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Don't Know What Ya Got 'Til It's Gone

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Amy and Vince hook up as do Nikki and Beth Lynn. There's lots of tension between the Crue members.

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After what seemed like a long time, but in reality was probably a short time, my tears finally ceased and all the pain and misery that had been wadded up inside me was finally gone. In its place was now was shiver of thrill and delight as Vince held me against him and rested his chin on the top of my head.
"Are you feeling better?" Vince asked a few minutes after I had stopped crying. I sniffled, wiped under my eyes with my index finger, then said, "Yeah, a lot better. Sorry for breaking down lot that. I probably shouldn't have down that. I just miss..." I was about to say that I missed Izzy, but for some reason, this didn't seem to be the time to say so.
Vince lifted his chin off the top of my head and put a hand on each of my shoulders. He pulled back slightly so he could look me directly in the eyes. I squirmed uncomfortably under his gaze. I was much too aware of just how bad I looked right now. My cheeks were flushed from crying, a few tear droplets were still visible on my cheeks, and I probably had eyeliner and mascara smeared all over the place. It didn't help that my shirt was all rumpled up and my hair was falling out of it's ponytail.
Vince didn't seem to see any of that though. He just gazed into my eyes as if he was gazing right down into my soul. Finally, he finished my sentence from earlier, "You miss having a lover, don't you? You miss having someone to hold you, comfort you, and be there for you when you're hurting. You're tired of having guys look at you like you're an object. You need someone to appreciate you for who you are and love you the right way, right?"
Everything Vince said was one hundred percent true. How he could know all this was something I didn't know. But then again, Vince knew how to read women pretty well. He had a lot of practice in it. Not really sure what to say, I simply nodded to prove that he was right. At that moment, a crazy desire came over me and I had to restrain myself to keep from letting it take me over.
Vince peered at me and then tilted his head slightly to the left. His damp blonde locks tumbled over left eye. Not really thinking about what I was doing, I tilted me head just a tad and leaned towards Vince. We gazed at each other a moment longer, eyes locking, connecting, and sharing the same message.
That's when Vince got enough of looking. His grip on my shoulders tightened and he closed the distance between us easily. His soft, full lips grazed over mine as he kissed me. Not wanting to let him have all the fun, I pressed my lips over his and took his lower lip into my mouth. He must've been wearing lip gloss from the show earlier because his lips tasted sweet and sugary. I sucked down on his lip, letting my tongue slide against the bottom of his lip as I did so.
Reluctantly, I drew away from him for a quick second to gasp for air before going back for more. This time, Vince reached me first. He moved his hands from my shoulders to my chest and pushed me gently so I flopped onto my back across the backseats of the car. Vince grinned wickedly from above me and lowered himself on top of me.
I could feel his heart beat against my chest and the adrenaline start flowing through all of my veins. This was the kind of feeling I had been craving for so long. It was the feeling I had gotten with Izzy, but that he had denied me of. He didn't want my love and maybe he didn't want me if he was telling Axl not to let me talk to him. That all seemed to justify for what I was doing with Vince.
Sighing with pleasure, I closed my eyes sand parted my lips slightly as Vince met my mouth once more. His strong arms encircled my neck and he held onto me with a grip that made me feel protected and wanted. Vince took advantage of my parted lips and wasted no time in sticking his tongue down my throat. The tip of my tongue pressed against the underside of Vince's as we french kissed. The adrenaline in my body was continuing to increase. I wasn't sure if I could keep my control much longer.
After a long, sensual kiss, we both had to part briefly for oxygen. After taking a deep breath, I whispered weakly, "I've missed you so much..." Vince just smiled and whispered, "I know. You need me as much as I need you." With that, he pressed his lips at the bottom of my neck and sucked down.
Our legs tangled together and our bodies rubbed against each other. I could feel Vince growing hard against my leg and I felt like I could eat him right up. For the first time in days, I was finally able to relax and clear my head. Something about Vince's touch calmed me down and made me feel right again.
Tongue traveling over my neck, Vince whispered, "Can I...?" He left never finished the question, but I know exactly what he meant. Was I ready to lose my virginity right here and now in the backseat of my car? It felt like the right time and the perfect opportunity. Slowly, I nodded. Vince's eyes widened incredulously, but he didn't comment. I suppose he was surprised that I had finally agreed after rejecting him so many times. But I was weak and tired right now. My body was aching for Vince and he consumed all my thoughts. I was tired of pushing him away when deep in my soul, I knew I would never be happy until I had him.
Vince ran a hand gently across my collarbone then let it travel under my shirt. I just laid back against the car seat and watched Vince's every movement. He dropped his head onto my chest and nuzzled against me, gazing into my eyes with his bright blue ones. I dug my hands into his blonde locks and brought them to my lips.
Just as Vince was about to make another move, a loud crashing sound of shattering glass made us both jump out of our skins. I whipped my head up to look out the window. A silver blade went flying through the air and landed on the pavement with a crash. The window to the bar nearest us was cracked and broken. Suddenly, the door to the bar was thrown open and four very familiar figures hustled out and slammed the door behind them.
I was so entranced with the scene before me that I didn't even realize that it had stopped raining. All I could do was wonder what the hell was going on. The four figures ran across the parking lot to Jake's car...which was parked adjacent to my jetta. Vince, who was still lying on top of me, cursed loudly, "God, fuck them!"
Half of me was hoping that the other Crue members and Jake wouldn't recognize our car and just drive away so Vince and I could continue what we had started. But of course, they did. As they approached, I saw Nikki point at our car and then call something over to Tommy. Tommy looked over to our car and nodded.
That only made Vince curse louder. At the last minute, he helped slid me into a sitting position next to him and said, "Sorry, babe. I could really kill Nikki right now though..." I didn't protest; I felt like I could kill all four of them for interrupting us. Tommy walked up to the window on the front seat of my car and peered inside. Not seeing us, he opened the car door, which I had carelessly left unlocked, and popped his head inside, "Amy? You in here?"
By this time, Nikki was right behind him and stuck his head inside my car as well. Nikki's gaze traveled over the front seats of my car and then ventured to the backseat where Vince and I were huddled closely together with Vince's arms wrapped around my shoulder. Catching sight of us, Nikki exclaimed, "There they are!"
Nikki slammed the front door to my car shut and opened the door to the backseat instead. Nikki and Tommy poked their heads instead and looked at us curiously, "What are you two doing here? I figured you were going to be at some club or something." Vince and I looked at each other, both trying to find an excuse.
"We were..." I started, but then stopped when I couldn't find anything else to say. Luckily, Vince came to the rescue, "We for something. Amy lost a quarter back here and we were trying to find it, right Amy?" Thank god that Vince kept his head and could come up with an excuse like that.
I nodded a little too quickly and said a little too loudly, "Yeah! I dropped a quarter." Tommy was staring at us with an amused expression that told us that he didn't buy our story. Nikki, however, didn't look amused. On the contrary, he looked upset, "Why would you bother looking for a quarter? Geez, it's only a quarter! Who gets on their hands and knees on the backseat of the car to look for a quarter, goddamnit!" I gave a nervous laugh, "Uh...we do?"
Tommy brushed off his shoulder with his left hand and gave me a meaningful look like he was trying to tell me something. Confused, I looked over to my left shoulder to find that Vince had slipped off the left strap of my tank top from earlier. The top of my bra was peeking out above the top of my rumpled shirt.
Humiliated, I tried to nonchalantly slip the strap back over my shoulder and adjust my shirt. Nikki noticed right away though. His eyes traveled from my hand on the strap of my shirt to my face. He focused murderous eyes on Vince and looked like he was about to cuss. That was when I noticed there was a bloody cut on Nikki's right cheek.
Using it as a good excuse to change the topic, I asked, "Nikki, what happened to your cheek? It's all bloody." Nikki put a hand to his cheek and then brought it away. The hand was dripping with sticky blood. Nikki flushed slightly and explained, "Um...we got into a knife fight at the bar. Someone was bitching about how we're a satanic rock band or whatever. Then Tommy accidentally threw a knife out the window and so we got kicked out."
Tommy grinned from behind Nikki, "Guess I have pretty bad aim." I shook my head in exasperation. Wherever they meant, the Crue always managed to get into trouble in some way or the other. They needed supervision all the time. But right now, I was most concerned about Nikki's cheek. Hoping he was okay, I inquired, "But what about your cheek, Nikki? Does it hurt? Are you gonna be okay?" Nikki showed the ghost of a smile at my concern, "I'm fine, Amy. But we should all probably get back to the hotel so I can clean up. Hey, I know! Why don't we all take your car so Jake can just use his car to get back to the hotel?"
I tried not to seem disappointed as I reluctantly agreed. A part of me was still wishing Nikki and Tommy would just drive away to leave Vince and me in private. But apparently, that just was not going to happen tonight. Once I gave my consent, Nikki grabbed my hand and pulled me almost a little roughly out of the backseat next to Vince, "You can drive. I don't think any of the rest of us should be driving right now." Nikki said that all as sincerely as he could, but I think Nikki wanted me in the front for a completely different reason; so he could get me away from Vince.
As Nikki dragged me away, I glanced over my shoulder at Vince. Vince had scrunched up his nose and was making a face at Nikki's back. He looked so funny that I couldn't help but let out a little laugh. Nikki turned to me and questioned, "What's so funny?" I shook my head and tried to but a somber expression on my face.
Nikki gave me a suspicious look and glanced towards the backseat to where Vince was now smiling a big grin at him. Nikki looked angry, but it only made the situation funnier. Even thought our night had been interrupted, it didn't mean that my relationship with Vince was going to be over. We'd have plenty more opportunities to be alone together...right?

About three hours later, I was sliding into my night dress in the bathroom. Once we had arrived back to the hotel, we had all scattered back into our rooms. I had hoped to talk to Vince in private, but Nikki had watched over me with an eagle eye until I had entered my hotel room with Tommy. So Vince just blew me a kiss and fluttered his long eyelashes at me sexily. Nikki had glowered at him, but Vince had just smiled right in his face.
After I was safely locked into the hotel room, I had taken a nice, hot bath in the jacuzzi and had gotten cleaned up. My wet hair dripped down my back and I was completely makeup free. I adjusted my black and purple pieces of lingerie then headed into the bedroom. Tommy had been lying on his back with the lights flipped off, but when he saw me, he eagerly flipped the lights right back on, blinding me with the sudden burst of light.
"Damn, Tommy!" I said indignantly and quickly pulled the bed covers over my body so Tommy wouldn't be able to see the skimpy, see-through night dress I was wearing. "Flip the light back off!" Tommy, who still seemed to be full of energy, shrugged and flicked the light back off again, "As you wish."
I nestled myself under the bed covers, laid down on my side, and shut my eyes. But no matter how hard I tried to fall asleep, I kept having this ominous feeling that someone was watching me. Annoyed, I popped my eyes back open and found Tommy staring at me expectantly from the bed opposite me. Apparently, he had been watching me the whole time.
"What the hell, Tommy!" I stated exasperatedly. "Why are you watching me like that? We're suppose to be sleeping. That's why the lights are off." Tommy just grinned and said, "I'm not sleeping until you tell me what happened tonight." I sighed. That was the only probably with having Tommy as a best friend; he wanted to know everything all the time.
"It's really none of your business, Tommy," I said sternly. Tommy's face fell and he made a pleading, puppy-eyed expression at me that made me soften up just a bit. Knowing that Tommy wouldn't let the subject drop, I decided to just give in and tell him my thoughts on tonight. It couldn't hurt anyone and I did want to know Tommy's opinion on the subject.
"Well...we started out at a strip club," I started. Tommy's eyes widened a bit, expression his shock. I continued, "So anyways, it was a really dirty club. It stank and there were drunk people everywhere. Vince and Ozzy left me alone to get drinks. This man grabbed me and tried to rape me, but Vince got there in time and saved me."
Tommy let out a slow breath, "Wow...guys really like to force themselves on you, don't they? I mean, it seems to happen a lot. You must have been born under an unlucky star or something. But really, what was Vince thinking? He took you to a strip club? That's just nuts. But again, I guess I always knew that Vince was kind of on the crazy side."
"Vince isn't crazy!" I defended him sharply. Tommy raised an eyebrow but didn't interrupt. My cheeks flushed as I hurried on, "Back to what I was saying. I drove over to the bar after I left the club and then decided to wait for you guys in the parking lot because I was tired and didn't feel like dealing with any more drunkards tonight. Vince followed me and then we...uh..."
Tommy was staring at me enraptured by my tale, "Oh my god! Did you guys actually do it?" I shook my head and then frowned at him, "No, we didn't. We were going to, but then you and Nikki and to come over and stop us." Tommy laughed and then a serious expression placed his laughing one.
"So tell me this," he began, "would you still do it with Vince if you could? Like tomorrow or the next day if you got the opportunity?" I had been thinking long and hard about the question that Tommy had just asked me. I really wanted to have sex with Vince, but as much as I desired it, I knew that it wouldn't be good for either of us.
First of all, Vince still had Beth Lynn regardless of what she was doing with Nikki. Second of all, Vince had cheated on me before. There was no telling if he might do it again. And thirdly, Vince couldn't be my lover. He was married and we'd have to share our special moments together sneaking around like last time. That just plainly wasn't worth it.
Finally, I shook my head and said, "No...I wouldn't. It would be stupid. I was just feeling so weak and tired earlier...I just don't know what I was thinking. The thing is, I still love Vince though." Tommy nodded and thought about my response a moment before saying, "That's a good idea, Amy. You're a smart girl. You never know how Vince is gonna act. He's way too unpredictable. Do you want me to try to keep you two separate? You know, so you're not tempted or anything?"
Tommy had a point, but I wasn't willing to go quite that far. Shaking my head, I responded, "Nah, that's okay. I can resist him." Tommy shrugged, "It's up to you. Anyways, let's get to sleep now, shall we?" I nodded and closed my eyes again as Tommy rolled onto his other side and shut his eyes. Now I could finally sleep...or so I thought.
Only five minutes later, yelling came from the hallway, waking Tommy and me. I grudgingly opened my eyes back up and listened to the argument. The first voice was clearly a woman's. It was high-pitched and shrill. Her first words were, "You know what? I don't care anymore. I can take care of her all alone without you. Just...stay away, will ya?"
"Oh, come on!" a second voice rasped in irritation. "You're always on my case. Do you have any idea how much I've kept to myself? Like how I know that blonde boyfriend of yours slept over at our house twice in one week?" There was a pause then the woman's voice rang out hysterically, "Sure, he did stay over. But at least he didn't hit me or abuse me like you did."
There was a long pause then the man responded, "Whatever. Just stay away from me and I'll fucking stay away from you." There was a slam of a door as the woman, who was obviously Beth Lynn, yelled, "Good! I'm tired of your bullshit anyways." Tommy and I were both sitting up in bed at this point. We glanced at each other and were about to speak, when there were footsteps outside our door. Then a light knock sounded from outside.
"Come in," Tommy called without bothering to get out of bed. Tommy had a bad habit of always forgetting to lock the door when we went to bed. I scowled over at him. That was something he needed to work on. I didn't feel safe unless the door was locked and at three am in the morning, I was feeling very grumpy.
The door opened silently and a figure slipped inside. Irked, I called out with a sleep voice, "Can't you lock the fucking door for god's sake?" There was a click as the door locked and then a smash as the person in our room ran into my suitcase. I rolled my eyes and suggested, "Uh, maybe you actually want to turn the lights on so you can see where you're going?"
The light flicked on and I squinted my eyes through the brightness. Vince was standing shirtless in our doorway looking half asleep and very aggravating. I noticed he hadn't even bothered to remove the excess makeup on his face from yesterday. Tommy, who was now sitting up in bed asked, "Trouble with your wife?"
Vince scowled, "Obviously. Sometimes I just wanna knock some sense into that woman. Anyways, she kicked me out. Can I stay here tonight?" Tommy eyed Vince suspiciously and contemplated the question for a few minutes. Finally, he gave in, "Well...okay. Just this once though. You can take my bed. I can sleep on the couch."
I didn't want poor Tommy to have to sleep on the couch. The couch was old and stained. Biting my lip in indecision, I said, "No, don't sleep on that old couch, Tommy. It looks like it could give you a disease. Why don't you just sleep with me? God, that came out wrong. I meant sleep next to me, not with me."
Tommy was smiling at my flustered expression, "Are you sure, Amy? I can sleep on the couch if you want..." I shook my head and replied, "Nah, it's okay. Vince can take my bed." Then I realized that I was actually going to have to get out of bed to transfer over to Tommy's. I was really wishing I had packed some different lingerie to wear. My night dress was really loose and see-though...not a good thing to wear when surrounded by two guys in the middle of the night.
"Uh...shut your eyes for a sec, won't you?" I asked Vince and Tommy. Tommy shrugged and popped his eyes shut. Vince rolled his eyes, but covered them with his hands. Hoping that Vince wasn't peeking at me from between his fingers, I quickly slid out of bed and crept over to Tommy's. I settled on the right side of his bed and began arranging pillows down the center of the bed as a barrier between Tommy and me. I figured Tommy would be responsible, but it never hurt to take precautions.
"Can I open my eyes now?" Vince complained loudly. I was surprised to see that he still had his hands over his eyes. I pulled the sheet up over my chest and agreed, "Yeah." Vince quickly jerked his hand away from his eyes and peered over to where Tommy and I were lying on the adjacent bed with the barricade of pillows between us.
Vince laughed, "You really don't trust Tommy, do you?" I shot Vince an annoyed look and pulled the covers up over my head. Tommy, who had kept his eyes closed this whole time, finally opened them and looked over at me from between the pillows, "That reminds me to tell you something. I've gotta get some gas for my car before we head out to Lakeland tomorrow so I'm gonna get up pretty early. You can just keep sleeping though. Also, Nikki needs one of my spare lipsticks, so if he asks you for it, tell him it's in the bathroom drawer on the left sink of the sink, okay?"
I was a little too sleepy to really take any of this in, but I just nodded like I was paying attention to everything Tommy was saying, "Okay." Tommy let out a wide yawn and shut his eyes again, "Thanks, Amy. Let's get to sleep now. I've only got a few hours before I've gotta get up. And Vince, can't you remember to turn the fucking light off?"
Vince sighed in annoyance, but got up and walked across the room to flick the lights off again. I watched him move across the room. He had a really nice, tanned back. I hadn't realized that before. I immediately tried to transfer my thoughts to something else. Now was not the time to be thinking about Vince. Right now, I needed to get to sleep.

The sound of soft footsteps leading away from my bed woke me up. I gazed around the room with bleary eyes, but couldn't make anything out in the darkness. Suddenly, the noise of a door opening and closing sounded from my right. That was when I remembered that Tommy had said that he needed to get up early this morning. He was probably just leaving to get gas for his car. That meant I could go back to sleep. But of course, it wasn't that easy to just fall back asleep.
Only then did I realize just how cold it was in our hotel room. There were goosebumps on my arms and I was shivering slightly under my thin, lacy dress. I pulled the sheet up to my neck and held it tight, trying to get warm. It didn't take too long before I was soon fast asleep once more and off into the land of my dreams.
When I woke up again, I found that half of me felt warm and the other half felt cold. Something warm was emanating to my right. I was too sleepy to open my eyes to see what it was though. Not thinking of what I was doing, I squirmed over to the over side of the bed until I was pressed up against whatever was causing the heat.
I sighed happily as I snuggled up against my "heater" and then closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep again. But this time, there was no falling back asleep. That was okay though, I was happy just lying in this bed and resting my weary body. The feeling of warmth spread through my body and then I felt something shift next to me.
Wait...something was moving? I forced my eyes open to see where I was. The first thing I realized was that I was nestled against someone's body; not a heater. What had happened to my shitty blockade of pillows I had set up earlier? I must've somehow pushed them off when I had been rolling around in the bed.
I was about to apologize to Tommy and tell him that I hadn't meant to make a move on him or anything, when I realized that the figure lying next to me was not Tommy. After all, I had heard Tommy leave hours ago. Plus, this person didn't have the same pale skin that Tommy had. Tommy most certainly didn't have a tan chest that glowed in the morning sunlight. It didn't take me too much longer to realize that the man I was sleeping against was Vince Neil.
My heart momentarily stopped beating and I completely froze. What the hell was I doing in the same bed with Vince? I had been sleeping with Tommy, not Vince! Had I actually done something with Vince last night that I couldn't remember? Was it possible to have sex and not have any memories from it? My mind was spinning with questions, but my tongue was too slow to form them.
Instead, I lifted my head from Vince's chest and looked up into his eyes. Vince was peering down at me with an arm around my body, holding me close. Somehow, I managed to find my voice and ask, "W-what are we doing? I thought you were sleeping over there. Did we...did we...?" I didn't want to finish my question for fear of the answer.
"No, we didn't," Vince rolled his eyes. "I know better than to do something like that to you. Just calm down, baby." For some reason, even though I had woken up alarmed, I found I was still lying against Vince's body. I hadn't bothered to pull away. The thing was, I liked being right here pressed against Vince.
"How did you get over here though?" I asked suspiciously, not quite sure if I completely trusted Vince. "I thought you were sleeping in my bed." Vince blushed ever so slightly, "I was. But then Tommy got up and so I woke up. You were lying over here shivering and well..." Vince didn't finish his sentence. Truth be told, I liked Vince in my bed, so I didn't chastise him like I would have if I was thinking about the consequences of our actions.
Vince gently stroked my shoulder with the hand he had wrapped around me. I let myself relax against him and stopped worrying about last night. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. Feeling embarrassed, I asked nervously, "Uh...did I do anything embarrassing in my sleep? You know, sleep talking or snoring or anything?"
"Uh...yeah," Vince admitted, "You did a lot of talking. It was pretty hard to hear what you were saying though. I think you said Izzy's name a few times though." My stomach twisted into a knot. I had been trying to keep Izzy out of my mind for now. I had been doing a pretty good job of it until now when Vince told me I had said his name in my sleep.
To add to my humiliation, I looked down and realized that the left strap of my night dress had completely slipped off and was leaving me almost half-naked with my left breast exposed. Not wanting Vince to see me like this right now, I tried to yank up the sheets so I was covering myself up. Modesty was something that I felt I needed to have at the moment.
But Vince just slapped my hand away, "Geez, why do you always think you need to cover yourself up? You don't realize how beautiful you are, do you? Seriously, you don't have to cover yourself up with a body like yours. Besides, it's not like I haven't seen you like this before." Vince did have a point; he had seen me completely stripped down before. Knowing Vince, he still remembered that time quite clearly. I hesitated and looked and Vince doubtfully.
"Oh, come on, Amy!" Vince protested, "It's just me. I love you and you really should fucking know that by now." I frowned slightly, but let down my guard. To be honest, the only reason I wanted to cover myself up was so I wouldn't be tempted to do anything with Vince that I shouldn't. Because right now, I was having a pretty hard time resisting the man lying next to me.
I was trying to figure out what I should do next, when the door burst opened without even so much as a knock. I stiffened and turned wide-eyed to the doorway. Nikki had stumbled inside and muttered sleepily without looking up, "Amy, do you know where Tommy keeps his lipstick tubes? I need one for tomorrow."
All the words that had been coming to my lips froze in my throat. I looked nervously over at Vince, unsure of what to do. Vince was chewing the corner of his light pink lips. He hastily placed his hand over my naked breast so Nikki wouldn't have to see anything he shouldn't. But really, it was too late for that. Just one look into the room would be enough for Nikki to assume that Vince and I had slept together. After all, here we were, lying in the side by side in bed with me half naked.
Nikki finally looked up when I didn't reply, "Amy?" Then he took in the vision of Vince and me lying in bed together. Nikki's mouth fell open in a gape and he stared at us speechlessly. I shifted uncomfortably as he continued to ogle us. I was hoping he would at least say something or avert his gaze. This was starting to get a little too awkward.
Vince, feeling my annoyance, turned amused eyes to Nikki and said, "God, didn't anyone ever tell you that it's not polite to stare? Or did you miss that lesson?" It took a few minutes for Nikki to process Vince's words. He just continued to stare at us, but now his eyes were flaming and his cheeks were burning red, either from walking in on us or from anger.
I was really starting to feel uncomfortable at this point. Fuck Tommy for forgetting to lock the door as usual! Vince felt me tesnse and wrapped his arm tighter around me in an attempt to comfort me. But actually, it did the opposite. It only made my longing for him heighten, which wasn't exactly something I should be feeling with Nikki standing in the room.
Finally, Nikki managed to blink and look away from us. When he spoke, his tone was filled with accusation and pain, "Shit! What the fuck are you two doing? Don't you remember that you're married, you bastard? And geez, Amy, when did you become such a whore that you go around sleeping with anyone who you can get in your room, hm?"
Vince flung Nikki's words away with a shrug, but I immediately took offense. Just because Vince was married didn't mean his wife was being loyal. As a matter of fact, Nikki had been the one she had been going out with! And what did he mean by me being a whore? I was still a virgin for god's sake! Unable to keep any of these thoughts to myself, I flamed, "What the hell are you talking about, Nikki? You're the hypocrite who's been going out with Beth Lynn. Besides, Vince and I didn't sleep together, we just...uh..."
"Exactly," Nikki flashed me an evil smile that never met his eyes, "Here you are always trying to make up excuses. I'm surprised I didn't realize you were such a little bitch earlier. I can't believe I ever considered you my best friend at one point of time!" With a nasty look aimed for me, Nikki whirled around and slammed the door behind him as hard as he could.
The silence that hung in the room after Nikki left was heavy. Nikki's words had hit me really hard. Usually it was Nikki who kept his cool in a situation and Vince who blew his top. But today, that was not the case. I didn't care if Nikki's words were true or not; I just cared about the fact that he had basically said I was one of the worst friends he had ever had.
If there were tears left in me, I would've started crying. But after yesterday, there were no tears left in me. All that was left was the pain Nikki's words had caused me. Vince was staring at me nervously, as if he was worried that I would blame him for this encounter with Nikki. After all, if he hadn't been in my bed, we would never have gotten ourselves into this situation.
"Um...Amy?" Vince finally asked tentatively, still resting his arm lightly around my body. I finally managed to look away from the door and meet Vince's eyes. His blue eyes were filled with concern. I tried to thrust Nikki's words to the back of my head and attempted a smile, "Yeah?"
"I didn't mean to get you in trouble with Nikki," Vince apologized sincerely. "I don't know why, but Nikki just doesn't want us together or something. Remember when we were dating before? He was always talking shit about us and driving us crazy." Vince was right; Nikki had been pissed when Vince and I had been "dating" before. I wasn't really sure if we had exactly been dating though. It was more of a secret relationship because of Beth Lynn. But the only question was; why was Nikki so mad?
"But what does Nikki care?" I asked aloud, racking my brains for an answer. It was much easier to mull over this question that to dwell on the words he had just said about me. Vince frowned and his brow drew together as he thought, "Eh...I think I know why. Don't you?" I shook my head and waited for Vince's next words.
"Have you ever noticed how Nikki is so protective of you? Or why he always wants to know about your love life?" Vince asked. I nodded. On several occasions, I had gotten annoyed at Nikki for always asking me those stupid questions. Vince continued, "He likes you, Amy. It's just...he doesn't know how to love you. He's stuck between Lita, my wife, and you. He just doesn't know who to choose."
I blinked; Nikki liked me? It did seem possible, but I hadn't really ever considered the fact that Nikki might want me. We had pretty much gotten rid of the possibility of dating each other years ago. Since then, we had only been friends. But maybe there would be more in store for us together later down the road?
"So," Vince started, looking nervous again, "You aren't going know..." I set aside thoughts of Nikki and turned back towards Vince with a raised eyebrow. I wasn't exactly sure what his question was. Vince sighed and I could feel his chest rise against my side, "You aren't gonna try to get with Nikki, are you?"
Oh, so that's what Vince was trying to ask me. Well, right now, I had absolutely no desire in even talking to Nikki after that little outburst of his. However, I had to admit I wasn't quite as mad as before. Now in a better mood, I managed a real smile and rolled over so I was lying directly on top of Vince on the bed.
"Of course not," I replied to his earlier inquiry, "Why would I want Nikki? There's only one guy I want right now." Vince raised an eyebrow, "Oh really?" I nodded. Vince continued to look at me as if he were waiting for more. I leaned down so our faces were merely inches apart, "You, of course."
As soon as the words had popped out of my lips, I knew that they were true. At the moment, there was no one I wanted as much as Vince. It had always been Vince I had loved. Ever since he had stepped through Tommy's door three years ago, I had instantaneously knew that he was the one that I wanted to make mine.
I took Vince's lower lip into mine and kissed him gently. Looking a bit surprised, Vince took my lead and began kissing me back softly. After several tender kisses, a loud beeping sound next to us made both of us jerk apart. I guess we were both feeling a little paranoid after the whole Nikki encounter.
But this time, the beeping sound was just the harmless alarm clock. I flicked it off and frowned. It suddenly occurred to me that we had to fly to Lakeland this afternoon and we were still lying in bed with our clothes flung all over the room. If we were going to make the plane flight, we were actually going to have to get out of bed and get packed.
"Damn!" Vince said suddenly, "We're going to Lakeland today, aren't we?" I nodded. Apparently, we had been thinking the exact same thing. I kissed Vince's neck and then slid off him, "I suppose we should start getting packed up. We have a lot of work to do." Vince nodded reluctantly and watched me dig through my suitcase to find something to wear.
Still aware of his gaze, I glanced over to the bed, "Hey, what are you looking at?" Vince finally got out of the bed and strode across the room to the door, "What do you think I'm looking at? I'm looking at you, of course. Anyways, pray that my horror of a wife doesn't chop my head off." I laughed as Vince popped open the hotel room door.
"And Amy?" he said, "You know I love you." A little smile formed around my lips, "And you know I'm crazy for you." Vince gave me one last smile before he slipped out the door and shut it quietly behind him. I glanced after him, knowing deep in my heart that my life was turning directions once again.
I felt like pounding my head against the car seat in front of me as the noises of a kissing couple sounded next to me. Normally, I didn't mind kissing. On the contrary, I liked seeing happy couples in love. But it was a completely different story when the two people next to me were Nikki Sixx and Beth Lynn. They had been at it for hours and it was really starting to drive me crazy. I had wished that I had chose to ride in the other car even though Ozzy was traveling in it. At least Vince and Mick were in that car. Here, I was stuck with Tommy, Beth, and Nikki.
"Here we are!" Tommy exclaimed as he pulled into the parking lot of a mid-sized hotel. He seemed just as relieved as me to have reached our destination. I sighed happily and already had my hand on the door knob, ready to get out at any moment. As soon as Tommy had parked, I wasted no time in flinging open the door and racing around to the back of the car to get my luggage. The car next to us that contained Mick, Vince, and Ozzy was already parked as well.
Tommy hurried around to where I was standing and heaved my suitcase out of the trunk. Handing it to me, he whispered, "God, those two are just driving me nuts! I wish Vince and Beth could just make up so all this would go back to normal, don't you?" I didn't answer. As long as Beth Lynn and Vince were arguing, I could shamelessly do whatever I wanted with Vince.
Tommy was about to say something, but at that moment, Vince came over and scooped my suitcase out of my arms. He grinned at me and flopped an arm around my shoulders, "How was your trip?" I didn't even bother lying, "Ugh, terrible! All Nikki and Beth did was-" I quickly cut off. I wasn't sure if it would bother Vince if he knew Nikki was kissing his wife or not.
Vince had narrowed his eyes sand was peering into the backseat of the car to where Beth Lynn and Nikki were now chit chatting and taking their time getting out of the car. I was glad that they had the sense to stop their ongoing makeout session. Vince shurgged at Nikki and Beth and started leading me into the hotel, "Isn't it great here? The sun is shining, there's a beach less than ten minutes from us, and it's actually warm here!"
Ten minutes later, we were all gathered in the hotel lobby, deciding who was going to stay in what room. Tommy was tapping his foot nervously and gazing between Nikki, Beth, Vince, and me, "Uh, we sort of have a dilemma here, guys. For some reason, we only have two rooms booked." A loud groan erupted from the Crue members. Only having two rooms would mean that three of us would have to stay in each room and that somebody would probably have to sleep on the couch.
Beth Lynn gave a seductive smile and sexily wrapped an arm around Nikki and Mick, "Why, I'll stay in a room with my two buddies here. How about the rest of you take the other room?" Mick was eying Nikki and Beth Lynn apprehensively. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Who knew what would end up happening when Nikki and Beth Lynn ended up staying in the same hotel room? Whatever happened, it wouldn't end up being good.
"That sounds good," Vince agreed readily. Then smirking in Beth's face, he added, "There's no one I'd rather spend my nights with than Tommy and Amy." I wasn't exactly sure if there was an implied meaning in that statement or not, but I figured I could worry about that later. For now, I should just be grateful not to be stuck in a room with Nikki or Beth.
After we had found our two hotel rooms and had organized our luggage in the rooms, I flopped down on my back on the cushy, king-sized bed in the middle of the room. This hotel was luxurious. The carpet was soft and plush, their were pictures hung up all over the walls, everything seemed clean, and the bed was of the top quality.
Vince flopped down on the bed next to me after kicking off his sandals. He stroked the side of my face lightly to get my attention. I rolled onto my side as he began nibbling on my neck. Tommy stood at the end of the bed looking really annoyed, "Um, guys, how about you not do that right now? We're all going down to the bar across the street, remember?"
I didn't remember. As a matter of fact, I didn't even remember anything that was discussed during our plane flight. I had slept the entire way. After all, I had only ended up getting about four hours of sleep last night. Tommy shook his head at my clueless expression and said, "Well, we decided to meet down at the bar so you're coming with us whether you want to or not."
I groaned loudly, "But I don't like going to bars!" Tommy shrugged unsympathetically as Vince got off the bed, "Too bad for you." I glowered at Tommy's back as he retreated out the door without a backwards glance. The next moment, I was giggling as Vince picked me up off the bed and held me in his arms.
He carried me all the way to the doorway and then lightly set me back on my feet, "Don't worry, Amy. This is just a bar, not a strip club. Nothing weird is gonna happen. And even if it did, I'd be there to protect you." I entwined my fingers with Vince's as the two of us walked down the stairs to the main lobby. Below us, the sound of two people laughing met our ears. A black head and a blonde one were visible beneath us.
As we clunked down the stairs, one of the figures turned and looked up at us. It was Nikki. He started to smile, but when he say my hand in Vince's, he frowned again and turned away. It felt like someone had given me a shot in the heart. Vince noticed the look Nikki had given me and squeezed my hand, "What a dirty motherfucker."
Vince had no mercy for Nikki whatsoever. Once we had reached the parking lot, I searched for my jetta. Unfortunately, it was already gone. Mick, Tommy, and Ozzy were also already gone. I frowned, realizing Tommy must've taken my car keys from my room. So now it looked like I was going to be stuck driving with Nikki, Vince, and Beth.
The four of us stood stiffly in the parking lot, not meeting each other's eyes. The tension between us was almost unbearable. I felt like it was going to explode at any moment. Finally, Nikki said, "So we're all gonna take this car." Without waiting for a response from us, he opened the door to the driver's seat and popped inside. Beth Lynn started to slide in next to him, but Nikki shook his head and added, "No...I want Amy to sit there. I like to keep her under my supervision when we're in my car."
My face burned with embarrassment as I reluctantly took the seat next to Nikki. As it was his car, I had to abide by his rules. But really, what did Nikki think I was going to do if I wasn't under his supervision? Fuck with Vince in the backseat? If Nikki thought that, then he truly was going crazy.
Beth Lynn stuck out her lip, but ended up sitting in the back seat since she didn't really have another choice. The ride to the bar was awkward and tense. Nikki didn't look at me once during the entire ride and nobody dared to say a word. As soon as we had reached the large brown building that was obviously the bar we were meeting at, Nikki parked right in front of the doorway and unlocked the doors quickly. I quickly popped out of the door, glad to get away from Nikki.
Tommy was waiting for us by the door that led to the bar. He motioned for us to hurry with his hands and shouted, "Mick's already found us a table so you can just come over her with us." I practically ran towards where Tommy was standing, wanting to do whatever I could to put as much space between me and Nikki.
Tommy was giving me an odd look that seemed to ask, "What is going on?" That was when I realized that he had no idea that Nikki and I were even arguing. All he knew was that Nikki and Beth Lynn had taken it a step further. I intended to keep it that way. Tommy already thought Vince and I were going too far. The last thing he needed to know was about how Nikki had caught Vince and I sleeping in the same bed, which was technically Tommy's bed, this morning.
I tried to give Tommy a reassuring smile as we entered the building and searched for Mick. Mick was sitting at a table in the corner of the room with his eyes narrowed. Poor Mick always seemed to be in a bad mood these days. I wondered what was bothering him. But when we approached the table, Mick's eyes cleared and he gave me a smile, "There you are, Amy. We wondered if you and Nikki got lost or something! Anyways, wanna have a seat by me?"
"Sure!" I agreed readily, returning Mick's smile. I was willing to do anything to keep Mick in a good mood. As I slid onto the seat next to Mick, Nikki and Beth Lynn came into view. Luckily, they sat on the opposite side of the table. Vince took the seat opposite mine, and Tommy sat across from Mick.
There were already a few different bottles on the table and glasses in front of everyone. Nikki poured himself something out of one of the bottles and started draining the glass. Everyone else chatted happily while they carelessly filled and refilled their glasses. I knew better though. As a matter of fact, I didn't drink anything at all. I wasn't going to ruin my vacation by getting fucked up like everyone else. Besides, at this rate, Nikki wouldn't be able to drive us home. He was on his fourth glass.
Feeling a little bored, I dug through my purse and pulled out my compact. I might as well do a few makeup touches. I was just starting to apply some lipstick when a beautiful blonde girl walked through the door. Everything about her was sexy. Her shirt looked more like a bikini top versus anything else, her shorts were as short as they could be, and she looked like she had about ten pounds of makeup on that perfect, pretty face of hers.
I watched as several heads turned around to stare at the blonde beauty. Vince's head was one of them. I bit my lip and grimaced as the girl blew kisses to the guys ogling her before proceeding to the bartender. Jealousy was erupting in me as Vince continued to watch the girl. Not able to contain myself any longer, I kicked him hard in the shin with my heel.
Vince choked on his drink and glanced across the table at me where I was sitting sullenly, "What was that for?" I didn't answer because I knew Vince knew exactly what it was for. I made a mental note to come up with some rules for our relationship. One of those rules was going to be commitment.
"Okay, okay, sorry," Vince apologized, looking just a tad bit guilty. "You can't have expected me not to look though. But remember, it's just looking! Nothing more." I forgave Vince easily. It was impossible not to forgive him when he was smiling at me through those full lips that looked so appealing.
Vince leaned back in his chair and propped his feet up on my chair. He took a long sip from his glass and pulled his black sunglasses back on. I couldn't help but smile at him. All the Crue guys seemed to like wearing sunglasses inside buildings where they were completely unnecessary. Only god knows why. From the opposite end of the table, Nikki was guzzling his way through several more drinks, looking drunker by the moment.
Suddenly, two quarreling voice from the other end of the room attracted our attention. Everyone's head turned to see what was going on. Across the room, Ozzy was arguing with a little old woman who was carrying a rather large handbag in her left hand. The woman was shaking her finger in Ozzy's face and was scowling at him. Their voices rose loudly as the conversation heated up. Without warning, Ozzy snatched the bag from the woman's hand and ran towards the door as fast as he could go.
All six of us sitting at the table exchanged incredulous glances. Ozzy could be so stupid sometimes. Knowing that the only was he was going to get out of her was by using our car, the six of us exited the bar as inconspiciously as we could and then rushed over to our cars. Mick was back in his bad mood.
"Ozzy, that was pretty fucking stupid of you. You could get into major trouble for stealing," Mick remarked, looking fierce. Ozzy just laughed him off and slipped into the back seat, "Aw, have a little fun once in a while, Mick! You've gotta learn to live man! Anyways, let's get the fuck out of here!"
I hesitated on the sidewalk, trying to decide whether to ride in the car with Ozzy or Nikki. I found my feet leading me to Ozzy's car. Reluctantly, I entered the backseat door opposite Ozzy and climbed in. Tommy glanced back at me from the front seat as Mick started driving us back towards the hotel, "Hey there, Amy. I didn't know you were riding with us. You and Vince aren't fighting or anything...are you?" I blushed. Why did Tommy feel like he had to bring this up right now?
"You and Vince are together?" Ozzy asked, raising one black, bushy eyebrow. "I thought he was married to that Bethany girl or whatever her name is." I gave Tommy a reproachful look for getting me into this situation. Clearing my throat loudly, I stated plainly, "I just felt like riding in this car because Nikki is drunk as hell right now. You have a problem with that?"
Tommy shook his head, but Ozzy continued to stare at me with that creepy gaze of his. I wished Mick would speed up a little so we could just get back to the hotel already and so I could get away from all these drunk guys...and maybe do something with Vince. Okay, nothing too serious. Maybe just like a quick makeout session or something.
As soon as we were back in the hotel room, I slipped off my jacket, flopped down on the couch, and flicked on the television. Closing my eyes, I took a deep, relaxing breath. My peaceful atmosphere didn't last long though. Two seconds later, Vince and Tommy ambled into the room, talking loudly. I was going to ask them if they could keep it down a bit when Tommy asked me, "Hey there, Amy. We're all going down to the pool for a bit. Want to come?"
Immediately, I had shut the television off and was on my feet, "Yeah, of course!" Going down to the pool sounded like fun. It was a wonderful, warm sunny day outside. It would be perfect for swimming and lounging around. Plus, I was going to get a tan. I looked ghost white next to Vince.
After walking over to my suitcase, I started rummaging around for a swimsuit. A bright blue and green striped bikini caught my eye. I hesitated, unsure if I wanted to wear it or not. I was always a little self conscious wearing it. Finally, I flung it aside and decided to keep looking for something a little more modest.
Vince looked over my shoulder into my suitcase and picked up the bikini I had just set aside, "Why don't you wear this?" I frowned at it and continued searching in my suitcase, "I'd probably look bad in it. Bikinis only look good on supermodels. Vince laughed, pulled my hands out of the suitcase, and zipped it shut, "God, of course you'd look good in it. You're skinnier than most supermodels I know. You're wearing this whether you like it or not."
Vince forced it into my hands and gave me a persuasive smile. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the bathroom to change. Vince had a way of always getting his way with me. Once in the bathroom, I tore off my sweaty clothes and tied the bikini top on. Looking in the mirror, I realized Vince was right. I didn't look awful in it like I had expected. After changing completely and redoing my ponytail, I tossed my old clothes over my arm and walked back into the hotel room where Tommy and Vince were waiting impatiently for me. Without looking up, Tommy said in a monotone, "Are you ready finally?"
Before I could answer, Vince let out a whistle, "Mm, you look sexy." I blushed slightly as Vince's eyes began traveling over every inch of my body. His eyes wandered from my slender thighs to my stomach then to my chest. Tossing my old clothes into my suitcase, I slid on some high-heeled black sandals and traipsed over to where everyone was waiting, "Can we go now?"
"Yeah, it's about time!" Tommy said exasperatedly as he crossed the room and flung open the door. As I started walking towards Tommy, Vince caught my arm and spun me around to face him. He pulled me close to him and kissed my lower lip, "You are so irresistible like that. Why don't you let me book us another hotel room?"
Not getting what he was saying, I frowned and questioned, "Huh? Why do we need another one? This one is perfectly fine." Vince tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear and answered, "You are so naive, baby. I meant I could get one for just us. You know..." I did know. Vince's offer was very tempting. I knew I wanted to say yes, but was it the right time?
"Time is wasting!" Tommy called from the door, "Get your asses out the door, will you?" Thankful that Tommy's interruption gave me more time to think about Vince's question, I grabbed his hand and skipped towards the door light-heartedly. Vince cocked his head at me and whispered in my ear just before we reached Tommy, "So?"
"Oh...I don't know," I whispered back. "Let me think about it, okay?" Vince's face fell slightly, but he quickly masked it up. Tommy was glowering at us at this point, tapping his foot on the ground, "Sharing secrets, are we? Hmph!" I apologized, "Sorry, Tommy." Tommy just shrugged his shoulders as we walked down the stairs to the pool deck.
I saw the rest of my friends as soon as we reached the deck. Everyone looked so hot and sexy shirtless. I hated to admit it, but I even found Nikki attractive even after our dispute from earlier. But maybe I was envious. Beth Lynn and Nikki were sharing a lounge chair and Nikki had an arm wrapped around Beth's shoulders, holding her tight against him.
Beth looked really good in swim suit. Much better than me. I bit my lip and tried to ignore that. To distract myself, I took a chair by Mick, "Hey Mick, how's it goin'?" Mick glanced up at me dejectedly, "Oh, it's fine." I frowned, wishing that he would tell me what was bothering him. Placing a hand on his shoulder, I looked into his eyes and said sincerely, "Mick, if there's ever anything you want to talk about, let me know, okay?"
Mick smiled a stiff smile and thanked me, "Yeah, thanks Amy. You know, sometimes I wish..." He trailed off and glanced away from me, cheeks reddening slightly. I put my hand on top of his and tried to reconnect my gaze with his, "You wish what, Mick? Come on, you can tell me. You know that."
Mick hesitated, looking up at something behind me, "Uh...not exactly. It was nothing." I frowned and turned to see what was behind Mick. Vince was looking between Mick and me with a somewhat suspicious expression in his eyes. Not seeing why he should be suspicious, I asked, "Hey Vince! What's up?"
Vince shrugged, "Not much. Come sit with me." Without even waiting for an answer, Vince grabbed my hand and towed me away from Mick. I glanced over my shoulder and shot Mick a sympathetic look. But Mick was already gazing at his hands again and drinking from the beer bottle that was on the stand by his chair.
Vince led me over to a wide lounge chair and sat me down next to him on it. I took one last look at Mick before saying, "Don't you think something's wrong with Mick? He doesn't look so good." Vince peered over my shoulder at Mick and then said in an uncaring tone, "I dunno. But seriously, Amy, Mick can take care of himself. He probably had too much to drink or something. Who knows? He'll be better tomorrow. For now, let's just have some fun!"
Pop! Vince pulled off the top of his beer bottle and let it drop to the ground next to us without bothering to pick it up. Vince closed his eyes contentedly and took a long swig. I noticed the way his tan skin seemed to glow in the sunlight and how his blonde hair seemed to be lit up. God, he was so attractive. And I wanted him.
Vince popped his eyes back open and glanced over at me with a mischievous expression on his face, "Let's have a spitting contest!" For a moment, I didn't think I had heard Vince right. He hadn't just said "spitting contest"...or had he? Giving Vince an odd look, I said, "Um, what did you just say?"
Rolling his eyes, Vince replied, "You know, spitting contest. I'll show you how to play." Not sure if I really wanted to participate in this spitting contest, I watched hesitantly as Vince rolled over onto his belly on the lounge chair. Next, he took a big swallow out of his beer bottle, gargled it in his mouth for a minute, and then spit it out as far as he could, which was about two feet from the edge of the lounge chair.
"Your turn," Vince said, handing me the bottle. I looked at him warily for a moment, not sure if I wanted to take the bottle or not. Seeing my dubious expression, Vince smiled sweetly at me and forced it into my hand, "Aw, have some fun with me!" Still a little doubtful, I flopped onto my stomach next to Vince and took a sip from the beer bottle. I doubted I could spit very far. Two seconds later, I proved that fact. I made it only about a foot away from the edge of the lounge chair.
"God, I'm pathetic," I stated, glancing at Vince sideways out of the corner of my eye. Vince slid over on the chair closer to me and rested one of his legs on top of mine. Instantly, my pulse quickened and my leg started tingling from his touch. Vince, seemingly unaware of the effect he was having on me, whispered, "Never say you're pathetic, baby. You're far from it. Come on, let's do it together this time."
I didn't really want to continue this spitting contest thing, but I was willing to do anything for Vince. Apparently, Vince had just had too much to drink earlier at the bar. Vince was about to hand me the bottle when something caught my eye. From the opposite end of the pool deck, two familiar dark-haired figures were standing.
The first was Nikki and the second was a dress? I gave Vince an incredulous look and said, "What the fuck?" Vince looked just as dumbfounded as me. We stayed quiet and tried to eavesdrop on Nikki's and Ozzy's conversation. I could hear Ozzy saying, "The dress? Oh, I found it in that old woman's bag. You know, the one I stole from the bar?"
Nikki nodded, but stayed quiet. He was obviously still in a pissed off mood. Randomly, Ozzy stated, "Do you have any cocaine?" I quickly glanced around the pool deck to see if there was anyone around. Luckily, the Crue were the only people on deck. Nikki shook his head, "Sadly, not."
Turning to Vince, I asked, "Nikki does cocaine? When did that start?" Vince, not taking his eyes off from Ozzy and Nikki, replied nonchalantly, "Oh, I don't know. A while probably? I know he's been doing heroin though." I narrowed my eyes at him, all of the sudden feeling angry, "Yeah, because you got him hooked on it!"
Vince just gave me a wide smile between those full lips of his. Shaking my head at him, I turned back to Ozzy and Nikki. Ozzy was lying on the ground next to a swarm of ants. I watched with horror as he snorted up the ants with his nose. Unable to keep my revulsion to myself, I burst out, "Ew! That's disgusting!"
The next thing I knew, Ozzy was standing back up and was pissing on all over the ground. For once, I was thankful that he was wearing a dress so I didn't have to see anything too obscene. Again, I looked around the pool deck to make sure a lifeguard wasn't around. Ozzy could get us all into big trouble if he wasn't care.
Hoping Ozzy was done with his showing off or whatever it was he was doing, I shifted my gaze to see what Nikki thought of all this. But my gaze instantly popped back to Ozzy when he dropped onto his knees and started to lick up his own piss. My nose scrunched up and I buried my head into Vince's neck to get the revolting image out of my brain, "Oh god, that is so gross!"
"Your turn," I could hear Ozzy say from a distance away. Was Ozzy actually daring Nikki to do what he had just done? Ozzy was crazy. He couldn't really expect someone to actually take this dare. At least Nikki had the brains to say no...right? I just about jumped out of my skin when Nikki said, "Okay."
"He's not really gonna do it, is he?" I asked Vince with wide eyes. Vince didn't answer, just pointed a finger to where Nikki had turned away from us and was now pissing on the pool deck. I threw my head in my hands and thought about what to do next. Maybe I should go over to Nikki and demand for him to stop this nonsense right this minute.
That was when Ozzy crept under Nikki and started licking up Nikki's piss as well. Seeing enough, I closed my eyes tightly and shook my head, "Geez...those two will never learn!" Vince nodded, "Probably not. Let's just ignore them for now though." Vince took a swig of the beer and handed the bottle to me. Figuring we were back to our spitting contest, I took a large sip and whished it around in my mouth for a minute.
At that moment, Vince turned to me, also gargling. He looked so funny with his puffed out cheeks that I couldn't help but keep from laughing. Before I knew it, Vince and I had spit out the beer all over each other and were laughing like two lunatics. I traced Vince's jawline with my finger and gazed up at him lovingly, "You're so funny, you know that Vince?"
"Am I?" Vince asked, sliding his hands under me. He flipped me onto my back and wriggled on top of me, keeping his leg in between mine. Vince smoothed my ponytail with one hand before he brought his lips down to my neck where the beer had splattered all over me. He started licking my neck gently, keeping one hand wound in my hair. Knowing that I had to touch him too, I moved my lips across his neck, wanting so much more.
"This is a public place, you know," a voice slurred. I frowned, a shadow was now looming over us. We had been having so much fun until this person had to ruin it. Nikki was standing over us, looking murderous. I thought about what he had just said. So he was worried about us kissing in a public place when he had just been talking about doing cocaine and pissing in public? What a fucking hypocrite!
" can't exactly say that," I started out in a gentle voice, about to explain the contradiction to him. But Nikki didn't let me finish. Instead, he just glared coldly and me and stalked away, muttering under his breath, "Stupid, fucking bitch." My feelings were instantaneously hurt, but I decided not to let it bother. This time, I was going to follow Nikki and demand to know what his problem with me was.
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