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Marry Me

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'“OH MY GOD!” I screamed. “YOU’RE PREGNANT?!?”'

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A/N: Okay, I'm under my covers on my laptop for this, if I get caught I'm screwed, so you better be darn greatful... Oh chapter title is a song by Emily Autumn, check her out, she's very good.


Rhi's POV

Soon enough it was time to go to college, my hair looked pretty cool and when it was straightened and styled it looked much better than what it had this morning at some unearthly hour when I had decided to shower. My leg brace was now off and so I could where skinnies again, which I was very happy about.
“Honey? Evie’s here!” My dad called from down stairs. I rushed down the stairs to be greeted by gasps from everyone.
“OH MY GOD RHI! YOUR HAIR IS BLUE!” Evie screamed and ran up to me.
“Yeah, dye malfunction.”
“It suits you!” she fiddled about with it a bit and clapped her hands “To the Starbucks mobile!” She grabbed my hand and rushed me out the door.
“Rhi!” my dad shouted after me. I turned around. “Come here.” I walked back up to him and he handed me some money, a lot of money. “This should see you through the week for food, ask for me if it doesn’t, oh and ask when you want to go shopping. Good luck today honey.” He kissed me on top of my head and shuffled me on my way. As I made my way out the door both Evie and me stared at the cash.
“There’s gotta be over $100 there!” Evie exclaimed.
“I guess coffee’s on me then!” I giggled and shoved it in my purse.


“Rhi, I got something to tell you.” Evie bit her lip as I paid for the coffee. I stared at her, waiting for her to continue. She just looked down at her coffee.
“Evie, it can’t be that bad, tell me!” I nudged her as we made our way out the door. She walked in silence until we made it to the gates of college. I saw Gee walking towards us, he smiled my favourite smile which made my heart skip a beat.
“CONGRATUALTIONS!” Gee screamed at Evie before running up to her and hugging her. He then moving on to warming up my lips.
“What’s all the congratulations about?” I asked.
“Evie hasn’t told you?” I shook my head and Gerard looked awkward. “Oh, I’ll uh... Leave you two alone for a moment.” He walked off into campus and sat on a bench, twiddling his thumbs. I looked back at Evie, who was staring down at her feet.
“OH MY GOD!” I screamed. “YOU’RE PREGNANT?!?” Everyone around us stared causing Evie to blush.
“NO!” she shouted for everyone to hear. I turned around to see Gerard nearly falling over laughing. She whispered the next part. “Frank asked me to marry him. I said yes. We’re eloping to Las Vegas this Friday night to get married, and I’d like you to be my bridesmaid.” Evie smiled. I stared open mouthed before a small squeak escaped from my mouth.
“OH. MY. GOD” I started jumping up and down, clapping before hugging her. “Are you sure about this?” She nodded with a giant smile across her face.
“I’ve never felt this way before, I really love him.” She giggled and took my hand, walking to Gerard.
“It’s a good job you’re head bridesmaid and I’m best man or else I’d be very jealous of someone else dancing with you.” He pulled me into a tight hug, kissing me on the head. “We’re going to be late if we don’t hurry up.” Gerard sighed as he pulled me to my first class, Life Drawings.


“MIKEY DOODLE!” I screamed as I ran up to Mikey, jumping on him, and giving him a hug. I then proceeded around the group, hugging each of them. I then noticed a glum look on all of their faces. “HEY? Why so serious?” I impersonated the joker as I said the immortal lines.
“The place we practice is shutting down, we have no band space.” Ray shook his head.
“What about mine? You can use the recording studio.” I smiled. My dad would let them... if I asked.
“WHAT?!? How fucking rich are you?!? You have a recording studio?!?” Mikey flipped.
“My dad works for Warner Bros. Recording Company. He’s a manager. I swear I told you that, we moved here ‘cause of it.” I said a matter-of-factly, Everyone stared gobsmacked, Bob smiled.
“I love you.” Bob stared into my eyes as he said it and leaned in for a hug. Gerard lightly punched him.
“Hey! That’s my job!” Gee giggled and put his arm around me. “So we can really use it?” I nodded.
“S-ch-weet” Ray exclaimed.

This was going to be fun.

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