anyway, interesting idea, no matter how it came about. I'm looking forward to see what you do with it.

    Author's response

    OK, Harry didn't 'know' per se, but he was being given a choice. Either stay with his parents and loved ones, or go back and try to fix the problem. He made no demands. He simply told Merlin what he would need to get the job done. His conditions were simply necessary to the situation. As for how he knew what was possible...he was dead. every movie I have ever seen, of people in the afterlife, included something about 'dreams made reality'.

    Read on.


    (#) cr0cket 2010-08-10 07:41:04 AM

    nice so far

    Author's response

    Thank you

    (#) De_Siathuan 2010-08-21 05:54:29 AM

    Personally, I felt this was way, WAY to much of a deus ex machina. It began pretty good, meeting his parents and Merlin, the whole "Place Beyond Time And Space" twist to bring in dead people from a possible future was actually brilliant (though why only people from the future where he didn't go back? I'd find that suspicious, with the whole Schrödinger's Cat deal you've got going - until he's decided whether or not to go back, the future remains undecided, so they could just as easily have died in world where Harry did return. Why aren't they showing him the consequences of going back? Hm?).

    Then, he began to make demands, concessions, if he were to go back. Wait, what?

    Suddenly, being dead allows him to make a bunch of demands before he'll return to life? Why? If you'd at least just allow him to meet with Yoda and train in the force before pulling a Jesus Christ and returning three days later in perfect health... That'd actually be less tacky. Somehow, the dead (Merlin and Yoda in particular, apparently) can apparently send you back in time, rewrite the laws of reality, and rearrange the past as they please? WHY DIDN'T THEY DO SO BEFORE?!

    I'm... Disappointed. It all began so well, even if things lined up a little too neatly (hey, cleaning up the Auror department? If they suspected someone, why the Bloody Hell didn't they do something about it earlier?! If everyone is so bigoted, why haven't the halfbloods/muggleborn done something about it?

    And 70,000 W&W, 30 to 40 thousand of which are 16 or YOUNGER? Wow, your image of the population isn't at all skewed, especially given what we know of magical longevity. Really, either they've taken casualties on such a level that their entire society's been literally decimated seven times over (which doesn't make sense, unless the vast majority of the new generation are muggleborn)...

    Hate to sound like a flamer, but I was really pissed, since it began so well...

    Author's response

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    My sister FireLemming thanks you as well, as the nexus outside time was her idea. It was also necessary for the reasons I listed in Chapter two.

    Yes, they could still die in the world he returns to, but they DID die in the one he left. His absence removed the block to Voldemort's power. Without that block, Ol' Snakey was able to do precisely what he wanted.

    ~Why aren't they showing him the consequences of going back? Hm?~

    Their mere presences in that nexus -was- the consequence of his absence.

    On the other hand, once he went back to before he died, since their deaths hinged on his, they were no longer dead, because they never died.

    ~Somehow, the dead (Merlin and Yoda in particular, apparently) can apparently send you back in time, rewrite the laws of reality, and rearrange the past as they please? WHY DIDN'T THEY DO SO BEFORE?!~

    Harry is a locus. So is Voldemort. when two such loci exist at the same time, they are bound to come into conflict. If neither Harry nor Voldemort existed in his time frame, there would no problem. Since they did, there was. Merlin offered Harry the choice, because the consequences of his not doing so, were unacceptable.

    ~Suddenly, being dead allows him to make a bunch of demands before he'll return to life? Why?~

    Harry didn't -have- to go back. Merlin offered him the choice of going on to spend the rest of whatever with his parents. He did however, tell him of the consequences of such an action. The world would fall in to anarchy and destruction. Harry's own conscience did the rest. He understood he could prevent the murders hundreds of millions of people by returning to what is in effect, an unwinnable fight.

    His demands, are nothing more than to even the playing field. He can face Voldemort on his own. He can deal with Scrimgeour, on his own, he can even face off with the Deez (if he does it sneaky) but not all at the same time!

    ~If you'd at least just allow him to meet with Yoda and train in the force before pulling a Jesus Christ and returning three days later in perfect health...!That'd actually be less tacky.~

    But not nearly so much fun.

    ~(hey, cleaning up the Auror department? If they suspected someone, why the Bloody Hell didn't they do something about it earlier?!~

    Both Dumbledore and Malfoy are controlling the government. Fudge is morally corrupt, a blood...if not purist, at least elitist, and is firmly in Malfoy's pocket. As long as he's running things, there can be no advancement, especially where the 'mudbloods' are concerned.

    ~If everyone is so bigoted, why haven't the halfbloods/muggleborn done something about it?~

    The same thing applies. If the mugglebornes/halfbloods were to actively oppose the governmental or traditional status quo, Fudge would declare them seditionists in a heartbeat, and have them imprisoned or killed. Look at how he was so willing to persecute Harry for the crime of being right...because-it-would-cost-him-his-job!

    The population estimate is based on statistics. Roughly one third to one half of any population is below the age of sixteen. Of those, one half is below the age of ten. While I may have been somewhat off in my initial estimate, (I think I slipped a decimal) but the rest holds true. 74,000 W&W, is a sustainable population.

    It also holds true that if the purebloods continue to inbreed the way they have been, the mugglebornes -will- be growing more numerous by the year. Inbreeding is a Baaaaddd thing. (Just look at Dubya!)

    Don't worry about sounding like a flamer. I prefer reviewers to ask questions. I may have missed something.


    (#) NobleK 2013-09-01 11:27:50 PM

    "It was even worse for little girls, where education was not considered to be important, as ‘they would only come to ruin’. Frequently such girls were sold off to rich men as servants or as temporary bed-warmers, and after they were used, they’d be taken out into the countryside and killed. There are a lot of peat bogs in England." This really makes me want to kill some rich English mo-fo's!! Trouble is, the guilty ones are probably all dead by now!! angry disgusted

    Author's response

    History is filled with such examples, unfortunately history books are carefully edited to give the absolute least amount of usable information. Knowledge is power. If you control the information, you control the population.

    For instance, in high school, I was asked what Bolivia’s Gross National Product was, and I said, “refined cocaine.”

    They didn’t like that at all.


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