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Chapter 4

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Gerard gets mad...

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Gerards POV...

I was going crazy. I couldn't concentrate on anything else apart from this fucking girl. I tried drawing, but I ended up drawing her. I tried writing a new song, but the lyrics sounded annoying. Almost like all that pop rubbish. I tried playing a video game with Frank, but I died straight away because I couldn't get into the game. She was stuck in my head and I couldn't get her out, no matter how hard I tried.
Frank saw that it was bugging me, but made no effort to comfort. What pisses me off even more is that if she's stalking me, then why won't she talk to me? But she'll talk to Frank. And he won't give me any sympathy, not even before our concert. He just marched on stage without giving me a second thought. He could be a little more fucking supportive!
If he was being stalked by some crazy freak who had a 'job' to do, I would be dead worried for him! But he doesn't seem to give two shits about me.
I took my microphone and followed Mikey onto the stage. I tried to forget about Frank and the fucking freak so that I could give my fans a good show.
"Hello Mexico!" I yelled, waving to the crowd. Then everyone started playing and it began.
"Long ago. Just like the hearse you..." I began singing Helana, trying hard to think of nothing but my Grandma. That's what I usually do when I sing this song. But tonight it's not working. She isn't following me around, she's always there. In my mind or my imagination or just there in person.
I got to the second verse without seeing her. But they brought the lights up for a split second and I saw her standing in the crowd. I saw her watching me. Then I lost my cool.
"I am done with this!" I yelled down the microphone, before flinging it on the floor "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed even louder, but there was no microphone to yell down. She couldn't hear me over the astonished fans.
I turned and ran off the stage. My fans aren't going to understand, I know that. But maybe this is what she wants. Maybe if I quit now then she'll just disappear and leave me alone. It's alot to lose, but I'm sick of her. I'm sick of Frank trying to pretend nothing's wrong when everything is just wrong, wrong, wrong!
Frank came running after me as soon as I'd left the stage "Gerard, what is wrong with you?" He yelled, pulling me to face him "What's up?"
"You know what's up!" I yelled back at him "You know what's up and you are no help at all! No matter where I go, she's always there!"
He pulled me into a hug "It's okay Gerard. Maybe we should called the police."
Then I heard a girly laugh and the door locking behind me "I think it's a little to late for that now."
I pushed Frank away lightly and turned to face the girly voice. And I saw her face for the first time. The face of my stalker.
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