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Just when I heard my office door knock rapidly, I quickly grabbed the corner of my work desk I halted myself from spinning another circle on my chair. Yes, I’ve been pretty bored and decided to spin in circles in my ergonomic office chair.
“Come in,” I called out as I stood up and straightened my black skirt and grey singlet that had frills on the front.
Quinn hastily got in and slammed the door behind her before sighing in exhaustion. She was my assistant and all this work she does tires her off but apparently before the incident at the bank I have put all my workload to her so I didn’t have to do much myself. It was why I was bored so easily because I have finished all my duties for the day. I tried taking the workload off her but she refused telling me that my old self will come back and I would tell her off and she didn’t want that to happen.
I took a quiet small step to her as if I was approaching a lion that was ready to attack, “Did you want help?” I squeaked.
She shook her head violently which sent her curly dark brown hair to bounce. “No, it’s okay Josie. You should finish your duties and you’ll be able to leave early for the day,” she gave me a quick tight smile.
“But I’ve done them already,” I gestured to my desk where all the paperwork that I needed to sign and suggest designs for the magazine were neatly packed in a pile. “Let me help.”
She dragged her tired eyes to me and watched me intently for a moment before breathing in, “I guess you can help…”
I jumped and rubbed my hands together in excitement. Believe me; doing nothing in work isn’t that great. I felt the need to be busy with something and doing anything like a bit of cleaning here and there would satisfy me. “What’s need to be done?”
“I’m pretty frightened of you Josie, the old you would kill me if I made her do something.”
“Was I that bad?”
She bashfully looked down and nodded.
“Tell me, how was I like?” I leaned on my desk and folded my arms over my stomach. I needed to know, just so I don’t reach to the point where I’m her again.
“Well,” she walked to my desk and dropped the pile of paperwork there before stretching her arms out. “You were quite bossy and very loud, you needed to get everything you wanted done immediately. You dissed your parents and people that you dated. I don’t know… you were uncontrollable,” she glanced at me to see my reaction.
I realized that I was holding my breath as I watched her explain. I was such a selfish and bad person. I also didn’t realize that my hands were in a fist, I looked down at them. I did a silent promise that I would never be that old Josephine ever again. I didn’t want to be that person. But then, I was suddenly afraid… what if I wake up one morning and I turn back to her again? What if I had no control over these things? I slightly shook my head to throw those thoughts away and looked up. “Did I have a love life?”
Quinn pressed her lips together. “Not really, you were pretty much a player.”
I frowned, “Wow, would it convince you if I said I’m nothing like that?”
She smiled warmly, “Of course I’m convinced, I can see it from your face that it all seemed so strange that you were like that. But I really hope you don’t change, these past few weeks that we’ve been working together made me notice that I like who you are now.”
I grinned and hugged her, “Thanks, I really appreciate it.”
She hugged me back.
“So what is it that I need to do?” I asked.
“Okay, well our man Fred sent his assistant to me saying that he’s forgotten where he put his interview sheet and needed me to give him a copy and I had to send his assistant away because I couldn’t find it either,” she said all this as she rummaged through her big pile of sheets of paper. She groaned, “Now I can’t find that interview paper and I left my USB at home that contained it,” she buried her face in her hands.
“What interview number was it? Maybe I can search for it on the system,” I turned the screen monitor on.
“Interview 0436, I don’t think you can find those things in there,” she looked at me defeated.
I lick my bottom lip, “Interview 0436, it sounds familiar.”
“Why?” she walked to glance at the screen behind me.
“Because I somehow have that file saved here,” I mouse clicked it to print.
Quinn’s mouth shaped to an ‘o’ and looked at me with her widened eyes. “Did I ever tell you that you’re amazing?”
“Many times before,” I grinned and gave her the papers for the interview.
“Oh no, I don’t have time to give it to him now Josie. I have to run down to the Graphic Designer for these designs,” she checked her watch. “And I told Valerie that I’d be there 10 minutes ago!” she huffed.
“It’s okay Quinn, calm down. I’ll take it down to him, where’s his office?” I asked. My heart went out for Quinn for working her brains off to get everything right.
“But I was gonna get you to go to the fashion department and help the designers choose for the photo shoot.”
“It’s cool, I’ll go there after delivering the papers,” I smiled coolly.
Her face brightened up, “Thanks so much hun, okay, Fred’s in the interview room and it’s just down the hall then you turn left, when you reach the graphic designers and just keep going until the hallway ends and that’s where he is. Just quietly knock the door and he’ll tell you to come in.”
I nodded, “Alright.”

The interview room wasn’t that hard to find, I arrived at the door and listened to any noises coming out of the room. There were low murmurs that were obvious that there was a conversation flowing through the room. I took a deep breath in, this Fred guy sounded pretty intimidating. I quietly knocked the door as Quinn has instructed me to do and waited for an answer from the other side of the door. The door opened and a tall man with orange hair greeted me.
“Ah, Josephine, come in!” he stepped out of the way and opened the door wider.
I took a step into the room to find 5 men sitting around a table and they all stared at me stunned. I felt overexposed from their wide eyes. I looked down.
“I’m glad to see that you’re doing fine after that horrible incident,” the tall man smiled at me.
I looked confused and nodded slowly; did everyone know what happened to me?
“Oop, I’m sorry. You don’t remember me do you?” with me shaking my head as no he put a hand on my shoulder. “I’m Fred and I’m the interview man.”
I smiled, “Well these papers are for you then. Quinn told me to give these to you.”
“Thanks so much, I was leaving these guys bored out here with nothing to talk about!” he chuckled.
“Nah, it’s cool,” the man with tattoos all over his arms said. “We were having fun talking to you,” he shot a glance at me.
I raised an eyebrow and watched him for a moment. There was something about him and all these men sitting but I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it.
Fred chuckled again, “Oh by the way Josie, this is Bob, Mikey, Ray, Gerard and Frank and guys, this is Josephine. The one I was talking about who was held hostage at a bank and fell into a coma because she hit her head pretty hard.”
“Wha-, uh-, are you okay?” the big build man with blonde hair stuttered.
“I’m fine,” I smiled. “I just can’t remember half the people in my life or my past anymore.”
He looked down as if he was deep in thought about something.
“And hopefully soon you will remember,” Fred patted my back.
I nodded, no, I’d rather wouldn’t. “Well I better go and help out Quinn, or her brains will be deep fried.”
“It’s good to see you Josie, have fun,” Fred walked me to the door.
I gave one last smile to him before he closed the door. I turned and slowly took steps; I was too busy concentrating on my thoughts. It was as if my mind was hiding something from me but I didn’t know what. I looked up and noticed my name was being called.
“Josie,” the man from the interview room breathed out and looked into my eyes.
I tried to take in his look because he seemed to know who I was, not by him calling my name but from his eyes. His dark hair fell gracefully against his slender cheekbones. He was dressed in black which made his pale skin stand out. I shut my eyes for a brief second and tried to figure out why I had this desire for him. When I couldn’t find the reason why I opened my eyes to stare into hazel ones.
“After that incident at the bank, you said you couldn’t remember half the people in your life and your past…”
“Yes…” I had a questioning look on my face. Why was he asking me this? Was I supposed to know him? I don’t even remember his name.
“What I mean to say is, what do you remember?” he bit his bottom lip.
I blinked, “I don’t know, it seems like many years has been wiped out of my memory bank.”
“Well, do you-, do you remember me?” he looked hopeful.
I shook my head, “I’m sorry, I don’t. Is it okay if I asked you who you are?” I tried to not sound impolite.
“Oh, um-“ he was taken aback, “I’m Gerard Way.”
“And Gerard, who was I to you? It seemed like you’ve known me for awhile.”
“Uh, I was…” he cleared his throat. “I’m a close friend.”
I nodded, “Well, I hope we can catch up then.” I smiled and pulled out my business card out of my skirt’s pocket and wrote down my cell phone number. “Call me whenever you can,” I handed it for him.
His mouth was left open, “Oh, okay. I’ll um; I need to get back to the interview.”
“Alright, see you later,” I waved with a grin.
A close friend, maybe he can tell me more about my past and who I was. I shrugged and started walking to the fashion department.

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