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Admitting Is Never Easy

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I had to admit I was a liar something I have never done in my whole life. I never have plan on admitting I had a problem with lying I know I am a liar but admitting that I was is a problem. Lairs never admit to anything we will just lie about it, but if I wanted to get better then I had to make the first step. I have been lock up in my room for six hours trying to admit I have a problem so far I got nowhere. I need to leave this room I just needed to forget about admitting I had a problem for now and just clear my mind. I headed out of my room towards the outside sometimes I wish I could go on a walk outside of the gates but no one is allowed to leave unless you are leaving this place for good. As I open the glass doors, I saw Gerard sitting in his favorite spot maybe he could help me out.

I could feel the warm breeze I always love the outside it was the only time I felt free from this place. I walk towards Gerard and sat down beside him.

“I have to admit I’m a liar by tomorrow, “I said while sitting down.

“What’s the problem? “He ask

“Not believing I have a problem. Liars never admit to anything much less admit their liar. How can I admit I am a liar when I cannot even admit it myself, “I ask while looking for an answer.

“Good question sadly I can not help you there. You have to figure out if being a liar forever is something, you really want. I know you want to get better admitting the problem is always the hard part. However, I believe you can as I said I believe in you, “He said with a smile.

“I’m glad someone believes in me. I do not think Stephanie does she gave me seven months to get better and if I do I can finally leave this asylum, “I replied.

“Do you think you can get better by then, “He ask

“I think so I hope I can, “I said.

Seven months is a long way but if I do not admit I am a lair then this whole changing thing will take longer. I know I am a lair just saying it out loud is the problem I never admitted it to anyone every just knew I was. I have to admit I am a liar somehow, some way.

“I do not think I can do this, admitting I am a lair is hard, “I said.

“Here look at me and try to admit it, “He said while looking at me.

I turn to him and look right at him now all I have to do is admit I am a liar that is all, just say it. My mind is yelling for me to lie to say I have no problem but my heart is screaming for me to admit it already.

“You can do it I know you can. Just block everything out and say it, “He said while still looking at me.

It was much harder then it seem knowing you are a liar is different from admitting you are one. I could do this all I had to do was admit just let it out. I took a deep breath before saying,

“I am a…”

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