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7 at night
“Elizabeth, come down and help me please.” Her mother asked gently. She put her books down and started walking to her mother’s room. Even though it was a year ago she still had scars all over her face. ‘I will always hate that man.’ She said every single time she saw her mother lying in bed and not feeling well. “Can you please make dinner for Gabi for me? I don’t think I can even stand up today.” She nodded and continued to the kitchen. Ellen didn’t even bother to ask where Alex was. Ever since that night Alex stayed away as much he could. He was a senior now and had a lot on his mind. Alex took all his anger out on his school work, and has been really focusing on it.
“Do you want anything, Mama?” she sighed and shook her head.
“I’m so lucky having Alex, Gabriela, and especially you here with me.” She said making Ellen smile.
Ellen made some macaroni and cheese for the whole family while Gabriela set up the table.
“I’m home,” Alex yelled out, “and Jimmy and Jake are too!” Ellen fixed up her hair quickly before coming out and saying hi.
“Hi,” Ellen smiled at Jake, “I didn’t know you were friends with Jake” Ellen moved her eyes toward Alex.
Alex nodded and continued, “My house is your house guys,” he looked over to Jake and Jimmy and looked back to Ellen. “Yeah, since I just joined the soccer team, and since he’s my new team mate, why not?”
“You joined to soccer team?” Gabi asked running towards Alex waiting for her daily piggy back ride.
“Sure did kid-o,” He bent down and Gabriela jumped on his back. “I’m going to be that all star and everything.” Alex joked. Even though Alex hated to be around home most of the time, he was still the best big brother anyone could ask for. Alex bent down again, so Gabi could get off.
“Thanks Alex!” She smiled and ran back to her seat.
“You guys hungry?” Ellen asked look at Jake now.
“Nah we’re good.” Alex answered for them both and started walking upstairs to his room.
“Um, hey, Alex, I’ll be up there in a second.” Alex and Jimmy both looked back. “I’m going to hang around your sister for a bit.”
“Ok, whatever.” Alex kept walking up the stairs with Jimmy following. His blonde hair a bit messed up was to Ellen very attractive at the moment.
“So do you want some?” she asked smiling at him. He nodded.
“I’d love to have some,” she laughed a bit, “Alright, but first you’re going to have to wait.” Ellen grabbed three plates out. “Gabi gets dips on the first plate.” She smiled again. Jake loved Ellen’s lean body and her dark curly brown hair up in a pony tail. He loved the way her eyes were so gently and her smile was so warming. He knew now for sure, that he wanted her. He wanted her all to himself.
“Here you go.” Ellen handed him the plate of macaroni and cheese. He didn’t even notice her moving to give Gabi her plate of food. He grabbed the plate of food and sat across form Gabi. She sat next to him gracefully. They said their prayers and began eating.
“OK, from the beginning!” Jesse begged. “Don’t leave anything out.” Ellen laughed.
“He came to my house to hang out with Alex and ended spending more time with me. It was like magic or something like that. He talked about the soccer team and different type of music and well he might have added some complements. He also brushed his hand on my arm pointing a beauty mark I have there.” This was the most Ellen’s talked about guys ever.
“Do you think he’s going to ask you out?” Sam pushed her strait brown hair out of her way. Ellen’s smile fated away.
“I don’t know. Maybe I’m not his type.” Sam rolled her eyes. “Well of course you his type!” she moved her hand away from the table; “your brother is on the soccer team and related to you. That makes you somewhat automatically in range!” Ellen rolled her eyes while Jesse nodded in agreement.
“And he must be one of those good boys if he doesn’t want me.” Sam stopped smiling at Ellen and looked over at Jesse, “God you’re so full of it…”
“Hey that’s my line Sam,” Riley jokily said.
“Whatever.” She turned around from Sam, “This new kid is friends with Frank,” she smiled.
“I noticed,” Ellen sighed and looked back at Jesse, “yuck!”
“Hot!” Jesse said, “Ellen, darling, that is hot because Frank is hot.” She smiled.
“Jesse, darling, you think anyone with a dick is hot.” Riley said annoyed at Jesse. She gave Sam that ‘why the hell is she our friend’ kind of look and Sam responded with the ‘I don’t know just let it go’ look.
“That’s not entirely true!” Jessed frowned, “I only did a heavy make out session with Frank.” She smiled.
“I must say that’s gross.” Ellen added.
“No, Ellen, it’s hot, for god sake.” Jesse rolled her eyes again. “Anyways I share two classes with Gerard.” She took a sip out of her water then looked back at Ellen. “And I invited him to movie night next Friday…” she admitted.
“You did what!” ‘Oh no,’ Ellen thought, Jesse just pulled the last straw for Riley.
“Girl just chill,” She looked shocked “Don’t worry Ray is coming too.” Riley’s face was getting red. “It’s not a date or anything it’s just for him to get to know everyone. Frank isn’t invited though. Besides I don’t think he seems interested in going. What’s your problem anyways?” she frowned.
“My problem is that you shouldn’t been inviting people when you’re not the host you idiot!” Riley said not catching that she would of invited Frank. She hated when you changed her plans. Jesse rolled her eyes and pushed her hair back.
“Fine whatever, I’ll pay for them and myself.” Ellen kept nibbling on her food.
“Fine,” Riley sat back more relaxed. “Whatever.” She sat back and changed the subject.
“I can’t believe we sound that amazing,” Ray said biting on the pork chop on his plate.
“I know! It was fucking amazing!” Frank sat back then got closer to the table, “who knows you guys, one day we can be really famous!” Gerard half listening and thinking about Jesse asking him out to the movies at gym.
“Yeah! I mean, a little more practice and we will be able to make a gig!” Mikey said with excitement.
“God damn it Mikey,” Frank said turning his head towards him, “We are already good enough to get a cut! Way to kill the mood,” Mikey looked confused.
“What?” Nobody answered.
“Hey, do you think we should go to that movie next Friday with Jessica?” Gerard quickly changed the subject and turned to Ray. He shrugged.
“Ah, so you took my advice.” Frank got up to get a coke. “Any of you losers want something to drink?” Ray lifted his hand.
“Sure,” Ray looked up to Frank, “I’ll take a coke or whatever.” Frank walked away nodding his head thinking that was a historical question. “And I don’t think I’d trust Jesse. There’s something about her I don’t like.”
“Like what? Frank said she was cool and he told me to go for it,” He nodded.
“Yeah she’s alright, but personally I think Frank likes her.” He nodded because now he understood. Frank was so odd. He tells you do something because he’d really wanted but he always hides it so well.
“Do don’t go.” Ray nodded, “Right.” He got up from the table while Frank came with the two cokes in his hands.
“Where are you going?” Frank said lifting his hand.
“Library,” Frank sighed and kept walking towards the table. He never could figure Gerard out. He also couldn’t get in his head why he’d spend his free time in the library. Gerard found some peace there, even in his old school. He wasn’t so much a fan of reading but he’d work on his homework and studying so he’d have more time for video games, band practice, and art.

Monday in Art Class
By the time the week was over Ellen got use to have someone next to her. She’d even liked the idea of having someone to supervise her art work. The brush was covered in the red paint she was using to outline the shape of the leave. “It’s perfect,” Gerard smiled, she also like the feeling of being complemented occasionally. “Maybe the veins should have an orange shadow or whatever.” She looked at it again and pictured it with the recommendation and like the idea.
He looked down at her painting waiting for something to say. His green paint started to drip from the green leaves that were highlighted by yellow shadows. “I think I’ll use it.” When he recommended something she knew he would usually be right. In her sketch the sun was falling and so were the leaves with the wind blowing and a shadow of someone standing with their hair being blown away. The only thing that was real in the painting where her falling tears and the rest was just a shadow. He smiled very egger to see the final print.
“So what other talent do you have?” He smiled at her, since she was use to him already she loved to talk to him, “I mean you talented artist and what’s next?” She smiled back.
“This,” she pointed to her portfolio, “is my only talent. My best talent.” She looked down at her art work and smiled. Gerard shook his head.
“Nope,” He was so sure of himself, “That’s not it.” He finally cleaned his brush, “There’s something more to it.”
“How can you be so sure of yourself?” She looked down to continue the leaves and got ready for the yellow shadows.
“You better than that,” he kept looking down at her.
“Tell me something. Don’t get offended or anything, but why do you like Frank?” That was totally unexpected. “I know it sound random, but just answer.”
“Um, ok. Well he’s a good guy even though he might be an asshole.” He narrowed his eyes at her, “well I don’t know why actually. That’s all I got.” He looked down at his painting again trying to figure out what she was talking about meant.
“Hm. Same with Jesse,” He quickly figured out what she was doing now.
“Ok, so now that you changed to subject, are you going to speak of your other talent?” She smiled knowing he’d get it. She shook her head.
“Fine,” she tried to figure out herself why she’d been so random. She looked up at him. “I like to write sometimes but that’s it. I’m not rocking singer and most of my poems really have to do with me being lucky,” she smiled at him, he liked when she did that, “I mean thank the lord every day and...” she tried to find ways to describe what she meant but really couldn’t.
“I get it, finding hope even though we made the world ugly.” He sighed, “We all hope for hope.” She looked at him in amazed even though it wasn’t a big deal in what he said.
“So you’re up for Friday, right?” She asked remembering that she invited, with Riley’s permission, Jake.
“Yeah, it’s going to be fun.” Gerard smiled at her remembering he forgot to cancel with Jesse and not knowing that Ellen was going. She thought of Jake’s smile since he’d been around her a lot more. He sat next to her in snack and just talked. They talked about the team, Alex, movies, and even music.
“Ok guys, get out of here! See you tomorrow.” Mr. Brown said dismissing the class.
Tuesday Gym Class.
“Hey Gerard,” Jesse came walking towards Gerard while him and Ray were stretching, “you up for Friday.” Ray looked confused and was about to set her straight.
“Uh—“He said pointing out his finger.
“Yeah, we can’t wait. But we invited Frank.” Ray scrolled at Gerard giving him ‘what the fuck are you talking about look’ Jesse actually smiled and skipped away.
“Ok what the hell was that all about Gerard??” He shook his head, “I thought you said you weren’t, I thought you said we weren’t going and now you’re inviting Frank too. You know most of Jesse friends hate him! You know Frank hates them. Especially Ellen Blood, so why did you do it you idiot?” He paused talking a break giving Gerard a change to answer.
“I did it because we, well, I don’t know anybody. And he doesn’t hate her. And you did say Frank likes Jesse. So…” He waited for Ray to say something but all Ray did was narrow his dark brown eyes at him.
Something came bouncing up and hit Gerard’s head and then fall down to his feet. “Ha, you know you deserved that,” Ray looked up and caught the ball that was heading towards him.
“Get your head in the game boys!” the couch yelled out.
“Fuck—“Ray shook his head waiting for Gerard to follow along chuckling.
“Karma,” Ray asked as Gerard was nodding.

Gerard’s Science Class

“Man I wish I didn’t have to be here,” Frank basically whined, “Shit, biology?” Gerard ended up becoming Frank’s science partner by luck. “Can you make this day worst?”
“It’s not that bad Frank,” Gerard said elbowing him on the shoulder.
“Yeah, it is. I have Science with you,” he joked, “A math test I failed, and guitar lessons. Don’t forget that English essay I put off to the last minute.” Gerard laughed.
“It can, just wait until I tell you thi—“
“Hello class, open your books to chapter 2 we have a lot to catch up on.” Mr. O said walking towards the front of the class with papers all messed up.
“What are you talking about?” Frank whispered while opening his book.
“Well we’re going to the movies on Friday, that’s all.” Gerard said looking down at the page he needed t open up and half paying attention.
Frank lifted his eyes off his book and lost the page looking up at Gerard. “What the hell, what’s the catch?”
“Boys, looking up,” Mr. O said frustrated.
Ms. Tell passed by handing out the test that were taken just last week. “I was surprised to see the marks on these test,” She half rolled her eyes at the class, “None of you, form this class came in the morning or the afternoon to ask for help.” She took a quick look at Teresa who was never doing so well in Math. “You guys are still are in the beginning and collages are still watching you. You guys aren’t seniors yet, you can’t slack off now.” Her face was serious and steady.
“What did you get,” Sam asked her Ellen held up her test, “92%? Are you joking?” Ellen looked down at the paper again and couldn’t believe that the only things that messed her up were the negative sign. Samantha healed her paper up, “This is what’s going to prevent me from going to the movies with you guys!” she pointed at her 73% “And this,” she poked the paper, “is what’s going to keep me from seeing you go on your first date with Jake,” Sam groaned.
“Maybe this would teach you a lesson to come in the mornings,” Ms. Tell said making her way over to Sam’s desk, “Can I have your papers? By the way congratulations Ms. Blood,” she smiled at Ellen and continued picking up exams.
“It’s not a date we’re in a big group, remember?” Ellen said to Samantha before the teacher got in front of the class and started teaching her lesson.
After School
“What the fuck were you thinking? I mean are you going to make me say it slower ‘I don’t like any of them!’ Christ sake,” Frank was so pissed off that he was using all sorts of hand movement.
“Do this for me please! I told you Jesse was going to be there too. I mean hang out with her,” He stopped walking.
“Whoa, this shit isn’t for Jesse?”Frank said as talking second in looking and putting his hands over his shoulders. Even thought Frank was a complicated guy to hang out with he was a good guy.
“No,” Gerard took his hand off and kept walking with him.
“Then who are you doing it for?” he caught up with Gerard.
“Hey wait up guys,” Mikey yelled from across the street.
“Nobody,” Gerard said to Frank. Mikey crossed the street and all three of them headed for Franks house.
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