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"Not so fast, pumpkinā€

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“How was the weekend honey?” mom smiled at me as joined me on the sofa.
“Fun” I forced a smile “interesting”
“Good. Did Alexa like her necklace?”
“Yeah, she loved it”
I felt my phone vibrate.
‘Thanks for earlier babyyy ;)’
I shuddered, standing up to go to my room. I hugged mom on the way out, grabbing two cans of whatever drink was on sale.

I dived on my bed, switching on my iPod and turning up whatever Black Flag album I’d been playing earlier. I tried to lose myself in the song, but my mind kept turning over the past three days.
I ran my hands through my dark brown hair, trying to pull the thoughts of Gerard from my mind.
‘G, we need to talk’

I flicked through my contact until I found him, sending it before I could doubt myself. I’d never thought about my sexuality before. I’d always liked girls, and girls alone. So why was I suddenly so attracted towards Gerard?

‘your place?’ I read his reply, heart in mouth, before sending my own.

‘yeah. Now. My window.’ I pressed send and threw my phone across my room. As it was under the window I moved from my bed, so Gerard wouldn’t flatten me. I began playing a random chord sequence on my guitar, anxiously waiting for Gerard.
I didn’t want to hurt Alexa. I loved her so, so much. I couldn’t stand to hurt or lose her, Gerard knew that. Fuck, he was the only one I’d told about how I’d felt towards Alexa before we got together.

My thoughts were interrupted by a light rapping on the glass. I looked up and saw Gerard, holding on to the large oak tree that conveniently brushed my window. I ran to open the window, and stood back to watch him fall on my bed less than gracefully.
“Frankie!” he protested, when I burst into hysterical giggles.
“Sorry” I tried to compose myself, and failing miserably.
“You will be” he shot me a death stare “especially since Mikey wants to kill you for making me leave him during ‘family time’”
“Oops, hug to Mikey” I blushed, knowing how much Mikey hated spending time with his parents without Gerard.
“Anyhows” Gerard sat on my bed and crossed his legs like a Buddha, taking a can of fanta and cracking it open “What do you want to talk to me about?”
“Earlier” I said, sitting opposite him.
“What part of earlier?” he was wearing his perfect poker face, swigging from his can
“The part where you kissed me”
“Yeah. And?”
“And?” I exploded. “I have a girlfriend. Who I love more than words can ever say. Then theres you being my best friend and a guy. You might swing that way, but heck, Gerard, I don’t” I stood up, next to my door.
“Frankie” I wasn’t aware of Gerards presence behind me until I felt his arms wrap round my waist. “don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it” he muttered into my neck, kissing the skin between my shoulder and jaw.
“Gee!” I protested. “I have a girlfriend”
“Who you love enough to give her your virginity?” I heard something in his voice I just didn’t like, and pulled out of his arms.
“Yeah. And?” I went back to my bed and stretched myself out.
“Aww, you two are so damn cute!” he smiled, locking my door and sitting next to my head.

“Gerard. What ….why did you kiss me?”
“Long story” he stared at the floor before lying next to me.
“I’ve got all night”
“Well.” He paused, fiddling with his nails. “I guess, I just, me and you. Though. Felt. I don’t know. I cant explain, Frankie, it just felt right.”
“Huh?” I deliberately looked blank. Catch me letting on I felt the same way. It had felt right, so so so wrong but so extremely right.
“It was like, with you and Alexa, you’d wanted her for so long that when you got her it was a relief. Same here, but I’d never realised I wanted you.”
“But you don’t have me… you never will” I blushed, resonating exactly with what he was saying.
“Baby, I will” he smiled.
“No buts” he kissed me ever so lightly. I kissed him back, my mind screaming at me that I’d gone to far. I ignored my mind, moving my hands to Gerards belt.
“Not so fast, pumpkin” he said, quickly catching my hands.
“But” I moaned, semi appalled at myself.
“Frankie, I’ll be two minutes”
He stood up, dialling home on his phone. As soon as he disappeared into the tree, so Mikey couldn’t hear me, I started beating myself up in my mind.
What in the name of all things holy was I playing at?
Alexas face flashed in my mind, I felt horribly, awfully guilty.
But when Gerard climbed back in my window, smiling deviously, all thoughts of Alexa where banished to the deepest corners of my mind.

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