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K so all in one: Birthday and heaven

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Leslie’s body lay motionless on the floor in a pool of dried up blood. Her body stripped naked to the waist. Purple bruising covered her arms, body and legs. If it weren’t for the blood and marks that stained her body, Leslie would have been thought to be asleep, only everyone knew she wouldn’t wake. The room surrounding her body was a mess, overturned chairs, blood splattered walls, shattered glass and marks in the floor.

Leaning against the wall outside, Zacky pulled out another cigarette, lit it and inhaled. Exhaling the smoke Zacky looked out towards the crowed of curious onlookers, even though it was one in the morning, people littered the streets coming out of clubs, late night movies and even their homes to watch the police carry out Leslie’s lifeless body. He sunk to the floor, letting the tears flow. How could I let this happen? Why Leslie? How can... So many unanswered questions flowed through his head, making him dizzy and tired.
“Zacky?” looking up, Zacky saw Val standing in front of him, her face streaked with tears and black mascara streaks ran from her eyes to her mouth. He wouldn’t have recognized her if it weren’t for her voice and those chocolate brown eyes of hers.
“Val?”he asked curios of why she was out here without Matt. Tears now ran freely down her cheeks as she slumped down next to Zacky and hugged him. She didn’t want to let him go, she wanted him to forget what had happened, to comfort him, to...
“I’m...” she chocked on her words not able to keep the tears out of her voice. “Zacky, I’m so sorry.” she couldn’t help but cry. Slowly she could feel Zacky hug her back hesitantly. Breaking the hug Valary got up, held her hand out to Zacky and pulled him of the ground. Together they walked off into the shadows to find their friends.

When Leslie woke up, she felt lost, confused and afraid. She looked around her, dazed for a few minutes. The place that sprawled out before her was unlike any shed seen, it was so breathtaking. She was on a path that if she’d look towards the North the path carved out of clear crystal but if she turned around, the path that led down south was carved out of a black marble. She was surrounded by a high densest but beautiful forest. Once on her feet, Leslie violently swayed and would’ve fallen over if it weren’t for a strong pair of arms that caught and steadied her. Before she could turn to look behind her to see who had steadied her, a hand lashed out and caught hold of her arm. Turning her head back to look in front, Leslie stifled a gasp; there standing in front of her, was one of the most gorgeous men she’d ever laid eyes on. He had perfect blue eyes, as blue as hers and his hair was a thick tousle of black. His face was lit by a breathtaking crooked smile.
“Welcome Les.” He greeted her, his voice made her bones melt. Her knees buckled under her, and before she even hit the floor, she was back o her feet.
“ I?” she asked nervously. She hadn’t notice before, but the guy standing before her had white wings that fell heavily until they touched the floor. Looking over her shoulders she saw another person. This one looked exactly like the guy in front of her; same hair, same smile, same eyes but his wings were a totally different colour; they were pitch black and seem to shimmer like millions of black diamonds. “ you?”
“I’m Gabriel; he whom now stands before you is Seth.” Gabriel, the one with white wings, spoke again. He looked directly at Seth, disapproval and disgust clearly showed on his face.
Suddenly the look faded and a smile replaced it, he turned to Leslie stretched out his hand to her and took her hand. Before she could react to the situation, Leslie was pulled away, and dragged up the crystal path way.


Sitting in his hotel room, Gerard’s thought changed and a picture of Leslie filled his head. He imagined wrapping his arms around her slim body, leaning down to... Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Gerard glanced towards the calendar hanging in the kitchen, April the 9th. It’s been already a week since Leslie’s body had been buried so why was he still thinking of her? An unexpected feeling of envy washed over him as he pictured Zacky sitting on the sofa with Leslie curled up in his arms. He just wished that... What did he wish? His feelings were muddled up since meeting Leslie.

“Hello?” answering his phone, Gerard made his way to his bedroom.

“Leslie?” An angelic voice called out to her. Opening her eyes, Leslie’s eyes fell upon a man beyond beautiful. Propping herself on her elbows to a sitting position, Leslie observed he surroundings. She was sitting in a bed, around her the room was complete white and pictures hang on the walls, a golden chandelier hung from the ceiling.
“ I?”she asked. She still didn’t know where she was or how she got there.
“You’re in your afterlife my dear.” the man continued.
“ afterlife?”she asked not believing the man in front of her.
“So, this is like...”She swallowed before whispering, “Heaven?”
“Indeed it is. Welcome home child.”
“Ho...How did I get here?”
“You were murdered. But no matter you’re safe here.”
“Who are you?” Leslie was struggling to comprehend the situation.
“I am Netjer or as your people know me as, I am God.” He smiled at her when an expression of total disbelief surfaced. “Get ready child, your trail is awaiting you.” With that he left, leaving Leslie to wonder what he meant by your trail awaits you.

“Mikey?”Gerard’s voice floated up in the two story house. Looking around him, Gerard remembered Mikey’s call. Sudden fear flooded his body as he made his way towards the lounge. Mikey had sounded so upset over the phone and Gerard was worried that something had happened. Opening the double doors to the lounge, Gerard turned on the lights wondering why the hell the room was so dark.
“Surprise!” turning around Gerard saw his friends and family all gathered around him with big smiles plastered on their faces.
“What the fuck is going on here?” he asked.
“Gee what day are we today?”Alicia asked her step brother who was now clearly confused.
“Uh the 9th of April.”
“Exactly, and what happens every year on the 9th?”
“” trying to remember what happens on the day Gerard turned his back and walked around the room.
“Gee it’s your fucking birthday!”Mikey couldn’t hold back any longer.
“No need to get fucking pissed dude!”Gerard hated fighting with his brother but the mere fact that Mikey was blowing up over a small situation really irritated him.
“Come now boys its Gees special day.” freezing on the spot, Gerard instantly recognized the voice that had just spoken. What the fuck is she doing here?!
“Lyn-z dear.”
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