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Chapter Four: Diagon Alley pt 2

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Chapter Four- Diagon Alley Part 2

Hala caught sight of the group, sending Edward a glare as she moved closer to Shyamal. The boy sent her one back along with a snarl that curved his mouth as he walked into the Quality Quidditch Supplies with his parents, Remus, and Sirius. Five years had changed them very little except in Remus' case; he had a little more grey in his light brown hair. James and Sirius had a few more wrinkles in their face, no doubt from their jobs as Aurors. Out of the four adults, Lily had changed the least. Still lively and glowing as she took care of her now only child.

"Can I go over there and give him one?" Cosmas asked as they were steered to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions which was right next door, remembering all the times when they had been small.

Shyamal shook his head. "I don't want any trouble. Right now, he's protected by them and we might not even be allowed to go to Hogwarts if Potter has his way. You can prank him all you want when we go there." He didn't want to cause any trouble that would have unwanted attention falling on them.

Cosmas clapped his hands together, sharing a grin with Damian. "That's all good then. George and Fred told us that they do it all the time to him."

The group chatted animatedly as they were fitted with the standard Hogwarts robes. The whole time, Shyamal tried not to grin at the plans the four teens were creating to pull on Edward. But he failed when he grinned at the thought of them successfully pulling off the bit where they would charm his broom to carrying a banner. The words on the banner was as of yet, undetermined.

As they were leaving, Shyamal asked them a question. "Potter went into the Quidditch shop. Is he on one of the house teams?" The Weasleys groaned at this which made the Suhas wonder if he was really that bad. That's when they had found out that Edward was also the Gryffindor seeker. Compared to the other Gryffindors who had tried out, he was the best of them but not the best out of the four teams.

The Hogwarts students ranked him at 3rd place in skill with Draco Malfoy below him. The only reason Draco was able to steadily beat him was the fact that he had the Nimbus 2000 while Draco had a Nimbus 2001 which was slightly faster. The Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff seekers were better despite having to use the older brooms as they made up in pure skill and thus were the only teams racing for the Quidditch cup.

No one at Hogwarts had Firebolts.

At this point, a mischievous gleam entered Hala and Cosmas' eyes. That's when the questions started coming his way. They wanted Shyamal to buy all of them a Firebolt. Shyamal did have to admit it was tempting. Even though they had been isolated from the Wizarding world for five years, the first years of their lives had been with their parents. During that time, Shyamal had seen they had talent and they had all practiced with the brooms at Potter Manor in the dead of night when everyone else was sleeping. The four of them flying in the dead of night under the full moon was spectacular were one of the few happy times they had of the manor.

"Please, Shyamal, pretty please?" Hala begged as they went from the clothing store to the Eeylops Owl Emporium. The Weasleys went to the counter to get food for their pets as they already had owls.

Shyamal pretended not to hear, continuing to browse the dozens of owls standing on the perches on the adorning the walls.

"Four Firebolts, bro, we can make up half a team." Cosmas said a dreamy look on his face as he looked over the variety of Masked Owls in the shop. "I'm sure even Damian would want to get on the team."

"We don't even know how much they cost. It must surely be expensive as the sign did say to 'ask an employee for price'." Shyamal stated, "Do you want that owl, Hala? It's looking at you." He sighed in relief when her attention diverted to the Lesser Sooty Owl. She squealed in delight as the owl flew down to land on her outstretched arm.

"What about you, Shyamal? Are you going to get an owl?" Damian was petting the owl he had chosen, a Eurasian Eagle Owl. His brother was holding a Masked Owl, petting the reddish-brown feathers on its back. "I can't believe he was able to get on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I guess the other trying seekers were bad as Edward had hardly any good skill in whatever position except for beater."

"I don't know. None of them really catch my eye." The Weasleys came to Shyamal, telling him that they'd meet the four of them at the Parlour when they finished their purchases. It wouldn't take long as the Suhas just need their Astronomy stuff and the last items for Potions.

"I think I'm going to name mine Akane after you know who." Cosmas said, smiling when his owl hooted in reply. "Both of them are beautiful."

"Since I can't think of any other name, I think I'm going to call you Vega, after the eagle constellation." The newly named owl turned her great yellow eyes on Damian, hooting once, before turning away to stare up in the corner of the Emporium. "Shyamal, why don't you think of getting a cat or a rat?"

"What the hell am I going to do with one of those?" Shyamal stated, looking away from the tawny owls sitting on the lower perches. He noticed how Vega was staring at the same exact spot for the last minutes she had been standing on Damian's shoulder. In fact, if he thought about it, she looked sad. "What's wrong with your bird?" Vega turned to Shyamal, giving a sharp chirp before turning back on him.

"Vega is friends with another owl here, Mister." Said the old man behind the counter. "She's hiding in the dark corner over there ever since her previous owner left her here."

"What happened?" Hala asked as she tightening her hands around the cage she had bought for her owl.

The man shrugged. "The Potters came here in their son's first year and bought the snowy owl but about a week later they returned her back. They said it didn't live up to their standards but I noticed the poor animal seemed to be abused emotionally if not physically. Ever since then, the poor gal has been sitting up there."

Stupid Edward. He never did care for animals. Shyamal thought. He headed over to the dark corner and sure enough, standing on the perch behind a large cage was a snowy owl, her dull amber eyes watching him carefully. Now what do I say to an owl that's been abused? Might as well as give it a try. "Here, girl, I'm not going to hurt you." Shyamal extended his arm out slowly, placing it at her feet. She didn't step on it. "Come on, girl. I'm not going to hurt you." He repeated softly, edging his arm against her feet. After bending down to nip at his arm in warning, she stepped on his arm, his thick tunic shirt protecting him enough from her talons. "That's it. That's a nice girl." He slowly petted his hand down her white back, making sure his movements were nice and slow. The owl nibbled his fingers, her amber eyes watching him. "Does she have a name?"

The old man rubbed his chin. "Perhaps but the whole time the Potters talked about her, it was owl or it."

Hala looked at the Snowy Owl, her somber eyes fixed on the bird. "How about Hedwig?"

Shyamal chuckled as the owl gave a small chirp. "I think Hedwig it is." He rubbed the area right above the eyes, his heart melting a bit as she closed her eyes. "How much for the lot?"

"21 galleons, 4 sickles, and one Knut, sir."

Damian counted out the money from Shyamal's pouch, handing it to the man. Grabbing the cages, the four carefully placed their new pets into them, Shyamal being extra careful with his. Giving one last pet, he closed the cage.

"Where off to now?" Damian asked.

"Potage's Cauldron Shop and then the Telescope Shop. After that we're done."

They bought their glass phials, brass scales, and size 2 pewter cauldrons even though Hala wanted a set of crystal phials for potions but Shyamal told her no. At the telescope shop, they bought the last item on their Hogwarts list which was the small telescope needed for their Astronomy class. Carrying everything back to the Parlour, they sighted the Weasleys in the front of the shop sitting at two tables pushes together.

Pretending to have forgotten something, Shyamal went back down the Alley and slipped into the Quidditch shop. A few minutes, he was leaving, hoping that is present forhis siblings would not go to their head. Sitting down, he started on the bowl of cocoa frogs that his sister had gotten him.

Professor Dumbledore gazed at his headmistress, deep in thought about the news she had given him. "Ollivander stated that Shyamal's wand is the brother to Tom's wand?"

"Yes, he did. It was the holly wand carrying a phoenix feather core."

Ever since the attack on the Potters in 1981, Albus had firmly believed that the second wand that carried a feather from Fawkes would go to Edward Potter as he had been marked by Tom when he was an infant of fifteen months. How shocking it had been when Ollivander told him that he instead had gotten a holly wand, eleven inches, with a dragon heart string core from a Chinese Fireball. A wand very suited to dueling, Ollivander had ensured him. Now to have that wand in the hands of a transfer from Durmstrang was unsettling to the Hogwarts headmaster. The boy was an unknown chess piece on a very complex and shadowed chessboard.

"What would you have me do, Albus? He is barely fifteen years old."

"Tom was only a child of fourteen when he started torturing the children at his orphanage with wandless magic." Albus replied back, standing up to pace behind his desk. "What have you seen about the boy during your brief time with him?"

"Just like what I thought about last night. He's very protective of his siblings as if he has taken the role of the father with them." Albus could sympathize with that. After the death of his parents, he had taken up the role of caretaker for his sister who had been ravaged by the Muggles in their village. It had been the burden of the responsibility that led to the untimely death of his sister. Would the weight break the spirit in the boy? Albus had buckled under the weight for one child but Shyamal Suha had to take care of three and had been for some time now. Professor McGonagall continued. "I wouldn't be surprised if the twins went into Gryffindor as they do have an aura of recklessness though the elder Suha has kept a tight rein on them. As for the younger Suha, I believe she might be sorted into Hufflepuff. As for Shyamal, I cannot really say on what House he will be sorted into."

"I always believed we sorted too early in placing the students into one of the four Houses. Perhaps it would be idle if we just keep an eye on them. I have a feeling if we push Mr. Suha too far, he will immediately push back, dangerously if his siblings are in any danger."

"Don't think he'll be a threat to Potter?"

"At this point in time, Minerva, I will have to say no but I fear Alastor's saying comes to mind quite clearly. Once you return, send them up to me as I have to talk with them about their schooling as well as a few things that are personal matters."

"Constant vigilance." She gathered her robes as she stood. "I must be returning now. I have to buy the supplies I need otherwise they will be suspicious of me. I will see you soon, Albus." She went to the fireplace and disappeared in a flash of green flame.

The headmaster sighed, leaning back in his chair, pondering about this new turn in recent events. Was it another sign that Edward Potter was not the Boy Who Lived? Had he been wrong those long years ago when he proclaimed Edward to be the Chosen One?

Dumbledore steeped his fingers, elbows on the arm rests as he went over the evidence that had been available at the time. Both of the twins had been carrying wounds after the attack, both quite similar except Edward's was exactly in the middle of his forehead while Harry's had been just off center. Both of the children had been crying at the explosion though Edward's was louder than that of his twin's. Edward had been in front of Harry as if he was trying to protect his younger brother as he had been born first by 3 minutes. Harry on the other hand had been born exactly on August 1st at 12 am.

But what if the midwife healer had been wrong?

Seconds may not have matter to them but what if Harry had been born in those last few moments of July 31st, right before the clock struck 12?

And if he had, what would that mean to the Wizarding World?

Standing up, Dumbledore walked to the window that overlooked the Hogwarts grounds, his eyes focused on the train station on the other side of Black Lake. When the boys had been ten years old, the Death Eaters had attacked on the full moon after their tenth birthday party to utilize the werewolves at their peak. Edward Potter had claimed Harry had let them in through the wards which lead to the deaths of Daniel and Alexander Potter, the second pair of twins Lily had given birth to on November 1st, a few hours after the attack on her older twins. The youngest Potter had disappeared also that night; the Ministry and the Potters presumed Evangeline Potter dead after two years.

If he had indeed chosen wrong, then it would mean that Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, was aligned with Voldemort.

Behind him, Fawkes shook his head, giving a chirp as he flashed away.

"So to be in Slytherin, you have to be ambitious and cunning?" Damian asked the Weasleys.

"Well, according to the Sorting Hat but mostly Dark Wizards go to that House. You Know Who was a member back in his day." George whispered darkly.

Shyamal glanced over at them from his cup of ice cream. "What's wrong with being a Slytherin? I think it has to do with personal choice than what house you're in. Before Voldemort, Slytherin was known for its students being ambitious and cunning. Quite a few Ministers were from Slytherin. I always did say that politicians had to be to work their way up in the ranks."

Ron snorted in disgust. "Mate, that House is Dark through and through. Once you're a Slytherin, you're damned for life."

"I think he's right, Ron." Ginny moved a strand of red hair out of her face. "I was reading in Hogwarts: A History, that after You Know Who rose to power, his influence on his old House led him to recruit more supporters from there. I just never really thought about it."

Shyamal leaned in closer, motioning them to move closer. "Plus, where we live, there's a library that's even older than Hogwarts herself and they keep records that haven't been tampered with. I believe that story about Salazar Slytherin was corrupted by his own line."

"WHAT?!" The Weasley children yelled.

"I really don't know the story as I was never really interested in it so I don't know all the details."

"I read it and if you did, you'd agree with me that it's-" Cosmas slurped up some more of his melted ice cream. "-that it's kind of sad what happened to the poor bloke if you read the real story. The reason why Slytherin left Hogwarts was because he and Godric Gryffindor were having a really nasty spat about how to teach to muggle-borns about the magical community. Salazar took offence to his teachings and left with his new wife. They moved to a muggle community that had recently turned Christian on the edges of the coast and had I think three kids, the elder being a squib. After like some eight years, the community found out that Slytherin's wife was a witch and they burned her at the stake. The elder was out with his dad but the two younger ones were able to escape the witch hunt and saw their mom being burned to death. They came back and Slytherin lost it, killing almost the entire community. Ashamed of what he had done, he sent the boys to Godric and the other Founders, saying he was a threat to his boys' lives and killed himself. His two younger sons started hating Muggles for their racist views while the elder was cast out by them for being too muggle like. The only daughter of Cadmus Peverell married the second oldest son and generations later, Voldemort is born. Voila, bloke is hateful of anything muggle."

The tables were silent. Damian pinched himself. "I can't believe you actually read a history book. The entire magical community is going to die after Voldemort turns good. OW!" Damian rubbed the spot where his brother had punched him.

"But I'm sure Gryffindor and the other two Founders would have never allowed that history to be distorted by Salazar's own children." Fred started.

Shyamal sighed. "History is written by the victors. With the rise of Christianity, the hatred of muggles spread throughout the magical community at the time. Salazar was pretty popular back then but then the reversal of popular opinion a few hundred years later changed all that so now Salazar looks like an evil tyrant."

"It's difficult to change the view of a historical person when his descendant is such an arrogant and tyrannical bloke himself." Damian added. The Weasleys were silent, digesting this new information. "Well, I was thinking of being in Ravenclaw where the most intelligent witches dwell."

"The smartest witch in our year is in Gryffindor. I know her somewhat. Her name is Hermione Granger and she's the Gryffindor prefect." Ron said proudly. "You would have met her today but she's on a trip somewhere in the Muggle world and won't be back until two more days. You can meet her when we're at Hogwarts."

Fred and George started laughing. "The reason why you know her is the fact is that you have a crush on her even though she's your only friend."

The tips of Ron's ears reddened. "I do not!"

"Do too!" Ginny laughed as Ron sent her a glare.

Shyamal gave a chuckle before catching sight of the approaching professor. "It seems McGonagall is here." The Suha siblings started gathering their bags, thanking the Weasleys for the talk and time.

"Molly, Arthur." Minerva stated as she walked up to the group. "I see you met our new transfers."

"Ah, yes. They are well behaved teenagers, more what I can say for the Potters' child." Molly said, beaming at Hala. "It seems they ran into him in Flourish and Blotts."

Professor McGonagall turned to Shyamal with an eyebrow raised. "I am sure there wasn't any trouble between the two of you."

Hala shook her head. "We just traded words before we parted ways. Shyamal wasn't even there but other than that, our trip here was fun!"

"Have you purchased everything?"

"Yes, professor. We should be good for the year."

"Good then. We shall be taking our leave now. We shall see you all at Hogwarts next week." The twins traded knowing grins, already having planned the first prank of the year.

Hearing a knock on his office door, the headmaster called out for the guest or guest to enter. Dumbledore looked up to see the Suha children standing there. "Ah, come in. Did you find your trip to Diagon Alley exciting?" He received nods all around. "Lemon drop?"

"No but thank you sir." Shyamal said.

"As I said last night, we would need to go over your academic classes and elective classes. I see that all of your grades are well above average for your classes so there are no worries there. Headmaster Irfan has noted on your brothers' files that they are werewolves. Is that correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"As you know, anyone who is a werewolf is highly suspected to be dangerous to the community and to the public. However, I do not sure such thoughts with the Ministry. In fact, not so long ago, we had a student here who was a werewolf himself. We still have the location where he went to for his transformations. We can have Flitwick and McGonagall check over to see if it is still in acceptable condition."

"Sir, not to be rude but I believe that won't be a problem. Unlike the Ministry here, the Bulgarian Ministry actually works with teachers from the East to help werewolves control their animal side. It isn't a cure outright but with help and time, they can learn how to actually control their transformations. Granted they still have to change during the full moon but they can control it fully. My brothers have learned and are no longer a threat. It was a necessity as the Wolfsbane potion is rare in Bulgaria."

Dumbledore looked over his glasses. "You have learned to control your transformations?" Cosmas and Damian both nodded. "Can you show me?"


"Go ahead but be careful."

The twins stood up and went to stand before the door. Breathing out, the boys started to change. The next second, two feral wolves stood where the two boys had been. Their snouts were longer and narrower than a normal wolf, their canines peeking underneath their upper lip. Instead of round, they were slit-like, similar to a snake's, thin and long. Their tufted tails were spikier than a normal wolf which was bushy. Their fur was a dark brown almost black but not quite except for the streaks of black running on their backs and tail. As they shifted slightly, the light in the room caught the silver highlights in the hair, giving the fur a slight silver glow. After a few seconds, the twins shifted back, giving Shyamal and Hala small grins.

Dumbledore clapped, eyes twinkling in surprise and awe. "Marvelous. I have never seen a werewolf that has been able to take control of their transformations. When were you exactly bitten?"

"On the night we lost our parents. The werewolves attacked Cosmas and Damian first. It was a full moon so they slipped into the fever caused by the parasite. I didn't know about werewolves much at the time so I grabbed them both and made Hala run with me as our parents dealt with the pack. That was when we were suddenly teleported to Sylvia. She saw the bites and threw Cosmas and Damian into a room just as they came out of their fever, transforming into werewolf cubs. We never heard from our parents again." Shyamal explained.

"If they have never searched for you then it stands to reason that they were perhaps killed in the werewolf attack." Dumbledore leaned forward, thinking. "As you know, the standard age of adult wizards here in Britain is 17 but Irfan informs here that you are recognized by the Bulgarian Ministry as an emancipated adult in your homeland. As such, that recognition has been carried here which means we will recognize you as adult and the guardian of your siblings. The payment that has gone to Durmstrang for the rest of your years has been transferred here and considering the payment for the years is less than those of Durmstrang, the money will be returned to you." Dumbledore slid a piece of parchment toward Shyamal, containing the copy of the transaction.

Shyamal stared at the slip of parchment the Headmaster had given him. "I'm sure I'll keep this safe if there's ever a time we decide to return to Durmstrang."

"That would be prudent." Dumbledore opened their files. "For the last matter, what classes will you three be taking? Since your sister is a second year, she will not have to decide until later this year."

"Well, we've thought about and all of us have decided to take Arithmancy, Care for Magical Creatures, and Ancient Runes. We've already bought the books."

Dumbledore made the notations and the moment they were sorted into their Houses would alert their head of House. "Most take the easier studies of Muggle Studies and Divination." Perhaps they would be sorted into Ravenclaw?

"Perhaps but we aren't like most people."

The headmaster gave a small chuckle. "That will be all, Mr. Suha. The only thing now is for you to be sorted but that will be on September 1. Since it is Tuesday, you can spend your time getting a feel for our school or you can visit Hogsmeade since you are an adult, Mr. Suha. Just be sure to alert a teacher first."

"Thank you, Headmaster." Shyamal stood, herding his siblings out the door.

Dumbledore stared at the door. A fifteen year adult. He will have the portraits throughout the castle keeping an eye out on the magic the elder Suha performed to see the potential of the holder of the second phoenix wand.
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