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'I swallowed the whole damn bottle for you!'

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the pills made him come back...or was he just missing home?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2010-04-03 - Updated: 2010-04-03 - 570 words

hey, sorry it's taken me so long to update, for all of you out there who have read this (thank you by the way!), I've just been going through a kinda hard time, so bare with me if i don't update again for a while, but i'll try to. don't forget to rate and review! enjoy :)

Gerard's hazy smile lit the corner of the room where he was slumped as the door crashed open.

'Mikey,' his voice slurred, his vision too blurry to see if the person he thought was his brother was really there. 'your, your dead,' he raised his hand lazily before thumping it back down onto his thigh, the bottle of pills he had been holing falling free onto the rug. The figure he assumed to be Mikey rushed forward, falling to his knees by the eldest Way's side.

'What did you do?' he begged, clenching the discarded pill bottle in his palm. 'Gee, what did you take?' Gerard looked at his baby brother desperately, wanting him to understand.

'The apothecary told me that if-if I took them, then you might see me,' he pulled his hand up again from his side, placing it gently on the side of Mikey's face, wincing at the cold that seeped out from his brother's skin, and into his bones. 'So I, uh, I swallowed a pill. Then I took two,' a sob slipped from between his lips. He leaned forward, snatching the bottle from Mikey's hand and slapped him with it. 'I swallowed the whole damn bottle for you!' he screamed, tears burning down his skin. He slumped further down the wall as helpless sobs broke through his chest. Mikey leaned forward, tucking his hand under his brothers arm before heaving him to his feet.

'We need to go to the bathroom,' he whispered quietly as he helped Gerard put one foot in front of the other. 'We need to get these out of you,' he took the bottle out of Gerard's hand as he spoke, throwing it onto the bed his brother had been slumped next to-his bed.

'I-I just wanted to see you. Again. I just-I needed to,' Gerard mumbled, his hand smacking softly against the side of his brother's face in what he had meant to be an affectionate gesture.

'I know,' Mikey sighed, nudging the bathroom door open with his shoulder. 'I wanted to see you, too,' Gerard retched, making Mikey drop him, thankfully right in front of the toilet, into which he released all the pills he had swallowed. Gerard grumbled something unintelligible, but Mikey didn't care that he couldn't understand it-he was back with his brother. Even if just for a little while. He knelt down by Gerard's side, placing his hand on his hair.

Gerard shuddered at the cold, but he also welcomed it. It was a release from the agonizingly hot pain he had been feeling for God knows how long.

'I love you, Gerard,' Mikey's faint voice whispered into his ear. He turned slightly, wanting to feel the safe warmth of his little brother's hazel eyes, but they were gone. They had been taken from him again. He clenched his fist, smacking it painfully against the toilet seat, before the screams he had refused to release finally carved their way from his chest, filling the silence around him.
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