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Basically, each chapter is a different story of things that have happened in my life... Told as a story (: Review please.

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Fuck - Story Title (:

It was first period English on a Thursday morning. And as usual, I was laughing at something my friend Lucy had said. I carried on working, but I still laughed and joked with Lucy and Raechel. And then I glanced up and my jaw nearly hit the table.
"Who's the new girl?" I asked Lucy. But she was no help and just shrugged.
But I didn't give up. The new girl looked so familiar.
"Who's the new girl?" I asked Raechel. And she knew.
"Her name's Leah." Raechel said, confirming my doubt.
My primary school bully had moved into my secondary school. I could've burst into tears and I had a terrible feeling in my stomach. I think it was fear. Fear that she was going to start again, after I'd finally sorted out all the other bullies.
It didn't end in English. I hoped that was the only lesson we were in togethor. But I went to science and saw she had already made friends with the popular crowd. I went to history and I thought 'Finally, I can escape her!' but my history teacher ruined it.
"Who's friends with Leah in this class?" she asked. Nobody raised a hand. "Well, someone tell her she's supposed to be in this class at lunch."
She was there in Geography aswell. The only lesson I managed to escape her was in Maths. And that was when I finally told my new best friend, Jasmine.
"Well, if she tries anything I'll slap her!" Jasmine told me and I knew it was true. She'd beaten up Dale for covering her in apple juice and she'd slapped Joe for annoying her. And I knew even if she didn't, I had a number of friends who would.
I leaned back on my chair, smiling. She may have hurt me in Primary School. But she won't this time.

Crap, I know. I just wanted to share some good and bad times I've had... Review and tell me what you think.
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