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Feelings Come Back

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Two days have gone by since that whole thing happen with Gerard. You would think it does not bother me I am a liar nothing ever bothers me if only that were true. I am going to lie and say everything is fine I never been happier everything in my damn life is going fine, but you see I just fucking lie like always. It was beyond stupid of me to even think about saying sorry for lying like I would any way because I’m a liar we lairs never say something like that, we have no idea what sorry really means. I have not left my room for two days either what’s the point I’m always going to be lair no use in me going to group therapy no use in me talking to Stephanie anymore so why not stay in my fucking cell or what I call a room and just be the lair I will always be.

I refuse to leave my room even though all the nurse and staff have tried to make me leave. I kept telling them I was never going to leave that it was a waste of their time to even try, it work for two days until Stephanie I had to go back to group therapy like it was going to help me any. So today after staying in my room for two whole fucking days I was heading towards the room where the group therapy was, once I got there I open the big wooden doors to see Gerard sitting in the same chair as always. I look to see if there was any other chair for me to sit in me as my luck there was not so I slowly walk towards the chair beside Gerard and sit down. I felt his eyes on me I was not going to look back at him I could not I did not won’t that feeling to come back.

“Good morning everyone” The therapy woman said while sitting down in her chair.

Once again no one said a word she should know by now no one will ever say something but why say anything I’ll let her keep believing one day someone will answer back. I started to daydream as I always do when I am here I daydream about how my life would be if I was not a liar, how I could live the normal life as everyone else in the world. However, what it is normal I never knew the meaning of the word normal I would not know what to do if I was giving a chance to live like a normal person. I am a pathological lair every word I say is a lie I could be lying now and no one would now, except one person.

An hour later group therapy was over with I was the first one to leave as always I needed fresh air I just needed to daydream I am always happy when I daydream about things that would never happen like me changing. I got to the glass doors and headed to my spot well use to be until I was supposed to forget about Gerard. I got on top of the wall and look out into the world watching the birds fly having no worries in the world, wishing I could fly away from the place to a better world. I heard the doors open I didn’t bother turning around to see who it was I did not care, it wasn’t until I saw someone sit with me I turn to see Gerard and again that feeling was coming back.

Second update. Sorry for the long wait, I forgot all about this story. Thanks for the reviews
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