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Family Life

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'He pulled out a small velvet jewellery box. I gasped at the quickness of this all.'

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A/N: Hello my lovelies :) As you read this I'm working very hard on the birthday special! Today, I have been very busy drawing, again, so let me introduce you to Cynthia Bower-Aarons; She's meant to be about 7 just so you know. And I've done one of Rhi,again, but if I show you it now it will ruin the chapter so I'll give you the link at the end! Okay, enjoy!


Rhianne's POV

"Is there some sort of problem girls?" both Holly and my dad looked confused, Sadie was speechless and Cynthia had an extremely cute looking grin on her face.
"YOU MARRIED HER DAD?" She pointed a finger at me as she shrieked. Holly simply nodded. "YOU. MARRIED. HER. DAD?!?" It was Blondie, from art class.
"I guess there is a problem then." my dad sighed.
"Oh there is a problem! Your daughter is the emo kid! Think of my reputation!"
"Ha! Charming! My Dad married a woman with a slut for a daughter, do you see me complaining?" That was the first time I had opened my mouth, I already regretted it.
"Shut up you little bitch, you're the reason Troy is in jail!"
"Oh I'm sorry, it's my fault he decided to rape me then try to kill me?!?"
"Okay, that's enough from both of you!" my dad was now angry, I waited for the punching to start and then shuddered as I realised Gerard was there, I didn't want him to be involved. "Sadie, get to your room! Cynthia come and say hello to your sister."
Soon enough Sadie had stormed off and the sweet looking girl came up towards me, smiling her heart out.
"Hello, my name is Cynthia, pleased to meet you!" She wrapped her arms around my waist as she said this and stepped backwards, smiling before skipping off out of the room, humming. Gerard scowled after her as I elbowed him in the arm as he did, we ended up staring into each other's eyes for a while, my dad clapped, bringing me back to the present and making me jump, causing me to wince in pain.

"Right, let's get you to your room, all your stuff is in there from your old house and we got you a new bed. We have yet to paint the room but you can have it any colour you want, it's up two flights of stairs but we have a elevator so you can use that for now with your bad leg." We slowly walked back into the hall to reveal a spiral staircase reaching up as far as you could see with a skylight at the top revealing the clear blue sky. Dad opened what appeared to be a pair of very heavy dark oak doors, revealing the elevator that would take me up to the room, we all managed to fit inside and soon were on the third floor, the level with my room on.

The hall was very grand, the floor was wooden and the walls were cream. After walking for a while we got to my room and he opened the door, and gasped at the size of it. The floor was once again wood with cream walls; it had to be at least three time bigger than my room at our old house and in the centre of the back wall was a king sized four poster bed.

"Whoa! Dad! This is way too much!" I shrieked as I hobbled, due to my leg cast, quickly to the massive bed and fell backwards onto it, giggling like a little girl. All the stuff from my old room was packed in boxes neatly in the corner.
"Come here! Im not done showing you yet!" He grabbed my hand and gracefully pulled me up dragging me over to one of the two doors on the right wall.

He opened it to reveal a gigantic walk in wardrobe, making me gasp and giggle, he then opened the next door, revealing an ensuite.

The bathroom was covered in grey tiles from floor to ceiling and had a giant walk in glass shower/sauna with a hot-tub/bath next to it. There was a black granite counter with a butler sink and automatic hand taps.

"Ah, Andy Warhol's Marilyn!" This was the first time Gerard had spoken inside the house, he pointed towards a light box with a picture of 'Marilyn' by Andy Warhol on the front. I gazed in awe at it, ever since I was tiny it had been one of my favourite pop art pieces.
"Dad! You remembered?!?" A smile played on my lips as I realised he didn't just block me from his memory.
"How could I not remember! You used to drag me every Sunday to the Tate just to see it when you were little! And if you look in the wardrobe there's that other painting you like... what's it called? Barber... Beach?"
"No. Fricken. WAY!" dad just simply nodded as I turned the corner back into the wardrobe to see Barber Beach by Mark Bodnar next to the mirror and squealed, this was another one of my favourite paintings! I laughed and turned to see both my Dad and Gerard smiling. I think Gerard had finally realised that I was safe and happy here.

We made our way back into my room to see Holly standing there with cookies and still lemonade, my favourite drink may I add.
"Rhianne, if it's okay with you we'll put off painting and buying more decorations and furniture for your room until next week, we have to finish a turn over by Saturday at work so we'll be very busy until then." Holly smiled and relished the thought of being able to make-over a room.
"Yeah, sure, it's just perfect how it is, it doesn't need changing."
"And we've got to get you some new clothes, and a new bass, your other one got slightly damaged in transit." With that my dad let out an awkward smile and my face dropped.
"How damaged?"
"Just a few scrapes... and a broken string. But don't worry! The removal men gave us the money for a new one. I know how much it meant to you dear but it can still be played, just if your need to play in public you might need a new one too." I sighed as I was told my first ever bass was broken, but not beyond repair. "Right, we'll leave you kids to it! When you want us just press '1' on the phone and it will call straight to downstairs, then we'll start the grand tour!" Holly and Dad smiled as they left the room. I turned to Gee and sighed drawing him in for a hug.

"Hello" I smiled as I breathed in his cologne once again. He let go of the embrace and pulled me to my bed. Sitting us both down on it.
"Rhi there's something I wanted to give to you, I brought it a while ago while you were still in hospital and I'd really like you to wear it." He pulled out a small velvet jewellery box. I gasped at the quickness of this all. And sighed when he said "Don't worry it's not what it looks like, I'm not that far forward yet!" he laughed as he handed me the little box to reveal a small oval silver locket on a silver chain. I gasped at its beauty. Inscribed on the front of it was 'R.A G.W' with a love heart in between. Suddenly, I realised tears were streaming down my face; I looked up at Gee and kissed him.
"Gee it's beautiful! Thank you so much! I don't know how I will ever repay you!"
"You repay me by just breathing Rhi." Gerard sighed as he placed the locket on me. I leaned in for another kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck and his arms around my waist. Suddenly from the door there was a tiny cough, I turned around to find Cynthia at the door.
"Hi Cynthia! What can I do for you?" I smiled nicely at her as she skipped forward into the room.
"You have some friends downstairs." She smiled and pulled my arm, dragging me towards the lift with Gee in tow.

I had a feeling I would like this place.

A/N: Hey again! Okay I have some links to the artwork mentioned, these are some of my favourite pieces of art personally; (Barber Beach by Mark Bodnar (Marilyn by Andy Warhol)
Also, this is a close up of Rhi's locket:
Okay, R&R!
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