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So Tired and Oh So Squeamish - Seven

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...explosion in an ice cream factory if you ask me...

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How things can change in a day. Wow, Ive got a new baby cousin, yes she is an April Fool baby but hey ho! Shes gorgeous! So I'm spreading the love to Frank and.. you'll see.
Enjoy chapter Seven.


“Frank” I yelled as soon as I spotted him. I rand forward and gasped in horror at his injuries “Baby, what happened to you?”
His face was black with a large cut above his right eye. His arms were crisscrossed with lacerations, his left arm resting in a sling.
“I got attacked on the way home. I’ve got some damage to my arm, but the doctors don’t know how severe yet” he pointed to the sling.
“Aww, Frankie” I whispered, kissing his forehead lightly. Careful to avoid the cut.
Someone behind me coughed, I turned and saw Gerard.
“I got her, just like you wanted. I’m like a one man courier service” he beamed.
“Huh? Should I be asking?”
“Well, after he got attacked he called me and me and Mikey picked him up from the middle of the street. He was covered in milk, looked like an explosion in an ice-cream factory if you ask me.” Gerard paused. “Where the hell is Mikey?”
“Here” Mikey handed Frank a coke. He was holding four cans, one for each of us. “vending machine” he said in reply to my stare.
“Thanks” Frank said, cracking open the can one handed.
“Tut tut” a nurse said, coming over. “We’ve phoned your mother, she’s gonna be here in about ten minutes. When she gets here we’ll take you for your x-ray”
“Kay” Frank smiled weakly.


We waited anxiously for Franks result. Franks mom had come and began fussing over him, to his relative dismay. However, he was glad of her when he got his head stitched. Me and Linda, Franks mom, took a hand each while Gerard exited stage left. Followed by Mikey. Gerard is seriously terrified of needles, but he made out he wasn’t freaked and was just getting us some more cokes. A few minutes later Ray and Bob turned up. Ray had got my note that I left him and got a lift from Bob.

“Iero, Frank?” a new nurse said, glancing at the six of us all gathered round his bed.
“Be me” Frank raised his hand, wincing in pain.
“Good news” she smiled. “You only have an acute sprain. You’ll be right as rain in two weeks’ time”
“Well that’s good news” Linda said, embracing her son.
“He’ll still have to wear a support while the ligaments heal but that should be off in three weeks. You’ll be as right as rain in no time. You are very lucky, we see people have that sort of attack and have all sorts broken. You should be glad there’s no lasting damage apart from one or two scars.”
Frank was beaming. He pulled me closer and kissed me in front of everyone. To various cat calls (Gerard).

I looked up, and saw Mikey trying not to look upset. There was something there, something he wasn’t telling me. Something big. I just didn’t know what.

So Franks fine! YAY! Party! And Mikeys life will improve, soon. I swear. Remember : 'You cant have the sweet without the sour'. Anyways, do you like??

As always, thank you, from the bottom of my black little heart, for reading.

xo R.
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