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Chapter 23

The groups broke up and got ready for the final confrontation. Ryuu was hot to catch them, especially when things had worked out that the two of them could have been together again. It was amazing that he was even there at all. When they had discovered his body, if the hazardous material had not been all over him, they would not have closed the bag again. He would have burned up and that would have been the end of him. However, they panicked, closed the bag which smothered the flames and snuffed out the fire. The flames helped cleanse the mustard gas, but they took no chances and zipped up the bag again, tossed into the hole again. They buried it and tried to keep it all secret for fear of being called crazy. However, what happened to Ai was beyond repair, because she was not he, and she did not have the resources that he did to rebound from that. Someone was going to pay, and he was going to insure that it was Draco. Chiyuki wanted Draco just as bad, but Charlotte also put gravel into her craw, considering of what her diet consisted. To her, the little witch was evil personified: a physical manifestation of everything Teresa was, and she needed to be snuffed out before her poison spread amongst the world of the night. The one thing that bolstered them was that there was another with them just as disgusted at their targets, and wanted them just as dead. To them, he was like Jean-Claude, but with no inhibitions or illusions about reality. They really felt that Jean-Claude had something to learn from Blade.

They were now in the subway, and the ten made for quite a sight. People in New York normally didn't stare at things, but they took the cake this time, especially with the weapons that they held. However, Blade thought fast and he shouted, "NYPD, special task force," and whipped something out real fast and put it back. It was shiny, and they had to assume it was a badge. However, they wondered where they got it. He then said, "Did you see an Italian looking man and a12-year-old girl come through here?"

No one spoke, and he then said, "Hey, the guy's a pervert, and that was one of his enslaved kids! TALK!"

Once they heard that, everyone pointed to the tracks, indicating they had gone down the tunnel on foot. "Thanks, folks," said Jean-Claude, "Alright, split up: we four will go left, you three go right. Eric, you take Ryuu and Chi up to the surface and go either way the line goes in case they try to surface."

A conductor handed them a map, really thinking them with the police, and said, "Here is where the line goes. Part of it surfaces, so you might have a chance at that."

Before they split, Jean-Claude whispered to Blade, "What was that you flashed?"

"That was a Detroit badge," said Blade, "It was from a cop who was a good family friend who died protected me when I was a boy. All you need to do is just flash it quick and people buy it."

"Then, tonight,"said Jean-Claude, "He comes with us in spirit, because that helped us so much. Now, let's go."

With that, they split up.

Indeed, when the two had gotten into the station, they both agreed to split up and meet later. In truth, Charlotte could have cared less what happened to Draco. As far as she was concerned, he had served his purpose, and if he died, she would then have supreme control when the time came to rebuild House Cathong. Amayah could rot in Hell for all she was concerned. As luck would have it, Karin, Kannon, and Anjou were chasing Charlotte. Both groups kept their ears open for oncoming trains, keeping tabs on where the manholes were just in case one did come. Kannon hopped onto Karin's shoulders and concentrated. She knew she was not as fast, and because of that, Karin realized that Charlotte would not be fast either considering her diminutive size. They then knew they could catch her easily...hopefully. Kannon then said, "Auntie Anjou, I'll watch through your bats so you can concentrate."

"Thank you sweetie," said Anjou.

"Where's daddy,"asked Kannon.

"He stayed with the others to help mop things up," said Karin, "Someone needs to take care of that."

"I just hope he takes care of that quickly so he can be with us," Kannon responded, "and then Ican kiss him to death!"

Karin rolled her eyes and said, "Honey, we have to talk about the kissing monster you have become with daddy."

"But daddy's so kissable!" she said gleefully, none of them realizing that the essence of Sophia had been put into her because of Karin's past. Considering that Sophia had a huge crush on Kenta, (due to being part of Karin at the time as a spirit,)she could not help but feel great love for daddy, though she knew not why.

Kannon then began to focus on the bats, and they saw Charlotte not too far ahead. With great speed they caught up to her. When they reached her, they saw her with an old U.S. Cavalry saber that she had kept since that era. She rarely ever had to use it, but she did indeed know how. She put on the best puppy eyes she could and said, "Please, you wouldn't hurt a little girl, would you? Please, that awful Draco made me do all those things! You have to believe me! Please, let me join your house. I know you want to be right in things."

None of them were buying it, and Anjou recognized her from months before. She just furrowed her brow and stared at her, saying, "Don't even bother. I remember you. We had you and your sister cornered, and you got away somehow."

Charlotte's"innocent little girl" look went away in a New York minute, and she said,"Then, it's time for paybacks!"

Charlotte called Anjou a female dog and did a flying lunge at Anjou. She seemed to fly ten feet into the air and about 30 feet as nimble as a cat, and as if the distance was but a few feet. However, Anjou was equal to the task and had her black, dragon head silver alloy katana out in a flash to parry the blow. "Give up!" snapped Charlotte, "You're no match for a pure blood!"

As they clashed, Anjou hissed, "You have no clue what it means to be a 'pure blood!' You are just a pale imitation of us!"

Charlotte started to laugh, and spat, "If I have heard correctly, your 'kind' is responsible for us existing..."

"A mistake I am glad to say that we don't have to live with!" Anjou interrupted, "and it all ends with you!"

They clashed further, and Charlotte then said, "You fool! There are other undead out there, and they will organize and kill all of you!"

"Not if we get to the mass of them first," Anjou said, "We have a hope for them you could never offer!"

"What? What are you going to offer: some Sleibri myth of vampire salvation? That child may be one of them, but they will never get away from the beast within!"

Kannon was watching this closely, and listening intently as well. It was then that she began to realize that the third eye was no mistake, and that there were others out there either like her, or close. If that was the case, then she knew that part of the reason why the four Golconda existed was to help bring them in safely and reward them for trying to live out the Dream, though they did not realize that this was what they were doing. It was also then that she realized that Charlotte and her ilk would be of those that would try to destroy them, the Dream as well, and that as long as she existed, they would never be safe. It was now time to really demonstrate what the Golconda could do. The third eye on her forehead opened up and her fangs extended, and she said, "If I have abeast in me, then it answers to me, not me it! Get ready to meet this'beast'!"

With that, Charlotte flew across the tunnel and hit the wall hard. She got to her feet all dazed and with a look of horror on her face. Three eyes stared at her, and none of them looked friendly. Kannon then reached out a hand, and fire started to surround Charlotte. Wherever she tried to run or jump, the ring followed her, and started to close in on her. However, the sounds of an oncoming train caught their attention and broke Kannon's concentration as they all dove for the safety depressions in the wall. Once the train passed, Charlotte was gone. "She jumped on the top of the train!" said Kannon, now concentrating on the bats that were watching. With that, they all charged down the tunnel. They were relieved that they were near a station and that the train had stopped. They quickly climbed up the ladders up the back, and Karin told Kannon to hold on tight to the rungs on the top. As soon as they crested the top, Charlotte was staring at them in horror. However, before anyone could notice the passengers atop the train, it took off down the tunnel again. They could not stand now, but they kept a sharp look on each other, and Charlotte shouted,"KEEP THAT DEMON CHILD AWAY FROM ME!"

She at last understood that her kind was a relic, and now there was a force come to make her a part of history by a creature she figured had been myth: the very creature that had been predicted to do the deed.

As they went, Lucas said, "It's been a while since I have had to fight," he said, "I was the best warrior in my tribe many centuries ago."

"Trust me," said Jean-Claude, "After having spent five years with Native American and woodsmen vampires, I know that the instinct they instilled in my doesn't go away. It's in you, and you'll find it. It's something you don't forget easily."

Lucas smiled and said, "You spent five years with a tribe?"

"Not exactly," answered Jean-Claude, "They were cast out of their tribe once they were found out for what they were. They named me Black Knife, because of...wait, I smell him!"

"Yes, he's not too far ahead," responded Lucas, "He's covered in death from head to toe-too hard to miss."

They charged ahead, but they were now beginning to pass a sewer main, and the smell was masked by the stench. This is when they ran right past Draco: the moment he had been waiting for. He had with him a rapier, and he leapt out and put a large gash across the chest of Jean-Claude. He tumbled down in pain, but before Draco could strike, Lucas ran up and kicked the blade out with the left foot and then transferred his weight to that leg as he did a jumping side kick into Draco's chest. The children were tending to their now angered father as Lucas and Draco squared off. "Lucas!" said Draco, "I should have known you would have bowed to the enemy! I never trusted you in the counsel of the houses, and Idefinitely despise you now!"

"You have no idea what you fight right now, do you?" said Lucas with a confident smirk.

"Don't tell me you bought into that vampire salvation thing?" laughed Draco.

"Bought into it?"laughed Lucas in return, "I took hold of it, lock, stock, and barrel!"

"Oh really," responded Draco sarcastically, "Let's find out just what you have!"

With that, they engaged. If someone were to look at it from a fighting standpoint, he would have been impressed by the display. However, there were two reasons for this: they were both that good, and both were making a fight to the death. They threw blows and defended with blocks with speed and precision, the whole thing looking like a well-planned dance with the efficiency of both combatants. Each was able to defend shots, and was also able to get good licks in on one another. As Jean-Claude was healing, he watched the display in front of him. He was impressed by Lucas, and wondered if he would become a part of the Hand if offered. Finally, Lucas was able to back him off with a hard double palm strike, and then came up with a lunging knee. Draco went to defend it, which was what Lucas wanted. Lucas only presented the knee for a brief moment and then retracted it as he connected with Draco's chin with a flying fist. Draco hit the ground dazed, and Lucas went for the rapier to finish the job. However, the sounds of a fast approaching train could be heard. There was not much time to react, but in the time Lucas went for the rapier, Draco began to regain himself, and then got to one of the manholes in the wall. Mickey thought fast and his third eye opened. At once, everyone was pressed onto the ceiling and remained there as the train passed. In the process, the rapier bounced in Draco's direction, and he snatched it the second the train passed. He tore off and headed to the surface at the next station. They had lost him, but they were not going to be outdone.

On the surface, Chiyuki moved with her amazing speed and followed the track of the train until she got to a part of the track that would be on the surface. She went acertain distance down the line and realized that they had not yet emerged. She stopped to regain her bearings, and she was about to head towards the tunnel. Before she could, Moon Knight emerged. At first, she was going to chop him in two for the sudden appearance, but she checked herself and said, "Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Sneak up on you?"he responded, "I didn't think that was possible."

She gave him that look, but he then said, "We have to get out of this area and to a better position: trouble's on the way."

"What do you mean?"she asked, but he was pulling her to the nearby buildings, hoping to ascend. She caught onto where he wanted to go, and she took the both of them to the roofs. She then said, "What's this all about!"

"I was tracking the events," said Moon Knight, "and since I've been sucked into this, I figured that I had to help in whatever way I could. However, as I was coming, Ispotted something not so good."

"What do you mean?"asked Chiyuki, now not certain of what they now faced.

"Apparently, one of them has connections to werewolf allies."

"WHAT! I thought that..."

"...they were myths? No, they exist, and they despise vampires. It's just no vampire has ever lived long enough to tell of meeting one. However, these ones are outcasts of their kind, and apparently they have been allied with the undead. They are heading this way, and I can only assume that they are going to aid their friend."

"They haven't emerged yet."

"Then let's get to the front of the tunnel and watch."

Before this, the group on Charlotte's case could only stare as they had no room to fight. While that happened, they noticed that Charlotte reached down and pulled out a phone, much to their surprise. She made a quick call and put it back. What they did not know was that she had some werewolf allies that were outcasts and that she had rescued. It was now time for them to repay the debt. Suddenly, the train emerged from the tunnel to an elevated section, and everyone but Kannon gained their feet, as Kannon continued to hold on for dear life. As she did, however, she suddenly locked up, and then she said, "We've got company!"

At that moment, they saw something they never thought they would see, much less at that moment. What looked like werewolves-about eight in all-were now on the train with them. Charlotte then said, "I can't wait to watch this! They are going to rip you to shreds! Boys, save the heads for me-I want trophies!"

However, just after that, Chiyuki and Moon Knight landed on the train, and the one of the lycanthropes said, "Moon Knight! I should have known you would be involved!"

"You can't keep agood man down!" he said, and the melee commenced.

Draco was running for his life now, not certain what to think anymore. He never thought that Lucas could be that powerful, and now he wondered if there could be something to those myths. As he ran, however, he turned down an alley, and ran right into Blade and Ryuu. He started to try to turn and run, but Ryuu jumped over and cut him off, looking like death personified. He then hissed, "I want the pleasure of watching Blade cut you to ribbons for the pain you caused me, and then I dine on your entrails!"

He wheeled around just in time to see Blade lunging forward with his sword out. Draco defended, and the two clashed. He had had nightmares about facing the day walker, and now they had become reality. Back and forth they clashed, working with a skill that would have made any samurai green with envy. It was an incredible display of block, strike, and counter. They were even running along the walls and fire escapes as they fought, moving with a speed that was a blur to the human eye. However, as Draco defended, he did so with desperation, knowing that, because Blade's sword was made of a silver alloy, one cut of any kind would be fatal. Draco was looking for that one blow that would end it, because he knew the longer the fight, the worse the odds become. Yet, as they fought, they were going higher and higher and it was then that Ryuu realized what was happening. Draco was fighting, but trying to get away at the same time. Ryuu was about to move, but, just as Draco was getting to the roof, Ryuu watched as four blurs jumped the gap and ahead of Draco. "DRACO!" shouted a familiar voice, "IT ENDS!"

He got to the roof in time to see Jean-Claude and his group heading Draco off at the pass. He turned to see Blade and Ryuu on the other side. Without a word, the two day walkers charged. Now Draco was fighting a desperate fight, and he was no longer able to make an attack as he was now spending his whole time defending the two dhampir. Draco made for the edge of the building, but the twins opened up their third eyes and an astral flame surrounded the edge of the building. He then turned around just in time to fend off the two swords swinging at him. He jumped over the two of them, hissing, and he then said, "YOU FOOLS! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I CAN DO!"

At this point, his desperate situation was causing him to turn feral, and he began to take on an animal-like state and worse than what Ryuu had done. However, Ryuu began to match him, and he said, just as loud, "FOOL, YOU HAVE NO IDEA THAT I TAUGHT YOUR KIND HOW TO DO THIS!"

With that, they clashed, and Ryuu was putting all the energy of his sorrow into his attack. The two looked like two tigers locked in mortal combat, and Jean-Claude looked at this in horror and shock. Blade kept a stoic look, and then looked at him and said, "Look closely at this, Jean-Claude. You and I can't do this, but all vampires can. I wager that even what you call true vampires can do this."

"It's true, daddy,"said Sheila, "but it's nowhere near as bad. Aunt Karin told us that this happened to her once when she thought her whole family had been killed before her when she was in a weakened state. If it had not been for Uncle Kenta showing up when he did, she may have been next."

" just...I can't," said Jean-Claude, who watched in disbelief.

"Now you see why Ihave my suspicions about what you seek," said Blade, "We are different, and, I'm sorry, but no matter how you shape it, we are monsters, like it or not."

Jean-Claude just stood there quiet now as he watched the combat, (and Draco was getting the worst of it.) He also had a single tear rolling down his cheek, the truth of things now coming to him. He wondered if the Dream was dead.

Ryuu and Draco continued to fight, both men being beyond words at this point. Ryuu had long ago tamed this beast, but he knew that it would never go away, no matter what he did. However, because it was there, he knew he could control it. He also knew that Draco, because he never sought to control the beast in him, but instead embraced it, in this state, he had no rational control. This was Ryuu's edge. It was not really two tigers that fought, but a tiger and a dragon: the tiger attacks on instinct whereas the dragon can outthink his opponent. No matter what Draco tried, Ryuu had the answer for it. By this point, Draco was a bloody mess and he was weakening. Ryuu growled, "It's over! Prepare for Hell!"

He moved swiftly and picked up Draco, flinging him into the astral flame as he screamed, "THIS IS FOR AI: ROAST IN HELL YOU BASTARD CHILD!"

Draco screamed with the mix of a beast and a scared woman as he impacted the flame and burst into sparks and ash. As soon as that disappeared, so did the astral flame. Ryuu reverted to his normal form, and then collapsed to his knees. The twins then came up and stood before him. He sprawled out before their feet, crying, and saying, "Your highnesses: thank you for bringing me peace!"

He lay there and just cried, and everyone thought it best to just stay still and let things be for the time.

Karin had heard stories about the lycanthropes, but she never knew that this could be. One thing was certain: it was a bad way to learn about them, and this was definitely something that had to be dealt with one day, because if they did not like vampires, they could have a war on their hands one day. They were fast and strong, but they indeed have one weakness. If the undead were vulnerable to silver, the werewolves were even more so. Indeed, Chiyuki was proving she could handle herself, and caused wounds on the werewolves that were more like burns. One punched Moon Knight in the chest, and then yanked his hand back in pain. "You stupid shmuck!" announced Moon Knight, "Have you forgotten about my armor?"

The wolf hissed and said, "No matter: we can get rid of the leeches and you once and for all!"

The two continued to engage, and Moon Knight then said, "Idiot! I have many friends that are of your kind, and you couldn't even carry their talismans!"

"Oh? Then how can you be with these leeches!" he hissed in return.

"They are not what you think," said Moon Knight, "and if I have my way, they will be allies."

That relieved Karin to hear and she hoped that it was true. Anjou had two on her, and they were swift with their claws, but she was better with her blade, and she quickly had two cut with fatal wounds. They reverted to men and fell off the train. Chiyuki had about three of them gone before one could blink, and then turned her attention to Moon Knight, who had three on him as well. Two of them lunged, but Moon Knight pulled out two silver spikes and rammed them into their hearts. It wasn't like the vampire, because a werewolf could take such athing. However, because they were silver, it was fatal. They too reverted to men and fell from the train. However, the last was going for Moon Knight, but Chiyuki jumped over the top and took off its head. His end was the same, and they now turned their attention to Karin.

Charlotte saw that Karin's back was to her, and she tried to Pearl Harbor her, but Kannon spotted this and shouted, "Mommy: look out!"

Karin wheeled around in time enough to block the blade coming at her, and they began to duel. Charlotte was small, but she was no less powerful. She had been around for over a century, and though she chose to remain a child, she still had the age and wisdom of a vampire that age. She knew a few tricks, and she was giving Karin a hard time. "As soon as I chop you up, your friends are next!" snapped Charlotte, "I will come back with a huge army. Worse, they will all be children, and they will make you suffer! If you try to stop them, to the public eye, it will make you to be the monsters! You shall all pay for what you have done! WE ARE THE SUPERIOR!"

She then used adisarming technique and took the sword out of Karin's hand. She then went to finish off Karin, but Anjou was there just in time to block the blade, and she said, "You are not superior. You are pestilence."

From behind, ablade shot through her chest. It was Karin's, and Chiyuki was behind it. With lightning speed, she then removed all of Charlotte's limbs with the same blade and had her bound to the top of the train. "Superior?" sniveled Chiyuki, "I hardly believe that! You...are...vermin! It's bad enough your ilk made my life aliving Hell for over a millennia. It's worse when you are a baby killer like you. The final straw was that your very existence threatened the safe home, haven, and family that came to me. If it were not for Karin here and Jean-Claude, I would still be on the run. He didn't judge me, and all Karin saw was a vampire that needed love and a home. I will be damned to Hell if you are going to take it from me!"

The train pulled to a stop, and everyone lay low so as not to be seen. Charlotte was about to scream, but Chiyuki reached in and yanked out her vocal cords. Since she was undead, this would not kill her, (she really didn't breathe anyway.) "No,"said Chiyuki, "No more of your evil voice."

Everyone slipped onto the awning over the stop, and Charlotte looked at her with a horrified look. Kannon then said, "She wants to say, 'You're just leaving me here?'"

Chiyuki said, "Your goons made Ai suffer, and you are responsible for that. For that, you are going to suffer horribly. I am going to keep you there, and as you circle around Manhattan, you will have time to contemplate your evil. If you believe in a higher power, you had better make peace with that in that time, because, when the sun comes up, you're gone; no one will know it has happened, and no one will care. If you are superior, then this is your chance to prove it. You have about five hours, and I hope you enjoy the tour of New York. Enjoy the sunrise."

The train started to pull away, and Kannon relayed that, internally, she was wailing. The reason was that, Charlotte knew well she could not escape, and there was no one now to help her. Anjou then said, "We cannot have remorse. Did she have any for every baby and child she killed to keep her sorry self alive? No, she danced to the tune, and now she pays the piper. Let's go home."

The five of them leapt down and sought to meet up with Jean-Claude. Though it was a victory, they would have to celebrate later. First, they had to say good-bye to a friend.
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