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Chaos and Summer pick the wrong girls to mess with.....

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Chapter one: A prelude of sorts. Notes on life from ex monarch Irial Linden Caligo.

( Basically a HUGE spolier on the rest of the story. if you dont wanna know what happens - dont read on! )

Notes from the desk of Irial Linden Caligo.

Damon Chaos. Aka King Damondeas Khaos. Faeiry King of Chaos, night, death and all things unholy.
Keenan Summers. Aka King Keenandas Aestas. Faeiry King of Summer, and warmth.
Gina Midnight. Aka Queenling Midnight Khaos. Faeiry Queen by marriage. Of Chaos, night, and god knows what else lurks in the darkness.
Belle Way. Aka Queenling Way Aestas, Faeiry Queen by marriage. Of summer, warmth and all the little pretty things you see in the seventh month of a human year.

4th day into spring. D develops an unhealthy interest in human girl known as Gina Midnight. K also has interest in Midnight’s friend a female of the same race known as Belle Way. 45 days into spring. D and K enrol in a human school in a bid to get close to their human females. D makes contact straight away; K takes more time to make contact. Eventually D and Midnight go through the human process of ‘dating’. Way’s cousin M, gets attacked and kidnapped by D’s faeries. M’s brother G, snoops and suspects K so he in turn is attacked then kidnapped by K’s faeries. K and Midnight get close, and K embraces Midnight once. She’s eternally guilty and doesn’t tell D. D and Way on the other hand are engage in illicit activities also. D finds out about K and Midnights kiss – loses control of human form. Turns into Faerie spectre. Traps Midnight, Way and a human friend A, in a basement. Another human S is killed trying to protect them. K and D fight. Both disappear.
28 day into winter the next year. It had been two human months since D and K have disappeared. It appears the bond between them cannot be severed however, and K and D come back to kidnap Midnight and Way. Midnight and D are to be wed – and the same with K and Way. While at party held for two couples Midnight and Way are tricked by… (Myself a former Chaos King) ‘I’ into engulfing Faerie food. They are both infected with the Faerie gene and it takes twenty human moons for them to fully transform. While they are turning, the wedding is being planned and Evan the tree man is introduced as the girl’s… butler of sorts.
Way is taking to monarchy very well, but Midnight misses her two old friends M and G and takes it upon herself to research into their disappearances.
The queen of Order and Rule, Sorcha has M as her slave and consort, and the Queen of Winter and cold, Bieranna has G as the same. Midnight and Way confront the queens separately and obtain M and G as their own, accidentally causing a war between the four separate courts.
K and D in a strange alliance go out to war with S and B. S and B triumph over K and D, and mortally wound them. E travels back to the castles where Midnight and W are staying and relays the letters the kings have bid them send. Strong willed Way and Angry Midnight travel to the battlefield and heal the Kings and win the war with the power of their love.
Midnight and D rule their court chaotically for thousands of years afterwards.
Way and K enjoy a heated and warm relationship and are monarchs of their courts until the foreseeable future.

Below in notes is the story of Midnight, D, K and Way, told by Midnight herself and passed down the generations of Faerie children she teaches.

Former King Of Chaos.

- Irial Linden Caligo
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