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Learning to drown

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gerard recalls the night his daughter dies

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"Lyn-z, babe we're gonna be late."Gerard stands by the door waiting for his wife to hurry up. Looking to where Lyn-z is, he sighs, just the sight of seeing both his girls on the chair hugging fills him up with joy and soon enough he doesn't want to leave. Shaking his head he approaches them and with one swift movement picks up his one year old daughter, hugs her tightly and hands her to Cameron Lanni. Once Bandit is safe in the arms of the baby sitter, he turns towards his wife and smiles tiredly. Extending his right arm he grabs hold of her left arm in one elegant move she's off the couch and heading towards the door. Turning back she shoots Gerard acocky smile before saying, "Now what were you saying?"

Stepping out of their L.A. home, Gerard and Lyn-z walk directly to their parked car. Even though it's nearly eight pm the heat of the day could still be felt now on this beautiful summer's night. Upon reaching the car, Lyn-z abruptly turns back towards the house and a troubled feeling washes over her. Erratically she turns towards the car, opens the door and nervously slides in. Starting the car Gerard turns towards his wife and notices that something's wrong.

"Hey, you okay?"He asks gently, placing his hand on her knee closest to him. Turning to look up at her husband, Lyn-z manages a small smile and nods her head before saying to him, "Ya every things cool." Pulling the car off the curb, they make their way to Frank's house.

Later that evening...

Hearing his phone ring, Gerard plunges his hand into his jacket pocket in search of his phone. Pulling his phone out of his pocket he quickly glances at the caller ID before answering the phone.

"Cameron?" As soon as he answered the phone, Gerard was hit with "rush-talk".

"Whoa! Slow down a bit will ya?"

Turning away from the others, who were now curiously staring at him, he walked down the hallway to a much private place...

Sitting at the table, surrounded by her husband's band mates and friends, Lyn-z turns towards the hallway and almost cries out when she sees the expression on her husband's face. Immediately, sensing something's wrong, she slides off her chair and hastens towards her husband. Reaching him, she sees him shake his head at her and mouths to her, "Home."

Knowing that something wrongs, she grabs her jacket and crosses the room, back to where her friends are.

"Um..." finding it hard to speak, she tries to swallow but ends up chocking. That's when Gerard walked in, coat on and looking towards his friends with a grave expression plastered on his face.

"We have to leave."He explains to them. Staring at his friend, Frank pulls away from the table and walks them to the door with Jamia following closely behind.

"Thanks for having us over it we had a great time great." Gerard thanks his hosts. Before making his way out the door, frank pulls him aside.

"Gee? You'll right?" Anxiously he looks at his friend and what he sees is heart breaking. He hasn't seen his friend this since that one period in his life way back in 2002-2003/4.

"No, Bandit Lee is missing." With that he runs down the steps to where his wife is waiting in the car and slides in starting the engine before he can close his door.

Back home...

Crashing through the front entrance, Lyn-z runs straight towards the lounge, yelling, "Where's my baby?" tears form in her eyes and run down her cheeks as she sees a police officer approach her with a solemn expression.

"Ma'am? Are you Mrs. Way?" he asks not able to keep eye contact with the frantic women standing before him. Looking behind him her he sees a man, dressed head to toe in black rapidly making his way to them.The father I presume.

"What's going on? Where's my daughter?"

Correct. What am I going to tell these people? Staring at the distressed couple, officer Lambert formulates a way to deliver the news to them gently. Finally making eye contact the man he holds out his hand and introduces himself as Officer Lambert of the L.A.P.D.

"Mr and Mrs. Way I'm' really sorry, truly I am and I'm probably gonna hate myself for telling you this but..."he inhales along shaky breath, "your daughter has drowned."


"Gerard?Gerard? OH MY GOD!" Mikey leans closer to inspect his older brother, "Holy Fuck dude, WAKE UP!"

Blinking quickly, Gerard snaps out of his day dream and a weak smile spreads across his face.

"Ya, whatdaya want?" trying to control his emotion, Gerard stares at his loving brother hopping for whatever reason he disturbed him would be good.

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