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Devil Beside You

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I got this froom a movie.Same title.Same story.I'll change it though,so it wont be so much the same.

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"Sai,I have something to tell you.I...I like you.",Sakura told her crush.
They stood out on a meadow,dressed nicely.Theys tood face-to-face as Sakura admitted.
"I can't believe you said that.",he told her.Her eyes widened,and her smile faded off.He continued though,"...before I told you.I believe before you liked me,I liked you already.",he told her.
"R-really?",she stuttered.He gave her a nod,and a handsome,kind smile.
" my girlfriend.",he requested.Sakura's heart jumped and she nodded.
Sai bought her into a hug,and she hugged him back.

"And so that is what this is...",the teacher went on.
Sakura sat,sleeping and dreaming of her love victory wth her crush,Sai.Baketball captain of the basketball team.
"Hey,Sakura!Sakura!',her best friend whispered,trying to wake her up.
Sakura started ot make kissy faces,when a ruler slammed down on her table making her jump with a yelp.
"Is this class too boring for you?!",the teacher yeleld at Sakura.She shook her head bowing her head.
"S-sorry.",she said quietly.The teacher walked away,and began to teach her class again.
Sakura sighed,but looked over to Sai,that sit two seats away from her.
He was looking back at her,and smiling.Sakura blushed and smiled looking down,taking the pen in her mouth.
Sai went back to work,the smile stil fixated on his face.

The class left,heading for lunch.Sakura watched as Sai left,smiling excitedly.
"So?Did you dream of him?",their other friend,Jukan,asked.
Sakura not sat on her table,her feet on the chair.The girls sat beside her watching her bite nervously at her nails.
"Yeah,what was the deal-",but Ino was cut off by Sakura's sudden action.
Sakura stood up in the chair,throwing her hands in the air.
"I dreamed of love victory!",she yelled.Jukan and Ino bought her down by her arms,making her sit down again.
"Sakura..",Ino trailed off.Sakura looked back and forth at them
"Is it..time?",she asked.
Both nodded,and Sakura gulped loudly and nervously.

Sakura stood beside a wall,a letter in her hand that said 'From Sakura,To Sai'.
She looked at Ino,who hid to watch Sakura's moment of truth.
Ino motioned she could do it with two thumbs up.
Jukan stepped forward from where she hid,and gave a questioning look.
Ino immediately made a zipping gesture to her mouth,as if saying to be quiet.Jukan stepepd back putting her hand over her mouth and nodd.
Ino sighed and looked back at Sakura,when something moving catched her eyes.Her eyes widened as she saw Sai walking closer to where Sakura stood.
Ino looked at her and nodded pointing.
Sakura's eyes widened and she started to take quick breaths,trying to calm down.
"I can do this!I can do this!",she chanted.She saw Sai in front of her and bowed,holding out her letter.
"Sai,I like you.Please go out with me!",she said quickly.
Yet,at the same time,Sai turned his head away walking right past her as she said this.
Sakura's eyes widened as she watched him walk off,when she froze and noticed something.
Something big and evil.
She looked forward and up to see a guy.
A mean looking one.
His hair dark,as if jet,black.Eyes as dark as onyx,and skin creamy and flawless.He gave her a smile.
An evil,arrogant one that caused shivers to go down her spine.,.
Ino and Jukan came out from their hiding places and smiled to watch the moment,but their smiles faded slowly.
Sakura quickly dropped the letter and stood up straight staring at him with wide eyes.
"I..this..I...this is not...",she stuttered shaking her head.He continued to give that smile.
Oh crap!What did she get herself into?!
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