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Chapter Five

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beauty isn't the only thing skin deep here...

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March 1

At least I can rest assured that I cannot destroy anything that did not exists. Thus is the case of my and Zack’s fictional relationship. He made that very clear tonight, with his openly slobbering all over Marie. Of all people to do this to me with, Marie? She looks like Hermes might be her dad. Her features and small, impish. She looks like she is up to no good all the time. In short, she is untrustworthy and it is written all over her face. I want to smash said face against a brick wall and rub it there until she bleeds, her skin stuck to the wall insead of her bones. I want to gouge out her eyes, and then replace them with big black buttons. She makes my skin crawl. I’ve never been driven to hate someone as much as she does.

I hate ‘hate’. I do, I know it sounds redundant but I really think it is just too powerful of an emotion. Emotions are not toys, and hate is one of the most powerful. That, and love, and it is true when they say there is a thin line between. Only about as thick as skin…

I didn’t have Mikey with me, I mean he is only meant to be used. I wish I had him there, though. It would have done Vengeance some good. Either way, I at least snuggled closer to Shads, though I think it had about as much effect as if I was lounging across Syn. At least he didn’t raise his head from snogging Marie. And then I had to ride to class with them, and they were being all handsy and it made me want to ralf. As soon as we were in the room, however, I grabbed my phone and started texting Mikey, making plans to get together tonight. And this would have been all well and good, if he had bothered to show up. We made plans for seven. Dinner, a movie, a drive, a fuck, and I could still be asleep by three in the morning. Best laid plans and all that. At 8 I called, because he said he would call when he left his house and I still hadn’t heard from him. Come to find out his ex-girlfriend was sitting on his front porch. He’s too nice a guy, and they had been together too long, for him to shove her aside because he was going to be late for his booty call. She was still screaming at him when I called. As graciously as possible I told him to handle things there and then hurry to me. Then proceeded to begin drinking. By eleven he wasn’t coming and I was getting pretty wasted. It had to be in that dark moment Vengeance would walk into the room.

“Where’s Way.” He refuses to call Mikey ‘Mikey’. He only calls him ‘Way’, like he isn’t familiar enough with Mikey to call him anything besides he last name. But I knew it was something colder.

“He’s not coming.” I mumbled into my fourth (very potent) Jack and Cokes. I heard him snicker before I looked up at him. I didn’t like the look in his eyes. It was too malicious, too filled with evil intent. It wasn’t a look I had ever seen in Vengeance’s eyes, despite his name.

“He’s a piece a shit, and by you associating with him, you’re shit too.” He might as well stabbed me in the heart there. I had never heard him be so cold, so heartless, in my whole life. It was a new side of Zacky I would have been happy to never see. Before I could get my footing back Shads and Johnny C. came laughing into the room, ruining the mood from before. But it didn’t break the message Zacky Vengeance was trying to get across. He didn’t like me right then, and he sure as hell didn’t like Mikey Way. And he would not be pulling the punches anymore. Fine then. Beat me. I’ll put you down, boy. Me and my new lap dog.

_Violet Tendencies_
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